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His sexual needs beat at him, until he couldn’t think straight #midweektease The Dreamboat #MM #erotica

This week's #midweektease is from
 The Dreamboat
MM romantic erotica/ sci-fi fantasy
E.D.Parr, Evernight November release 

Gorgeous, powerful warlock, Indigo Vaughn, sells his magic spells to people looking to make a dream come true. One night, as he gazes down on the city below from his sky barge The Dreamboat, he wonders why, in centuries, his own wish for a man to love hasn’t materialized.
Beautiful, sexy, Darian O’Harr has suffered his fair share of misery. He’s a musician and learned long ago to sing for his supper. New to the city, he comes to Indigo seeking a spell that will bring him the love of a handsome man.
As soon as he sets eyes on Indigo, his heart races and his body betrays his pent up needs.

Here is the man of his dreams. What can Darian do as the warlock gathers his magic to cast a spell that will bring him another man?

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Indigo didn’t sleep well for three nights after meeting Darian. On the fourth night he didn’t sleep at all. His sexual needs beat at him, until he couldn’t think straight. His desire burned until all he could think about was fucking. He pushed his breakfast around on his plate the next morning. That day he stalked the corridors of The Dreamboat eschewing meetings and focused only on the security arrangements for the queen’s celebrations. At sixteen hundred hours he called Milan to his side.

“Will you make an appointment at Temptations for me? Twenty-three hundred hours will be good.”

Milan’s gentle smile comforted him. “One, Two, or Three, sir?”

Indigo shook his head slowly. His desire threatened to overwhelm him. Nearly crazed with sexual need, Indigo needed to deal with it or be incomplete for weeks to come. “All of them. Thank you.”

Moments later, Milan returned. “You’re expected at Temptations, twenty-three hundred hours as you requested. Permit me to take you there and wait to bring you home?”

“Yes, of course.”

Temptations buzzed with chatter and thumped with music in the main downstairs room. People danced, some grinding their bodies against each other’s.

A host met Indigo. “It’s been a while, sir. I trust you are well. Your requested companions are ready.”

Indigo nodded. He silently followed the host to the upstairs room where beautiful men he knew only by a number would slake his desires that night.

The host left him.

Indigo wore only a belted kilt and ankle length hooded cloak over his naked body. He stepped out of his soft suede ankle boots, and waited, his cock already half-erect with anticipation.

Gorgeous men entered the room, their naked bodies muscled, their eyes dark with desire, they came to Indigo silently.

Indigo savored their looks, big cocks already filling out into erections. His admiring gaze raked over the men, their lush dark hair, soft and well-cut, blue eyes, gray eyes, smooth skin free of body hair, and his cock jerked as his stomach tightened. He loved men. These men were the best of Temptations male brothel, and they’d serviced him once before a year ago. He sighed recalling the satisfaction. The night sparkled with promise. He watched with growing sexual hunger.

One carried a tray and placed it on the table away from the huge low bed. On the tray—a carafe of water so cold it misted the glass, sachets of lube, condoms, sex toys, tissues, and a wine glass.

One unclipped Indigo’s cloak and after grazing his lips on Indigo’s, he brought the cloak to a freestanding rail and hung it.

A low murmur of appreciation fell from Indigo’s mouth as he savored the fleeting kiss from One’s perfect lips.

Two knelt and traced his fingertips up and down Indigo’s legs, reaching his balls and circling feather light touches there that made Indigo’s cock fill out in a delicious slow sensation.

Indigo closed his eyes with lust as his stomach tightened and jerked his cock when Two stroked the backs of his thighs.

Three took the belt from Indigo’s kilt as One slid his hands around Indigo’s face and held him fast kissing him hungrily. The kiss seared desire through Indigo and he slid his palms along the satiny skin of One’s muscled chest with a groan.

Copyright E.D.Parr  2017, Evernight Publishing November release
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Release day for sizzling #shifter #MMromance erotica Blond from @evernightpublishing and E.D.Parr #NSFW teaser

MM Romantic erotica, shifter gay romance
What would you think if the guy you were dating raced off every night before midnight and would never say why? Would you succumb to the urge to follow him one night?
Liam Hale can’t believe his luck when he meets the man of his dreams, Karl Oberon.
Hunky Karl is the sexiest man Liam has ever met, but his mysterious disappearances start to tease. 
Gorgeous Liam is the only man Karl has ever loved. 
Together they spark and sizzle with passion, but Karl doesn’t know how to tell Liam why he races away. Maybe keeping Liam’s mind off the question with mind-blowing erotic encounters will work.

Warning this book contains
MM sex, MM anal sex in various positions, MM oral sex, MM sex in restrooms of gay bar, MM partner masturbation and anal play 

Read a teaser 18+

Karl rested his face on Liam’s. He whispered on Liam’s mouth. “You’re hot as hell. I’m fuckin’ desperate to feel your hard cock in my hand.” Then he kissed Liam.

The passion that traveled over Liam as Karl’s lips merged with his in a slow, soft, lingering kiss, weakened his thighs. The skin between his legs under his balls throbbed. His cock jerked in his pants. He returned the kiss grabbing Karl’s head and thrusting his cock in upward strokes on the hard column in Karl’s pants. He kissed Karl until every fiber of his being screamed to come. He murmured between kisses. “The restroom here is a good place for desperados.”

Karl smiled against his mouth. “I was hoping you’d say that.” He crushed Liam close in a final hug as the song ended and then he broke away.

Liam followed Karl across the dance floor and through the door that led to a short corridor and the restrooms. These weren’t like the toilets in some gay bars that Liam disliked for their barren and sometimes grubby surrounds. The restrooms in this bar were sparkling clean and spacious. Two of the stalls at the end of the row had benches and wash basins. Liam had laughed at them when he’d first seen them, but now he walked past Karl and showed him into one.

Karl flicked the catch along on the door lock. He pushed Liam against the wall with one hand, and as his tongue forced Liam’s lips open, with the other hand he dragged Liam’s jeans zipper down.

Liam moaned, overwhelmed with the need to feel Karl’s hands on his cock. He grabbed his jeans to help, and jerked them down his ass to his thighs as he sucked Karl’s tongue into his mouth. His cock sprang free, but not for long.

Karl grasped the shaft. He drew way from Liam’s lips and gazed into his eyes. “You’re leaking. You look ready to be fucked. Do you want that? To be fucked? To have my hard dick ram into your ass until your cum spurts up your chest?”

Liam’s entire body went into meltdown. His cock throbbed and his balls lifted so tight he instinctively reached his hand down to stroke them. His fingers met Karl’s wrapped around his dick. Liam’s stomach tightened inwards and he groaned. “I need to come so bad I’m about to fall down.”

Karl knelt and pushed his fingers between Liam’s legs. He stroked Liam’s balls with his thumb and clamped his other hand around Liam’s cock tight. The helmet head poked out of his fist and Karl lapped at the slit then circled his tongue around and around until Liam was gasping and thrusting.
Karl pumped Liam’s dick fast and hard. He teased at Liam’s ass with his fingertips and his palm cradled Liam’s aching balls.

Liam orgasmed with such intensity he grabbed Karl’s shoulders bending his head, and groaned open mouthed against the white linen shirt Karl wore. He thrust up into Karl’s fist and only stopped as the waves of delicious pleasure waned and left him drowning in satisfaction and gratitude.

Karl pushed Liam’s shirt up with strong hands and licked up his stomach.

The trail of exquisite sensation he left made Liam wince and sigh. He grasped Karl’s head, his fingers slipping through Karl’s soft, abundant hair, trying to bring Karl’s face to his for a kiss. “Kiss me, please…”

Copyright E.D.Parr 

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Liam watched with amusement when Milo openly flirted with Karl #MMromance #midweektease gay #PNR

Midweek Tease is from Friday's release
MMromance, gay shifter romance 

What would you think if the guy you were dating raced off every night before midnight and would never say why? Would you succumb to the urge to follow him one night?
Liam Hale can’t believe his luck when he meets the man of his dreams, Karl Oberon.
Hunky Karl is the sexiest man Liam has ever met, but his mysterious disappearances start to tease. 
Gorgeous Liam is the only man Karl has ever loved. 
Together they spark and sizzle with passion, but Karl doesn’t know how to tell Liam why he races away. Maybe keeping Liam’s mind off the question with mind-blowing erotic encounters will work.

Warning this book contains
MM sex, MM anal sex in various positions, MM oral sex, MM sex in restrooms of gay bar, MM partner masturbation and anal play 

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The bar wasn’t crowded. Liam nodded to a couple that gave him a wave of greeting. He skirted the dance floor to talk to Milo, who was draped over the bar, head resting on his palms, surveying the four men who swayed to the sultry music. He straightened as Liam stopped walking before him.

“Liam, how’s your day been, sweet pea? Mine’s been dreadful. Jeremy’s sick and I’ve had to do a double shift.”

Liam gave Milo a sympathetic look. “Sorry to hear that. Maybe he’ll be well tomorrow.”

“He’d better be. At least I’ve got Colin coming in at ten. What’ll it be? Bourbon?”
Liam shook his head. “I’m keeping a clear head tonight. Dress an iced water with lemon and lime for me?” He gave Milo a smile laden with sex and sweetness as he put the inflection of a question in his tone.

“You’re such a tease, Liam.” Milo sighed, but poured from the Voss in the bar fridge, and then heaped slices of the green and yellow requested citrus on a scoop of crushed ice, which he slid with great ceremony into the tall glass of water.

Liam scanned the room. There were maybe twenty guys and he knew four of them. There was no sign of the blond and a strange mix of relief and disappointment crept over him as he turned to look at Milo. “Thanks.” He picked up his drink and sipped at it. I’ll hang around until ten-thirty and then call it a night. Liam tried to remember what time the man who set his heart racing arrived in the bar the previous night. It was probably around ten. Early in fact, considering the bar only revved up after eleven. Liam pulled his smartphone from his jacket pocket and checked the time. When he saw it was close to ten o’clock his heart began pounding. Fucking hell. I need to calm down. What’s wrong with me? Liam took a long drink of his water. He turned from his perusal of the room and clicked his glass onto the bar.

Suddenly, beside him, reflected in the mirror-tiled backsplash of the bar, his quarry leaned casually against the faux marble counter.

It felt to Liam as if all the air had been sucked out of the room, and replaced with extreme sexual tension. Sex vibrated from the blond. Liam took a ragged breath. He’d never experienced anything like it. He attempted to lift his glass, seeking a drink of the ice-cold water against the rising heat in his balls and the gradual hardening of his cock.

“I saw you here last night. Can I get you another?”

The low voiced words flowed over Liam.

He edged his tall frame around to face the man. As he opened his mouth to answer he drank in the sight of the hunk beside him—green eyes the color of fresh grass—startlingly handsome face and a mouth that practically begged for kissing. Liam couldn’t help dropping his gaze and soaked up the implication of the bulge in the blond’s suit pants. He raised his eyes and saw desire darken the enchanting verdant gaze.

“It’s iced water, thank you…” Liam fished for the man’s name.

“Karl and you are?” His half-smile held visible caution.

“Liam.” He’s nervous, too. A soft blanket of calmness coated Liam. His guess helped him slow his heartbeat, but his desire still raged. His cock strained against his jeans. His balls ached. Karl set him on fire just by standing beside him. His stomach clenched tight, and sparks of deep happiness raced over him unbidden and unfamiliar.

Karl ordered a beer and iced water for Liam.

Liam watched with amusement when Milo openly flirted with Karl as he poured and placed the drinks on the counter. He waited until Milo had danced off to serve at the other end of the bar before he spoke. “I saw you here last night. I had to leave early. I’m glad you’re back tonight.”

Karl’s gaze ranged over him, and then, after spending long seconds settled on Liam’s cock, now like a thick iron rod in his pants, returned to his face. “I saw you leave and wished you hadn’t. I can’t pretend I’m not dying to suck that hard-on pushing against your jeans, but I love this song. Dance with me.”

Liam hadn’t even registered the song streaming from the speakers. He listened and smiled. It was a great song, but Liam couldn’t dance. “I don’t dance…” He saw the disappointment cloud Karl’s eyes and with a surge of desire to please the man, he added, “But if you’ll forgive my two left feet I will … for you…”

Karl took his hand.

A massive jolt of sensation flew up his arm and he followed Karl onto the dance floor in a daze.

Karl pulled him close.

Liam lifted his arms and held the man whose hands on his ass were like firebrands.
Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing, October 20 release
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Looking back on #MMromance Given Time with E.D.Parr gay erotic #midweektease #MWTease

Music video maker, Angel Starc is about to board a plane to Paris when he receives some sudden sad news. It takes him hurrying back to his childhood home after two years away.
Angel is amazed when that night he meets the only man he’s found romantically attractive in a long time.  Gorgeous, caring Matt Loewe wraps him in a blanket of comfort and love that heals Angel’s troubled soul. 
Delectable, artist, Matt Loewe, follows his hunches and his heart. He’s been looking for love and Angel ignites an addictive passion in him.
A delicious, erotic, gay love story with HEA

Read the teaser

Angel took Matt through the side entrance to the grounds, avoiding the flower-laden front gate. He cast a half-smile at the man beside him. “I don’t want to wreck any bouquets and wreaths clambering over them.” The feeling that he’d not shown enough grief rose in him. He tried to shake it off.
Matt’s gentle smile soothed him a little.
He unlocked the door and threw it open. “Come on in, Matt. We’ll make some coffee and rifle through Rory’s study.”

Matt followed him into the house.

Angel led the way to the big family kitchen. The mug and jar of instant coffee stood on the counter where he’d left them the day before. He added more water to the electric kettle and set it to boil. As he brought another mug from the wall cupboard where Rory kept the crockery, a wave of gratitude made him smile. It’s great to have Matt with me.

Matt wandered to the small corridor that led to the back door and then came to stand close. He exuded calm.

Angel turned to him. “Thank you for being here. Can I hug you?”

Matt broke into a huge smile. “Can you? Hell, I’m desperate to feel you in my arms. Come here.” He held out his arms.

Angel went into his embrace. He pushed close to Matt with a sigh of pleasure. He pressed his face against Matt’s. The shade of stubble on Matt’s jaw rasping on his skin, and the feel of Matt’s hard muscled chest he molded to combined to send streaks of pleasure tripping all the way through his body. Angel breathed in the masculine energy that bathed Matt. He turned his face and kissed near the side of Matt’s mouth.

Matt lifted a hand and slid it along Angel’s face. He grazed his lips against Angel’s in a soft brush as he whispered. “You feel good.” He kissed Angel, his mouth a soft merging of sensation that hardened Angel’s cock.

Angel closed his eyes and returned the kiss, taking another until they both broke away to breathe. “So do you—feel good.” He opened his eyes. “Bet the water’s boiled.” He wanted Matt, but the prickle of guilt about being happy when he was there for such a somber occasion forced him to push away.
Matt loosened his hold. His eyes held desire and his erection bulged in his black jeans.
Angel tore his gaze from the enticing sight. “I’ll switch the central heating on. I reckon there’ll be food in the fridge. We never had breakfast. Are you hungry?”

Matt laughed. “Sure, maybe not for food…”
Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing

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There was something so addictive about being close to Karl #midweektease #MMromance #MWTease

From October upcoming Evernight Publishing release
MM romance PNR

Liam Hale can’t believe his luck when he meets the man of his dreams, Karl Oberon.

Read the #midweekteaser

The night remained warm long after the sun had set. Liam stood on the patio with a turkey sandwich that he’d made in a hurry. It was already late. The work he wanted to finish took way longer than expected and he’d stopped for bread rolls at a twenty-four hour store. He turned over the idea of dashing out to the bar. The lure of seeing Karl stole his appetite as butterflies started in his stomach. He put his plate on the garden table and wandered down the path. 

At the end of his tiny garden he turned and stared up into the sky. There wasn’t much to see up there. Only the brightest stars twinkled through the light pollution from the city. The moon was pale. Liam bent his head recalling the way Karl had left so swiftly after the sex they’d shared. It wasn’t unknown. Guys often took and run. Liam did it, too, so he couldn’t point any fingers, except that the encounter with Karl had been different this time for him. There was something so addictive about being close to Karl.

He walked back to the patio door and scooped up the plate with his half-eaten sandwich on it. He dropped it on the sink unit as he passed through the kitchen. He’d thrown his jacket on the back of the couch when he came home from work. He snatched it up and checked his keys were in his pocket. Liam knew he wouldn’t sleep unless he’d verified Karl was or wasn’t at the bar. Sleep didn’t come easy to Liam anyway.

Wednesday wasn’t usually a night Liam would go to the bar. Surprised by the crowd, he wove through the groups and couples, raking the faces with a hopeful gaze for the sight of Karl. A space opened up in the two people deep clamor at the bar, and Liam slipped in. Milo and two other regular bartenders dashed from one end to the other serving. Karl was crammed in the corner by the wall holding a beer. Liam’s heart gave a thud. He stared at Karl willing him to look his way.

Magically, Karl turned, and his eyes met Liam’s.

Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing October release, date to be announced 

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Meet the hardcore heroes of LAWLESS #MMromance #coverreveal

C O V E R R E V E A L and G I V E A W A Y
LAWLESS Anthology: Manlove Edition
Published by Evernight Publishing
Coming November 2017
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Meet the hardcore heroes of LAWLESS! They’re fearless, dangerous, big on revenge, and defiantly walk on the wrong side of the law. Although their morals may be compromised, their loyalty to that one man is never in question.

Our five hand-picked novellas are dark, dirty, and will make you see bad boys in a whole new light. From bikers to hitmen, these dangerous men won’t be satisfied until they have everything they came for—until they have him.

Monsters by James Cox

Sunshine and Snakes by L.J. Longo

Live or Die by Kai Tyler

$250,000 Love by Jessie Pinkham

Silent Devotion by Angelique Voisen

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