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Who’s under the black velvet mask? #MMromance #erotica a whole chapter for #FlashbackFriday @EncompassInk

#FlashbackFriday with  Love Unmasked

Handsome Tom Wells sets lonely Scott Palmer’s heart racing as he watches Tom come and go from his apartment across the street. Scott longs to meet Tom, and when he scores a new job delivering goods for a local distributor, fate hands him the opportunity.
Tom works in a nightclub—the Candy Apple, and in the sultry environs, a masked stranger seduces Tom. The seeds of passion are sown, but just who has ignited Tom’s passion?
Scott’s longing to know Tom leads him to join the elite nightclub. On his first visit, the club holds a masquerade event.
Who is kissing who? Who’s under the black velvet mask?
An erotic MM romance, with a twist and HEA. 
Flashback Teaser 18+ And this week you get a whole chapter to make your mouth water

Chapter Three

Tom skipped his Friday off. The weather was awful. He wasn’t a bad weather sailor, in fact just recently Tom had stopped being as interested in sailing as he used to be and considered rowing instead. A team was short of a man in the rowing club along the river from the sailing club. One of the hot guys in the team had gone interstate. Once he’d dated a guy from the team and they still exchanged greetings.

Tom’s night work meant he would sometimes see the team practice on the river in the morning. Tom ran three times a week along the riverbank pathway. He couldn’t fit in more running, but he worked out at home before he showered and went to work each day. He liked to keep his body hard and strong. That was the kind of guy he went for, too. Hard, all man, strong, sexy, and not afraid to engage in hot sex. Tom figured there was no point in holding back. He could do tender and liked kisses a lot, but if you wanted a guy, then let him know it was Tom’s motto.

Sometimes, after hanging out with heterosexual friends, Tom was thankful he was gay. The games he saw the hetero couples in his friendship circle play were nerve wracking. They seemed unable to be real. Tom didn’t get it. Fortunately, because of his work, he didn’t have to see it very often. Mostly Tom didn’t give being gay much thought. He wanted to find a long-term partner, but he wanted it to be the right guy. Tom wanted to fall in love. He smiled when he thought about that. It seemed like a dream, something that would probably never happen, but if it did, he wanted it to be like a freight train hitting him.

This weekend at the Candy Apple promised to be busy with a special event planned for the floor he worked on. Candy Apple’s dungeon was a different place completely and Tom never worked the tiny bar down there. He managed the staff roster and the supplies just as he did for the main bar he worked in, but the BDSM dungeon was never involved in special events.

Two weekends running, to celebrate dates only she knew were important, Charlie the owner of the Candy Apple, held masquerade parties. All the staff wore masks. Tom didn’t mind doing it because they were also given the chance to mingle in the party for an hour each along with their usual breaks, and it was fun. He needed to organize the timetable for that. Tom once asked Paula, Charlie’s assistant, what the importance of the dates was. Paula told him one was Charlie’s birthday, the other she didn’t know for sure, but speculated it was the date Charlie got her divorce. Since Charlie maintained a secretive air about the rationale behind the annual parties, Tom didn’t press her for information.

He used the little office nook in the liquor and soft drinks storeroom to do the duty rosters and break timetables. Since he wasn’t supposed to be at work that Friday night, he intended doing the necessary administration and then going home to watch a movie. The next night was the first masquerade party, and he’d already taken his allocated mask from Paula as she did the rounds with a crate of them. He emailed the timetable for the breaks to the staff on duty the next night, and packed up to go home.

* * * *

Tom arrived at work on Saturday night half an hour before the club opened. He was on the early shift and glad of it so that he could put the mask on in the comfort of the stockroom office nook, instead of having to wear it through the door. Staff arriving during club hours used the front door the same as patrons. Charlie said it helped with security.

He enjoyed setting up the bar and then watching the club members arrive. Tom knew quite a lot of them by name. The elite sex club attracted people of many persuasions. It catered for the most vanilla preferences to hard-core BDSM lifestyle people who frequented the dungeon. Tom didn’t know many of the Candy Apple dungeon members but the ones who used his floor as well, he could greet by first name. It was surprising and interesting what people told the bartender. The cliché was true.

Before he opened the bar that night, Tom checked out the trays of champagne that servers would greet the partygoers with as they arrived. Then he put on his mask. He looked into the mirrored backsplash of the bar and grinned at his reflection. Tom tweaked the golden horns on the satyr mask in fun. His face was half covered leaving his mouth free, and dark blue lines on the mask framed his eyes. It had the same effect as kohl, making them more blue and sultry. Tom greeted the other two servers and they laughed about each other’s masks.

The club opened and filled to bursting within half an hour. Tom served and danced along behind the bar to the music. He chatted with customers and other servers. The bass thumped, people swayed and spun on the dance floor. Lights glinted on the sequined and glitter sprinkled masks. A man beckoned to him from the end of the bar and Tom went to get the order. The guy wore a half mask. The black velvet covered his cheekbones and his dark hair curled over the forehead giving him a rakish look.

“Vodka and you.” The man leaned forward to speak so that Tom could hear above the music.

A spike of excitement mingled with surprise. This was a new pick up line and from a guy too. Tom took in the width of the man’s shoulders and his muscled chest beneath the white dress shirt. A black tie hung unfastened around the unbuttoned collar of the shirt and the man held his jacket in one hand.

“Ice?” Tom asked and flashed his eyes at the customer. That look was one he used on guys at the gay bar he went to sporadically.

“Mmm—if I can take it from your lips.”

Heat traveled up from Tom’s balls to his stomach. His cock stirred and lifted. This was a definite proposition and against all his usual rules, desire to risk saying yes filled him.

“Coming up.” He turned to get the drink. His heartbeat quickened as he picked up an ice cube and fit it between his lips. It wasn’t straight from the freezer so it didn’t stick, but the cold sent a shiver over him as he brought the vodka to the customer.

He leaned over the bar counter. Tom expected the guy to take the ice with his fingertips and that would have been sexy enough, but he met Tom halfway across the bar in an open-mouthed kiss to suck the ice cube from Tom’s lips.

A sweep of heated desire flew through Tom’s body and his cock hardened. His eyes closed instinctively and a low sound escaped him as his nose touched the man’s cheek just below the velvet mask. A light woody-citrus scent from the man’s after shave filled his head, and the man’s lips touched his sexily. Their masks rubbed together. A shiver went down Tom’s back. His ass clenched. He wanted this guy’s cock in his hands. If the guy asks to meet me, I’ll break my rules and agree. He drew away.

The guy gazed into Tom’s eyes as he crunched the ice.

Mesmerized by the scorching look, Tom waited, unable to tear himself away.

The man smiled. “Imagine how it would feel if I sucked you off right now, with my icy tongue and mouth.”

A gasp flew from Tom’s lips. His cock strained against the black suit pants he wore for work. He took a deep breath. If this guy is teasing me, I’ll be so pissed off.

“I’d like to find out, unless that’s just a tease. I have a break scheduled.” His voice throaty he gazed back at the man.

“It’s not a tease.”

Tom practically ran to one of the bar staff to tell her he was taking his break. As he lifted the hinged counter opening to walk out, the server who provided his relief arrived dressed in a feathered and jeweled mask. They smiled at each other, and then Tom sped to the end of the bar where the man waited.

“Follow me.” Tom led the way up the corridor for the storeroom and pushed open the door, holding it for the guy to walk in.

The man passed him closely.

Their bodies brushed enticingly together.

Tom stared into the man’s darkened eyes as their faces became level and then the guy grabbed him.
He pushed Tom against the wall behind the closed door and frantically opened Tom’s pants. In seconds he had them down around Tom’s muscled thighs, and his hands pushed into Tom’s black boxers, to grasp Tom’s cock.

The sudden passion buckled Tom’s knees. His cock pulsed. His hips jerked forward in a thrust. He murmured, “Fucking hell.”

The guy dropped to his knees. He pulled Tom’s black CKs way down kissing Tom’s cock and balls at the same time.

Tom groaned his desire. His cock ached so badly he thrust his hips needing to come.

The man in the velvet mask ran his fingertips up and down Tom’s thighs, around and to the crack of his ass. He took Tom’s cock into his mouth in a slow, wet suck that had Tom, moaning and fighting to avoid sliding down the wall his legs were so weak. The guy held Tom’s ass, his fingers digging into Tom’s crack sending shudders of pleasure up into Tom’s balls, and he sucked Tom’s cock hard, and fast. The sensation in and out of the cool mouth, the friction, and suction sent Tom crazy. He grabbed the guy’s head and thrust as his orgasm ripped through his entire lower body. He groaned loud and long.

The man feathered soft touches over Tom’s hips and stomach. He traced a path around Tom’s balls and swirled his tongue around the head of Tom’s throbbing cock before he gently slipped it from his lips.

Tom gasped for breath. The waves of orgasm still sent little shocks through his cock. He held the man’s hands to help him stand.

Face to face with Tom, he whispered. “You’re so fuckin’ sexy. I knew you liked guys the moment I set eyes on you. I’ve been waiting to get you alone for a long time. Kiss me.”

Tom’s stomach muscled tightened. He pushed his arms around the guy’s neck and kissed him. The kiss was so delicious, so soft, then hard and teasing, that he couldn’t stop. He kissed the man over and over until he fought for breath.

The man drew away. “I have to go.”

Tom experienced a drench of disappointment. “At least tell me your name. Will I ever see you again?”

The man smiled. “No. I don’t do relationships, but it was exciting to be with you. You’ll fill my fantasies and dreams tonight as I take out my cock and pump until the cum shoots high.”

Tom had no reply. He dragged up his underwear and pants. He sighed as he opened the door. “I enjoyed being with you.” He led the way back into the main room of the club. He expected the man to follow him to the bar, where the vodka order had been left on the counter, but when he reached the pool of light thrown by the sparkling white downlights and turned, the man was gone. Tom raked the crowd with a puzzled gaze. If it hadn’t been for the mellow feeling of having just had a great orgasm, the man and the encounter could have been a dream.

Tom continued working, but suddenly the fun drained from the masquerade party. He served and smiled, but all the time he hoped to see the man in the black velvet mask appear at the end of the bar.

That night as he arrived home, Tom dropped his keys on the sidewalk and bent to retrieve them. As he stood he caught sight of lights on in the opposite apartment block. The third floor was lit up sending beams of yellow into the dark night. A man stood at the huge balcony window. As Tom stared up and clutched his keys, the man abruptly stepped away.

There he is again. He must think I don’t know he stares out of the window at me—maybe at others, too, but definitely at me, the weirdo.

Tom opened the front door and then ran up the stairs to his apartment. He unlocked his door and let it close behind him with a click. The memory of the masked man flooded his mind as he took off his jacket and stalked across the lounge to his bedroom.

©Elodie Parkes 2016 Encompass ink 

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