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The knock at his door brought a leap of hope in his heart. 'Angel.' #MMromance #midweektease #gayromance erotic with heart

From MM erotic romance with heart
Given Time
A #midweektease to heat up March

Matt watched darkness gather on the horizon. With no word from Angel, he called the desk and booked a dinner table for two, hoping Angel hadn’t changed his mind about them. He showered and dressed. He stood in front of the TV, watching as a music video played. He wondered if it was one Angel had made. The knock at his door brought a leap of hope in his heart. Angel.

He flung the door open.
Angel’s smile knocked him sideways with the joy it put in his heart.
He pulled Angel close, swept his hands down Angel’s back and grabbed his ass.

Angel molded against Matt and took hold of his head, grasping handfuls of his hair. He kissed Matt hungrily, kiss after kiss with little moans between.

Matt returned the kiss. Soaking up the pleasure of Angel’s body pressed hard against him. His cock filled out in a delicious surge. His hips thrust against Angels’ and through the two layers of their clothing, Matt savored the shape and rock hard column of Angel’s cock. He ravaged Angel’s mouth with a kiss full of love and sex. He pushed a hand between their bodies and cupped Angel’s cock and balls with his palm.

Angel’s whisper against Matt’s lips made him groan. “I need to fuck. I need fucking. It’s so good to feel your hands on me.”

Matt moved to reach the fastening of Angel’s pants with both hands and dragged the zipper down. His breath came in gasps. He sucked on Angel’s neck and bit along his jaw, until their lips were against each other’s and they breathed together. Matt pulled Angel’s pants and shorts down to mid-thigh in one swift move. He grabbed Angel’s cock in both hands and groaned into his open mouth. The shape and hardness in his palms made his stomach clench as his own cock throbbed and leaked. He bit on Angel’s lip in soft grazes of his teeth. He slid his tongue on Angel’s and his legs went weak. He pumped Angel’s cock until pre-cum coated his palm.

Angel thrust into his hands. He groaned into Matt’s mouth. “Do you have condoms? I need fucking right now.”

Matt could hardly bear to let Angel’s cock go. He couldn’t tear his mouth from Angel’s and he kissed him desperately.

Angel opened Matt’s jeans and pushed his hand into Matt’s underwear. He teased at Matt’s cock head, circling it as he returned his kisses. Matt’s ass felt melted. His stomach tightened so hard his cock pulsed out more pre-cum.
Angel circled the soft liquid up and down the column of Matt’s cock.
Groaning now with the need to come and the exquisite pleasure Angel gave him, he pushed away from Angel. “I’ll get a condom. You get naked.”

Copyright E.D.Parr , Evernight Publishing
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Music video maker, Angel Starc is about to board a plane to Paris when he receives some sudden sad news. It takes him hurrying back to his childhood home after two years away.
Angel is amazed when that night he meets the only man he’s found romantically attractive in a long time.  Gorgeous, caring Matt Loewe wraps him in a blanket of comfort and love that heals Angel’s troubled soul. 
Delectable, artist, Matt Loewe, follows his hunches and his heart. He’s been looking for love and Angel ignites an addictive passion in him.

A delicious, erotic, gay love story with HEA

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Powerful new release #gayfiction #MMromance from @booksbygray Read a teaser

Title: Forsaken

Blurb: Titus had lived and breathed religion his entire life, tucked away from the rest of the world in a compound in northern Wyoming. He’s destined to be the next leader of the church, deemed so by the Prophet. 

God spoke and with His word He created. But God made a mistake. Titus isn’t worthy. He was born sick and it’s solidified when he rescues the most beautiful man he’s ever seen. 

Torn between fidelity to his faith or his soul, Titus must reconcile the two parts of himself before he’s discovered hiding among the chosen.

“Is this okay?” Angel asked.
“Is what okay?” Titus had a hard time getting words out. He had a hard time making his brain function with Angel’s hands on him.
Angel laughed and scooted his body closer so their legs were pressed together. “Me touching you.”
“Yes,” his voice was unsteady.
“What about this?” Angel put his other hand on the side of Titus’ neck.
Sure.” Titus swallowed past the lump in his throat, and was happy for the way he was sitting, because he was as hard as he’d ever been in his entire life. Harder maybe.
“What about this,” Angel whispered over his lips and then brought them together.
This wasn’t like back at his workshop. Angel parted his lips, and used his tongue. Titus was left trying to keep up. As soon as he got the hang of something Angel would change it. He’d done a little necking with girls, but this was completely different. He hadn’t been turned on while kissing those girls. It was more like something to do just to try it, but this was heat and his entire body reacted. There wasn’t a part of him that wasn’t flushed and on fire.
Angel’s fingers slid around to the back of his neck and tightened, keeping Titus close. He grabbed Angel’s bicep, needing something to hold on to so he didn’t spin out of control. Angel seemed to like it, groaning into his mouth. It spurred Titus on. He wrapped his other arm around Angel’s back, desperate to feel more of him.
There was a fire demon inside him demanding more and he wanted nothing but to listen.

Author Bio:

When not staying up all night writing, J.R. Gray can be found at the gym where it's half assumed he is a permanent resident to fulfill his self-inflicted masochism. A dominant and a pilot, Gray finds it hard to be in the passenger seat of any car. He frequently interrupts real life, including normal sleep patterns and conversations, to jot down notes or plot bunnies. Commas are the bane of his existence even though it's been fully acknowledged they are necessary, they continue to baffle and bewilder. If Gray wasn't writing…well, that's not possible. The buildup of untold stories would haunt Gray into an early grave, insanity or both. The idea of haunting has always appealed to him. J.R. Gray is genderqueer and prefers he/him pronouns.

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