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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Angel Starc is Given Time in #midweek #teasers #gayromance #MMromance @parr_books @evernightpub

Midweek Teasers
Given Time

Angel sipped the glass of water, absently gazing around the room at the other diners without really seeing them, until his eyes met those of a man a few tables away. A shock of some emotion ran down Angel’s back. His thoughts tumbled as he struggled to recall where he’d seen this man. The breadth of the man’s shoulders and the thick well-cut hair was resoundingly familiar. He stared without realizing into the dark eyes of the sexy stranger.

A slow smile appeared on the hunk’s lips. His eyes held an invitation.

Angel’s stomach lurched. He was so out of practice he didn’t know if this was a gay guy sending signals, or another of his brother’s fans showing sympathy from across the room. Angel tore his gaze away. As much as he’d craved the chance to meet a romantic partner in the last year, he didn’t know what to do right then. When the server turned up with his steak, gratitude flooded Angel. He could hide behind eating his meal. 

He studiously cut up his steak and took a bite. The meat melted in a mouthful of flavor. Angel ate a little more and toyed with his salad. Without thinking, he flicked his gaze across the room. The handsome man stared at him. Angel’s heart pounded alarmingly. He looked away. 

Copyright E. D. Parr , Evernight Publishing

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He gazed across the leaf-strewn road. The ornamental gates were closed. Bunches of flowers and wreaths lay on the sidewalk. People had already begun to pay their respects and display their sadness. As Angel slumped in his car seat, reliving memories he’d hoped never to, a few people wandered along and left more flowers outside the gate. I had no idea Rory was so loved. He was such a grouch … well, to me, to Samantha…

The late afternoon sky grew dark gray. The occasional splatter of rain, carried on the wind, hit the windscreen. Angel was about to exit his car and brave entering the house, when a man walked up to the gate carrying flowers. Tall and dressed in black jeans, boots, and an obviously expensive knee length black overcoat, he was both strikingly fashionable and suitably somber. He laid the flowers with the other tributes to Rory Starc.

Angel flicked his gaze up and down the figure. From the well-cut thick dark hair to the tips of his toes, the man radiated elegance. He turned and even from across the street, Angel could see how handsome he was. Who is he? Intrigued, Angel watched the man walk away along to the end of the road where he turned the corner, and Angel lost sight of him with a sigh. It wasn’t every day that Angel saw a man he’d like to meet romantically, and it was a sad thing that it was on the day of his brother’s death. 

Copyright E. D. Parr, Evernight Publishing 

Given Time, 
Music video maker, Angel Starc is about to board a plane to Paris when he receives some sudden sad news. It takes him hurrying back to his childhood home after two years away.
Angel is amazed when that night he meets the only man he’s found romantically attractive in a long time.  Gorgeous, caring Matt Loewe wraps him in a blanket of comfort and love that heals Angel’s troubled soul. 
Delectable, artist, Matt Loewe, follows his hunches and his heart. He’s been looking for love and Angel ignites an addictive passion in him.
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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

#TeaserTuesday from gay romance, The Romantic @eXtasybooks @elodieparkes #MMromance

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Two weeks after dropping the boxes of books onto the floor of his study, Luke sat in front of one and looked closely at each book. Among the books in the myth and legend box, Luke found a thin volume bound in leather so aged he opened it with extreme care, expecting the book to fall apart. Inside, its pages, once tipped with gold, were faded and frail. The volume contained prayers and songs to ancient gods. He read the heading at the beginning of the publication. 

Translated from ancient Greek by Dr. H. P. Smyth.

There was a load of letters after the person’s name indicating academic prowess. Luke raised his eyebrows. Wow.
On each page he turned, a picture and description of the god and its powers prefaced the song or prayer. Then curiously, from somewhere in the tattered book, pages fluttered onto Luke’s knees. He picked up a page.
Spells and enchantments.
Luke’s heart pounded. He drew back from the page in surprise. Not knowing why he reacted in this way, he brought the spare pages together in a flimsy sheaf and read. By the time he’d finished two pages, Luke was convinced fate had led him to the book. He was desperate to find love, and here in his hand was a prayer spell to an ancient god of love. Luke stared at the words that practically danced on the page between his slightly trembling fingers. 

Copyright Elodie Parkes, eXtasy Books, 2019
The Romantic
Handsome Luke Kirby loves books, so when he finds boxes of old and beautiful tomes in a dusty shop, he can’t resist buying them. To his delight one of them contains what he hopes will bring an end to his loneliness and heartache. As he prepares to cast an ancient prayer spell to the god of love, across town Ethan Goss decides that moving to a new apartment will ease his broken heart.
With the help of an eccentric real estate agent, gorgeous Ethan goes to a viewing in the block where Luke lives.
When Luke meets Ethan in the lobby, it’s the start of a passionate love affair. 
Fate hasn’t finished with the two handsome men—will true happiness evade them both?
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