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Hot #midweekteaser and #coverreveal for E.D.Parr's upcoming @evernightpub #MMromance Thief of Hearts

From upcoming E.D.Parr and Evernight Publishing 
new erotic MM romance , Thief of Hearts 
#MWTease and cover reveal

Thirty year old, lawyer, Blake Aster gazes from his high-rise office window wondering if this summer he’ll find love, but deep inside he doubts anyone will ever want him again. He can’t forget the scar he has running the length of his handsome face.
Hunky, daring, Alex Ryan is cleaning the building windows. Struck by the mythical beauty in the Blake’s looks, fun-loving Alex sets out to get Blake’s attention. Maybe a striptease outside Blake’s eighth floor window will do the trick.

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He had nothing to lose. Alex turned to the beast, took the case and box from his hands, and placed them on the floor. He grabbed the delicious guy’s jacket lapels and thrust him against the wall of the elevator car. There was no resistance.

The beast gazed into Alex’s eyes, his eyes dark with obvious desire.
Alex pinned the beast to the wall with his muscled body, reached across and slammed the stop button, and then with his heart hammering, kissed the man.
The response to his kiss hardened his cock.

The beast grabbed his ass, thrust against him, kissed him with such hunger, Alex’s stomach tightened and his balls lifted.
Alex ran his hands into the beast’s thick dark hair and held his head, plundering his mouth with kiss after kiss, and grinding his cock on the beast’s hard body.

The man in Alex’s arms broke away. He gulped in air. “You’re the window cleaner.”
Alex smiled with amusement. “You noticed. You are so fucking hot. How soon do you think you’d come if I sucked your cock?

The delectable man’s eyes widened. He gasped. “Feel my cock.” He took Alex’s hand and pressed it onto the rock hard column in his suit pants.
A low moan escaped Alex. He grazed his lips on the beast’s. “Open your pants.”

Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing upcoming soon in June MMromance, M/M erotic romance


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His dearest wish is to find a mate #PNR #MMromance #BDSM new release from fab @JenniferDenys

To Claim a Mate from Jennifer Denys and Luminosity Publishing

Cole Linley is a gay wolf-shifter. In order to appease the Alpha within, he has taken up the BDSM lifestyle and become very experienced. This placates his wolf to a certain extent, but his dearest wish is to find a mate—male, of course. Except, the question is, how to find one in a city surrounded by humans where other wolf-shifters are rare.
Then, one night, he enters Balls & Chains, a BDSM club he frequents, and immediately senses another of his kind. And not only that, it is the scent of a potential mate, Jared Gray. There is only one problem—Jared is collared by another Master.
Jared’s relationship shows all the signs of an abusive relationship. Can Cole get him away from the other Dom and show Jared the delights of BDSM when done properly and what it means to be a beta wolf to Cole’s Alpha?

Reader Advisory: The submissive in this Gay Paranormal Romance doesn’t realize he is in an abusive relationship until he meets his true Master.

What’s hot?: Making love in the forest as wolves, then in the bed as humans.
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Moving on, Cole was drawn into a room which had a cross in each corner of the room with plenty of space to wield the equipment. The walls were covered with floggers of varying types, although nothing stopped a Dominant using an implement from another section.

Cole halted. He’s here.

The scent was at its strongest, practically dragging him toward a slender man in his late twenties, with brown hair the color of hazelnuts. The sub was in the process of being tied face up against a cross on the far side. His chest was bare and sleek, and he wore skin-tight jeans.

The Dom wanted to rip the man’s clothes off and devour him on the spot. So intent was he on reaching his prey, he nearly missed the Master who had finished tying the submissive and came around to inspect the restraints, standing directly between Cole and the object of his hunt.

Stopping in his tracks, Cole’s hackles began to rise. A possessive instinct rose in him to fight off his rival. Except there were rules in BDSM and it didn’t include tearing out the throat of another Master.

Andy caught up with him and saw him staring. “Who have you found? Oh, this is Master Dirk. Jared is the sub he is playing with.”

Cole took a moment to calm his inner wolf, unclenching his fists before he triggered his claws. His voice was raspy as he asked, “Are they new? I don’t recall seeing either of them here before.” Actually, he couldn’t care less about this new Master. He only had eyes for Jared.

He didn’t hear Andy’s answer, because, at that moment, he caught the gaze of the bound man. Tangible electricity crossed the room and hit Cole like a silver bullet, slamming into his heart, nearly causing him to change into his wolf in front of everyone. It took everything he knew about Dominance to keep hold of his human side and push down his animal half.

Meanwhile, the submissive’s eyes opened wide in shock, and he bit his lip. Cole’s keen wolf eyesight could detect Jared’s fierce trembling, as he tightly gripped the ropes that held him. Cole willed him to hold on and not transform in front of everyone as the two shared a look of instant attraction, desperate need, and the desire to have sex.

And yet it was more than that. So much more—an inner knowledge, assurance one has finally found one’s other half, and didn’t even know one was looking.

Taking a deep breath, Cole narrowed his eyes as he gazed on Jared, drinking in the beautiful sight before him.

He gave a slight smile of acknowledgment.

Oh yes, this is my mate. And woe betide anyone who comes between us.

Author bio:

Jennifer is a bestselling author in various genre (BDSM, contemporary, sci-fi, paranormal, with historical and fantasy in her works in progress) with several different publishers.

An Englishwoman through and through, she lives in a beautiful historical city and is game to try most things once. She’s had a tattoo done on her calf, flew down zip wires 100 feet up in the trees, and was photographed nude by a professional photographer. All of which have taken place since she turned 50!

Many of her experiences end up in her books… but you will have to read them to find out what!

Do contact Jennifer – she loves to hear from her fans. She posts to her blog three times a week and is on Facebook daily.

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Let the Sparks fly #giveaway release day for #MMromance Passion's Pride

Let the Sparks fly. Sometimes we need to lose ourselves and become invisible to the outside world. It’s the only way I know to find me again and drown out all the negatives.
Title: Passion's Pride Series: The Passion Series, Book 3 Release Date: May 12, 2017 Publisher: Encompass Ink Categories: MM, Gay Romance, Gay Erotica Goodreads:   
Ash and Serge, aka Sparky, have always felt a pull to each other, a special connection - a draw that not only tugs at the heart, but at the denims too. Afraid to act upon these feelings and risk ruining their friendship, they fight it until faced with a life-threatening situation. Not once, but twice. Can Ash and Sparky’s relationship withstand these battles they face while slowly crawling through the depths of hell for each other? Or will pride cause them to miss their one real chance at happiness?   

 “Let me fuck you, Serge. Please,” he’s asking, but demanding at the same time. I like that. “Meow.” I purr. “Yessss.” As much as I don’t want to, I move off of him, and Ash reaches into the nightstand drawer and pulls out a strip of condoms and the lube. “Oops. They’re all connected together, guess we’ll just have to use them all,” he laughs. “Guess we’ll have to share them, on each other, that is.” I give him a wicked laugh. “Mwahahhaha.” “You’re scaring me, now.” Ash rips one off the strand of condoms and tries to open it. “Oh whatever, I am not.” “Are too. Have you seen that thing of yours, it’s gianormous?” “What is, my tally-whacker? Oh please, Ash. Flattery will get you everywhere, you sweet talker.” “I think it’s funny that you think I am joking about it. You might rip me in half, Serge. I can see myself running around the house from you, covering my ass so you don’t pull a sneak attack or something.” “Oh ma-God. Me be sneaky? Neeeever!” I wink at him. “Damn, my hands are shaking. See, I’m already nervous.” Ash slaps the unopened condom down in my hand. “I can’t open this damn thing.” I move it up to my mouth and growl as I rip the wrapper open, then pound on my chest like Tarzan. “There, that’s done. Now who’s it going on?” I ask, because I don’t mind either way, to be honest. His eyes bulge wide open. “Me, it’s going on me,” Ash pipes up quickly. I ball my hand into a fist, using it as a microphone and bring it to my mouth. “And the winner of our ‘wrap that rascal’ condom award goes to Ash. The crowd goes wild with applause. Oooooh’s and ahhhhh’s. Here, let me do the honors and award you with this specially made latex, non-reusable and non-refundable, expandable trophy. May you reap all the fringe benefits worth of the beholder,” I laugh. Ash tries to keep a straight face, but instead, he looks more like a pucker fish wearing a smirk. I know he wants our first time to be all serious and romantic, but me and the word serious sort of have an allergic reaction to one another.   Teaser1   

One lucky winner will get an e-copy of Passion's Pride
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Friday, May 12 at 7 PM - 9 PM CDT
abouttheauthor piper-kay Piper Kay is your average cup of tea with a splash of southern sass. She was born & raised in Houston, Texas-USA and her skills include pitching a fit and throwing a hissy. She also happens to be an author....with a bi-polar muse...who may or may not have sarcastic tendencies....and/or a potty mouth. Together, they share head space w/the men living in there... her boys with baditude. Piper is an Amazon #1 International Best Selling author of LGBT Erotica, and an Amazon International Bestselling author of LGBT Erotica romance, specifically in the M/M Erotica genre, and LGBT drama. She has been known to genre hop a time or two into YA/NA stories, also M/M. Piper brings her passion of storytelling straight to the pages, most times served with a super-sized sprinkle of sexy, a slice of sarcasm and a carafe of crazy. 
Piper can be reached at Amazon author page: FB: About me: Twitter: Goodreads: Authograph: Google: Blog: Youtube: Instagram:
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Midweek #teaser #MMromance Knowing Chris was in there naked did something to Justin’s insides @encompassink #gayromance

Hawk v Falcon
When Chris Falconer receives an email from his lost high school friend, Justin, ten years after he last saw him, Chris is overjoyed. The two boys had shared kisses and sworn love for each other, but before their love could be tested, Justin’s mother abruptly took Justin out of school, and they disappeared.
Multi-talented and handsome Chris is a cage fighter at Jack’s Clubhouse, and the Dungeon Master in the Candy Apple club. He writes a column for a fitness blog and keeps himself busy, but deep down he’s never forgotten Justin—turns out Justin has never forgotten Chris either.
On a modeling assignment in New York, Justin sees Chris in a café and can’t help contacting him, but his ex, Todd, who doesn’t want Justin but doesn’t want Chris to have him either, has plans to throw their reunion into disarray.
So begins a love story full of emotion. Will Todd succeed? Or this time, will Justin and Chris have the happy ending and delicious love they deserve?
Read the teaser 18+ Gay romance 

Justin gazed after Chris as the bathroom door closed. He sat on the end of the bed and stared at the ensuite entrance. Knowing Chris was in there naked did something to Justin’s insides. He pressed a finger to his lips, the memory of their kiss teasing him as desire to hold Chris close raced through him. He stood and paced to the window. Pale streaks of dawn filtered through the leaves of a huge tree. Will he think it’s too soon if I go in there? I need him. I’m going in there.

Justin dragged off his clothes and turned the ensuite door handle slowly. Steam obscured his vision of Chris except for a tantalizing view of his muscular ass as Chris turned in the shower sprinkles. Justin opened the shower stall door. The thought of being naked with Chris had thickened his cock. His stomach clenched as Chris saw him and opened his arms.

Justin stepped close. There were no words. He rammed his body on Chris’s as water streamed over his head and back. He swept his hands along Chris’s back and up to grab his shoulders as he kissed Chris.

Water ran in soft rivers over their noses and by the sides of their mouths.

Justin shifted and pushed a hand between their bodies to touch Chris. The half-erection that met his fingertips, jerked into a huge, hard column. Justin gripped the delicious cock and a soft moan escaped him as he broke contact with Chris’s lips to whisper.

“I want you bad. I need you. I want to taste your cum. Hell, Chris, I’ve thought about being like this with you so many times, wished for it, and now I have my wish, I’m desperate.”

Chris grabbed his head and kissed him hard.

Justin opened his mouth and slid his tongue into Chris’s mouth. His cock ached and throbbed. The underside of his balls felt melted, and then as Chris grabbed his dick and pumped slowly, his balls tightened and he sighed against Chris’s lips.

Chris let him go and a frown of loss leapt between his eyes, but Chris’s hands were only gone for moments, and then were all over him slipping and sliding with soap.
The sensation made him groan.

Chris took his cock in one strong hand.

Justin leaned into Chris, his head on Chris’s shoulder as the pumping, and sliding took him into a spiral of desire. Justin’s cock pulsed and his balls hardened. Chris slid an arm around Justin holding him in an iron embrace as he worked Justin’s cock, his own rock hard column pressed against Justin’s hip adding to the deep pleasure that burned over Justin. He gasped and thrust his hips with every pull from Chris’s lathered fingers.

Justin groaned and pressed his mouth against Chris’s neck. In a huge wave of completely delicious sensation, Justin’s cum spurted high. His body rocked. His stomach clenched and he moaned onto Chris’s skin. The throbs of orgasm went on for a long time. His thighs weakened and he nuzzled Chris on the jaw, water filling his mouth and leaking down his chest. “Chris, let me make you come, too. I want that so much.”

Chris rammed his erection against the side of Justin’s body. He still held Justin’s cock and slowly let go to stroke Justin’s balls and stomach.

A huge pulse went through Justin’s shrinking erection. The pleasure made him gasp.
He pulled the soap from the dish inserted in the shower stall wall and lathered his hands. He grabbed Chris’s muscled thighs and slid his fingertips around to tease at the crack of Chris’s ass. He whispered against Chris’s lips. “Later when you don’t taste of soap I’m going to suck the cum out of you, but right now I want your cock in my hands.” He felt Chris’s intake of breath at his words and pressed his mouth to Chris’s wet lips in a kiss, and then he jerked Chris off.

He gripped and pumped, the lather from the soap making his hand slide to the end and then to the hilt of Chris’s huge cock. He pressed his forehead to Chris’s muscled chest. He bent to watch as he pumped, until Chris moaned and gripped Justin’s back, his hips jerking to the pull and slide of Justin’s hand.

Justin smiled as Chris orgasmed with such force, he slammed his cock up, making Justin lose his grip. Chris’s pulsing cock rammed on Justin’s stomach and slipped along, trailing cum and soft soap lather. Justin lifted his head and kissed along Chris’s neck, waiting for Chris to catch his breath.

“Fucking hell. That felt ... so good. I’m shaking. Come here.” Chris grabbed Justin’s head and kissed him, his lips in a hungry onslaught on Justin’s. His fingers tunneling in Justin’s wet hair, he thrust his body slowly on Justin’s.

Justin’s eyes closed with pure lust. He grasped Chris’s ass and dragged him further against his own body until they crushed together, kissing and thrusting their tongues on each other’s with low murmurs.

“I feel like fucking you. Turning you around and pounding into you.”

“I want it, bad. I want your cock down my throat. This feels so fuckin’ good.”

Justin’s cock hadn’t shrunk much and he teased it along Chris’s thighs enjoying the way the shower water touched at the head like fingertips before it ran away. He stroked Chris’s body up and down, circled the sculpted muscles, rolled Chris’s nipples, and then with a long sigh he grabbed Chris’s cock again. He smiled against Chris’s mouth as they kissed when the column in his hands grew and hardened. “We’re both as horny as hell.”

Chris bit gently at his lips. “It comes from not having much sex for a while.”

“Try, it comes from being so turned on by you, my fuckin’ legs are like jelly.”
Chris smiled. His voice throaty and low, he traced a fingertip down Justin’s cheek. “We should dry off and get to bed.”

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Encompass Ink