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Caught on Camera #MMromance #series from @LilyHarlem and @Totally_Bound with the first book #free

Caught on Camera
By Lily Harlem

Caught on Camera is a steamy Male/Male serial set in the UK and Las Vegas. Each story is fine as a standalone read but put them all together and they make up one seriously hot novel. What's even better is PART ONE is absolutely FREE!

Series Information

Lights. Camera. Action. The life of an international porn star might be glamorous, satisfying and well paid but it’s also hard work—very hard—in every sense of the word!

So it’s just as well Reece Carter is up for the job and has the sexiest co-star imaginable, Cade Davenport. They’re the hot new stars of GP Productions latest blockbuster, Slippery Slots, set in Las Vegas, and they can’t wait to get naked and get started.

With scripts to learn, wardrobe to contend with and a whole host of new experiences to look forward to, Reece takes the bull by the horns and jumps on for the ride. What he doesn’t bargain on, though, is finding love alongside his fat pay cheque.

But is the feeling mutual? And what happens when a cowboy, a box of intriguing props and a trip to a BDSM dungeon gets thrown into the scene?

Can Reece handle the heat? Is he really capable of performing before an audience? And will Cade be there when he needs him most?


Read an excerpt:
Reece dipped his brush into the magnolia paint then aligned it beside the window frame. He had to be careful because his concentration was wandering. His job for the week was to redecorate Mrs. Henley-Smythe’s bedroom and he was halfway through the task, but since the gardener had appeared, his progress had slowed considerably.
With the bristles held still against the wall, he allowed himself a moment to look down at the garden. It was bright outside—a brilliant, sun-drenched August day in Wiltshire and he couldn’t help but admire the view. But he wasn’t appreciative of the begonias or the gladioli or the neat topiary bushes, no it was Cade Davenport—or at least that was the name on the van out the front, Cade Davenport, executive gardening services, no job too large or small—who was on the receiving end of Reece’s admiration.
Mrs. Henley-Smythe had told Reece to expect the gardener by midday as she’d flounced out of the door to a charity lunch with her friends at the golf club. Reece hadn’t thought any more of it until one of the hottest guys he’d ever seen had strutted across the lawn to the shed and started hauling out tools.
Since that moment, his brain had struggled to think straight. He’d opened gloss rather than silk and had dripped a blob of paint on the windowsill that had needed to be wiped up.
He stroked the brush downwards a few inches then stopped.
His breath hitched and his belly clenched. Cade, the gardener, was now stooped over, fiddling with a mower and presenting his sweet arse for Reece to ogle. “Damn,” Reece muttered, as a familiar tingle stirred his cock. “That’s a sight for sore eyes.”
It had been several months since he’d last had any bedroom fun and that had been a one-night rebound. Since Matthew and he had split, there’d been nobody serious in his life. There couldn’t be, the breakup had hurt too damn much. Instead, he’d immersed himself in his one-man-band decorating business and although not rocket science or particularly challenging, it paid the bills—just—and kept him from wallowing in the agony of having been lied to and cheated on.
Reece wondered if Cade was gay. His radar wasn’t working from up here. If so, then Cade was a gift to mankind and a loss for women the world over. His shoulders beneath his red T-shirt looked thick with muscle and broad, his belly flat and his legs encased in scruffy denim jeans, long and strong. Reece adored the big, industrious boots he wore, a bit tatty and dusty—they signaled huge feet, which was always a good sign.
His hair was dark and a little curly, the ends touching his nape and the tips of his ears. Reece thought what a nice handful it would be, that head of hair, to hold, to pull, to gather into his fists. He had a cute face, too—a little stubbled and with heavy, dark eyebrows, tanned, likely owing to the hours and hours he spent outdoors.
Cade suddenly jerked his arm back and his biceps bunched and danced around the tight sleeve of his top as he pulled on the starter motor.
The mower’s petrol engine fired up and the sound invaded the silence Reece had been working in for the last few days. He didn’t like the radio on. He preferred to be lost in his own thoughts and daydreams.
And right now his daydreams were all about Cade.

About Lily Harlem

Lily Harlem lives in the UK and is an award-winning author of erotic romance. She writes for publishers on both sides of the Atlantic including HarperCollins, Totally Bound, Pride Publishing, Evernight Publishing, All Romance eBooks, Stormy Nights Publishing, Tirgearr and Sweetmeats Press. Her work regularly receives high praise and industry nominations.

Before turning her hand to writing Lily Harlem worked as a trauma nurse and her latest HarperCollins release, Confessions of a Naughty Night Nurse draws on her many experiences while nursing in London. Lily also self-publishes and The Silk Tie, The Glass Knot Cold Nights, Hot Bodies and Shared have been blessed with many 5* reviews.

Lily writes MF, MM and ménage a trois, her books regularly hit the #1 spot on Amazon Best Seller lists and Breathe You In was named a USA Today Reviewer’s Recommended Read of 2014. Her latest MM novel is Dark Warrior and you can grab Part One of her series Caught on Camera  for FREE!

One thing you can be sure of, whatever book you pick up by Ms Harlem, is it will be wildly romantic and down-and-dirty sexy. Enjoy!

Check out Lily’s website for details of her other books and her Amazon Author Page. Subscribe to her newsletter to get a FREE ebook and be the first to hear of new releases and free reads, and if you enjoy Facebook, hop on over there and say hi!

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