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Tuesday Teaser gets hot with #MMromance A Forever Kind of Thing #NSFW #teaserTuesday

Tuesday Teaser gets hot with MM romance 

Businessman Will has hoped to meet musician Josh for so long, he’s astonished and elated when Josh finally notices and pursues him at one of the band’s gigs.
After a heady night of love, Josh is devastated when Will turns out to be a millionaire. He’s not a hustler. He couldn’t take and he couldn’t compete. He retreats into his music.
Will is sure they could have something special and tries to prove his love for Josh in the only way he knows how. Trouble is—it’s the wrong way.
Josh is shocked to discover he can’t forget Will.
They want each other. Their chemistry is scorching. Their encounters erotic.
But Josh is running in the opposite direction as Will longs to love him.
Can love triumph?

A fun gay erotic romance 

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Heat spread through Will. The words of the song Josh sang burned into his mind—words that sent a plea to an unknown lover, to the love of the singer’s life who hid in the shadows watching silently.
Will’s heart pounded. He hung on every syllable as Josh sang and gazed right at him. The longing in Josh’s eyes did something weird to Will’s stomach. He felt as if from the waist down he’d turned to liquid and was about to fall to his knees. His cock responded with a throb to the scorching look Josh gave him at the end of the song. Will ran his hand through his hair and looked down at the rubberized dance floor. Questions raced through his mind, but he settled on just one. How can I make contact and not look like a fool if that song wasn’t for me—if Josh doesn’t want me as much as I want him?
The band played another song.
Will glanced up. Josh wasn’t on stage. A huge dip of disappointment crashed into Will’s stomach. Where is he?

A whisper against his ear shot tingles down his neck.
“Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I think you’re interested in me.”

Will slowly turned to the speaker, half-afraid it wasn’t Josh, but that low, resonant voice was so familiar and so dear to him, he knew it had to be.
Will was face to face with Josh. His heart skipped a beat. His cock stirred. Will nodded so slightly he wondered if it was enough to underscore the assent in the words that tumbled from his suddenly dry mouth. “I’d forgive you anything.”

“Then follow me now.” Josh led the way to a side door and held it open for Will.

A smile spread over Will’s face. This was more than he’d dared hope for, ever. He faltered as Josh closed the door they’d just used and stood waiting. It was only seconds, but they dragged by until, with no warning, Josh grabbed him by the sides of his head and kissed him hard.
Will’s eyes closed with lust. His whole body responded to the kiss with wave after wave of melting sensation, until his legs weakened and the only thing that remained hard was his leaking cock.

Soft sounds, low moans, came from them both as the kissing went on. Kiss after kiss.
Soft merging lips, then a hard, searching, needy tongue drove all thought from Will until he rammed up against Josh, thrusting his erection and fighting for breath.

Josh broke the kiss and pushed his arms around Will’s neck. He murmured in Will’s ear.
“You’ll never know how long I’ve waited to do that … and more.”

A shiver went over Will and he slipped his arms around Josh’s waist pressing against the hard column of Josh’s erection with his own aching cock.

“I can’t believe this. I had no idea … I saw you with a woman once and I … well I thought…”

Josh nudged Will’s nose with his own and bit at his lips. It practically drove Will crazy. Spikes of sensation shot through him and gathered in his balls.
“My sister was in town. Who are you anyway? Apart from sexy, fuckin’ sweet as, and damn, so hard for me I just want to suck the cum right out of you here in the corridor.”

Will’s knees threatened to buckle. A ragged groan escaped him at Josh’s words.
“I ... I feel that way about you, too. What about the band? They’re still on stage.” He gave Josh a soft kiss.

Josh smiled against Will’s mouth. “Yeah, but there’s another singer and there’s only one of you.” He pushed Will to the wall and held him fast as he ravaged Will’s mouth with another heated kiss. He drew away. “I’m gonna do it.”

The words sent a huge lurch through Will’s stomach and his thighs clenched with desire. Will’s cock was so hard it was painful. Pre cum leaked from the head and wet his boxers. When Josh dragged the zip of his jeans down, a throb so strong went through his cock, his balls jerked, and Will thought he’d come right then.

Josh kissed him.

The tenderness in the kiss closed Will’s eyes with emotion. A feeling as if he drifted away washed over him. Will leaned back against the wall and savored the way Josh pulled his jeans down over his ass and then stood back and ran a finger down the ridge of his cock through the fabric of his underwear.

“Black CK’s—I approve.” Josh whispered thickly, as he pushed them down, and knelt to lick at Will’s balls.

His tonguing sent Will wild. His balls tightened and his hips thrust uncontrollably. He grabbed Josh’s broad shoulders to stop himself from dropping to his knees with desire.

Josh grasped Will’s cock low on the shaft and sucked it into his mouth. His lips worked up and down sending the most exquisite sensations through Will. His stomach clenched. His hips jerked. His thighs weakened. His balls tingled and his cock exploded in an orgasm so intense he cried out, his head thrown back against the flock wallpaper, his back arched, and his hands fisting in Josh’s hair.
“Fucking hell ... fuck…” His breath came in snatches, and as the delicious waves of orgasm waned, he sagged against the wall.

Josh smoothed a path up the V of Will’s hips and hard stomach with his palms. He kissed along Will’s body, pushing his T-shirt up as he went and one by one, he bit gently at Will’s nipples. He slowly stood.
“Yeah——as sweet as I expected. My cock’s leaking cum all over the place. I’m about to shoot.”

Will fumbled for Josh’s zip in the faded denims. He sighed as he opened it and pushed his hands down into the jeans. No fucking underwearfuck. His ass clenched in response to the find and sent tingles through his balls. Will grabbed Josh’s huge cock and as he stroked and sheathed it in his hands, Josh held his head and kissed him.
Will had never felt anything so good. Josh’s kisses, and Josh’s cock in his hands, leaking and pulsing, were so sexy a huge throb went through Will’s own shrinking cock. He groaned with pleasure into Josh’s open mouth.
He found a rhythm, pumping Josh’s cock, but it only lasted a few strokes. Josh came moaning against Will’s mouth, his hips thrusting and his cock ramming into Will’s palms.

Will kissed Josh and in between, he whispered. “This is so good, so fuckin’ good. I never want it to end.”

Josh drew away slowly, but firmly. “I must go back soon. We play another set and the guys will want to know I’m there for it. We have a half-hour break. I’d like to talk with you, ’cos you still haven’t told me who you fuckin’ are.” He grinned and dragged the zip of his jeans up, shielding his cock with a hand.

Will watched him. He forgot his own pants were around his knees, and his black boxers crumpled over his thighs so that his cock and balls were still on display. He ignored the creamy cum in his hands. He drank in the sight of Josh’s hips in the low riding jeans.

Josh looked into his eyes. “Come here.” He reached out and dragged Will’s face to his.

The lingering kiss had Will’s cock stirring again. He murmured softly as his ass felt melted.

Josh stood back. “You are so fuckable.” His gaze traveled over Will’s lower body.

Will dragged his boxers and pants up giving no thought to the cum that was deposited on the fabric. His rapidly re-hardening cock bumped against his fingers. He pulled up the zip.

“I’ll be at the bar in five minutes. Please tell me you’ll be there.” Josh grasped a handful of Will’s hair and placed a wet kiss on Will’s neck.

Will smiled. “I’ll be there for sure.”
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Encompass Ink 

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The two men embark on a journey of discovery about themselves #MMromance #PNR from author @SheaonTwitter

"Bearly Hanging On M/M, Miracle Book 3"
Author: Shea Balik
Genre: Gay/Urban Romance
Release Date: March 20, 2017
Available thru Kindle Unlimited!
Amazon          Amazon UK
In a world where everyone was against them, they needed a Miracle. What no one had expected was to find their salvation in an abandoned town that was ready to collapse. Yet, that is exactly what happened when they moved to the town of Miracle, Oregon.
Kirill had been moving from town to town most of his life, staying one step ahead of those bent on destroying his kind. Along the way he’s somehow managed to become Alpha to a group of shifters also on the run. But he was tired of always having to pick up and move when all he wanted was a place to call home.
Harper had never known a moment of peace. Even as a child his father had pitted his own brother, Abdiel against him for his own amusement. When his father died, Harper had hoped things would change. He should have known better than to believe that change would be for the better.
The two men embark on a journey of discovery about themselves and the love they potentially share for each other. Can they get beyond their pasts, or will they be doomed to be separated for all eternity?
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Meet The Thief of Hearts in #SexySnippets today from #WIP #MMromance

#SexySnippets are seven sentences brought to you each Sunday from a WIP or published work
From WIP, Thief of Hearts 
MM erotic romance

In an effort to gain control, Blake dared to lift his gaze to the man outside. He’d expected water to smear the glass, but the guy hadn’t made any effort to clean the window so Blake had a clear view of the striptease the window cleaner engaged in. 
He lifted the t-shirt he wore at the hem and in a tantalizing move slid it up his torso.
Blake’s mouth watered at the sight of the smooth, muscular chest on display. The man’s jeans rode low and Blake followed the V of his slim hips into the frayed top with greedy eyes. Blake caught his breath at the bulge in the front of the blue pants as the man thrust his hips a little taking the t-shirt over his head, before he dropped it beside him onto the cradle floor.
Blake stared in open appreciation of the broad shoulders and muscled arms before him.
Copyright E.D.Parr 2017  
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Flashing back to Make a Wish with #midweektease #MMromance #teaser

Make a Wish E.D.Parr , Evernight Publishing 
#MMromance #eroticgayrom
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Dylan looked on from the corner. The place buzzed with the excitement of people determined to have a good time.
Then he saw the hostess. She had her arm linked with that of Nick Kringle and pulled him into the throng of people. In the other hand, she brandished a huge bottle of champagne. A red ribbon around the neck of the bottle streamed behind them as they danced among the partygoers until Nick saw him. Dylan’s heart gave a giant thump and then raced as Nick’s eyes locked with his.
Dylan couldn’t look away. Nick gazed at him with unconcealed interest. A ripple of happiness went over Dylan. Nick said something to the hostess and left her. He walked toward Dylan purposefully, his muscled body radiating sex. Dylan’s stomach muscles instantly tightened, and his cock jerked.
Nick stopped just about toe to toe with Dylan.
“Hi. What happened to your car?” His pupils widened, darkening his ice-blue eyes.
Dylan soaked up the sight. He is attracted to me. “I left it by the roadside until the morning. I couldn’t face standing in the cold waiting for a tow truck.”
Nick’s eyes filled with sympathy. “You might find it gone tomorrow. It might get towed by the city.”
Dylan shrugged. “The way I feel right now, I wish it would.”
“What else do you wish for, Dylan?” Nick’s voice was low and sexy.
The question, combined with the scorching look Nick gave him, sent a shock of tingling desire all the way through Dylan’s body. He knew right then they’d connect sexually for sure, sooner or later. He hoped it would be sooner. The words that formed in his mind weren’t to be spoken—hot sex, your cock, your ice-blue eyes gazing on me and your hard body rammed against mine, fucking hell—you…
Nick’s expression grew tender. “You know you’re standing under a huge bunch of mistletoe?”
Dylan’s entire body tensed as a wave of desire burned over him. He couldn’t tear his gaze away from Nick’s mouth. The way Nick moved even closer to him captured him in a web of attraction. Unbidden, a sigh of pleasure escaped him.
Nick trapped him, placing a hand on the wall over Dylan’s shoulder as he leaned in. He murmured as he closed the gap between their faces, “Hey, I think you’re gorgeous. Don’t be afraid. I want your kiss. I want to kiss you.”
Nick’s lips touched Dylan’s, soft, tender, searching.

Dylan’s breath left him. His sexual hunger surged and he pushed his arms around Nick’s neck, pulling him close to kiss him hard, and then linger in a shower of kisses—kiss after kiss, until his cock strained against his jeans and his ass clenched.
Copyright E.D.Parr Evernight Publishing 

He's definitely not your average guy. Nick Kringle has more than a touch of the supernatural about him and he's going to share his magic with down on his luck, Dylan West . Naturally, it helps that Nick thinks Dylan is super hot...
Make a Wish
 #MMromance erotic romance with a sparkle of magic
Can wishes come true? You bet—especially if Nick Kringle has anything to do with it.

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Sizzle with #SexySnippets and #MMromance from @evernightpub

Sexy Snippets are seven sentences from a WIP or published work brought to you each Sunday
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From The Night Gardener
Hot new release from Evernight Publishing 

Architect, Dane Lovell takes an off-season vacation in an old New England mansion, hoping to ease his broken heart, and spark his imagination. Impressed by the pretty gardens, he’s surprised by the sinister atmosphere of the river than winds through the estate. Dane settles down to his vacation and tries to immerse himself in his drawings. One night, the sound of the back door smashing open in the wind and rain shocks Dane from his work.
Spooky, gorgeous, and enigmatic Zachary Yarrow has brought logs for the fire.
He’s the estate gardener and brings with him not just passion and a love affair for Dane, but a strange, spine-tingling mystery.
Who is Zachary, and what will happen when Dane finds out?

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He grabbed Zachary’s head and kissed him hard.
Zachary responded kiss for kiss as he rammed his lower body against Dane. The rock-hard column of his erection met Dane’s straining cock and although there were two layers of fabric between them, a murmur of appreciation formed in Dane’s throat. It escaped as he opened his mouth for Zachary’s tongue.

Dane slipped his hands around Zachary’s ass and grabbed him, pulling him even closer. His breath came in gasps as his balls lifted and desire fogged his mind. He thrust against Zachary, moaning.
Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing 
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