Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A surge of desire leaped in Ethan’s body. The kiss, quick as it was, closed his eyes with pleasure. #preview #MMromance #midweektease #gayromance

This week Midweek Tease is from upcoming eXtasy books MM romance release
The Romantic
Luke Kirby loves books so when he finds boxes of old and beautiful tomes in a dusty shop, he can’t resist buying them. To his delight one of them contains what he hopes will bring an end to his loneliness and heartache. As he prepares to cast an ancient prayer-spell to the god of love, across town Ethan Goss decides that moving to a new apartment will ease his broken heart.
With the help of an eccentric real estate agent, gorgeous Ethan goes to a viewing in the block where Luke lives.
When Luke meets Ethan in the lobby, it’s the start of a passionate love affair. 

Fate hasn’t finished with the two handsome men—will true happiness evade them both?

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On the walk back to the apartment block after paying the bill, Luke kept close to Ethan.

It sent Ethan into a spin of pleasure when Luke’s hand brushed against his, and he consciously left his hand close enough for it to happen again if possible. He sighed as they reached the building because it hadn’t.

He stopped alongside his SUV. “I guess I’ll head to my place and start packing.”

“I’ll give you my number, just in case you need a hand.” Luke brought his smartphone from his jacket pocket.

His tone gave Ethan the impression he didn’t want to lose his company right then.

Eager to have a contact number for Luke, Ethan snatched his phone from his jacket pocket. He keyed in Luke’s number and gave Luke his. “Thanks for eating with me today. I enjoyed your company.”

“I enjoyed yours. Well, I guess I won’t see you until sometime next weekend when you move into your new place.” Luke’s voice held a tinge of regret.

Ethan gave him a nod and a smile he hoped was reassuring. “You will see me then, for sure.”

Luke raised his hand a little in a goodbye gesture and walked away.

Affection seeded in Ethan’s heart as he watched Luke depart. He couldn’t leave until he’d seen Luke disappear into the lobby of the apartment building.

A step away from the door, Luke spun around and ran back to Ethan. He gave Ethan a hopeful look. “Hey…I wonder if you’d like to meet for a drink sometime this week…after work?”

Relief and pure delight flooded Ethan. He’d get to see Luke earlier than expected. “Yes. I’d like that. Where will I meet you?” He didn’t even ask when because it didn’t matter as long as he got to see the handsome man who made his heart race.

Happiness shone from Luke’s eyes. “Great. What about Wednesday, around seven—do you know the Star Bar on Palm Grove?”

Ethan didn’t, but he smiled. “I’ll find it. Seven on Wednesday is good.” He gazed at Luke’s lips. An urgent need to kiss his perfect, kissable mouth almost brought a frown of pain to Ethan’s brow. He moved his gaze to Luke’s blue eyes. Attraction darkened them. Ethan’s stomach flipped. He froze as Luke leaned to him.

“We both want this, huh?” It wasn’t really a question because Luke placed a soft, quick kiss on Ethan’s lips.

A surge of desire leaped in Ethan’s body. The kiss, quick as it was, closed his eyes with pleasure, and his stomach tightened in response to a wave of sexual need. When Luke drew away, he opened his eyes and whispered, “I did want it.”

“I better let you get going to pack.” Luke brushed his fingertips over Ethan’s hand and sped away.

Ethan opened the door of his SUV in a daze of pleasure and lust, his skin still tingling from Luke’s touch. He is gorgeous. That kiss… He sighed.

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