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Will was out of breath. His words had tumbled from his mouth. #midweektease #MMromance @EncompassInk

Midweek tease is from 
A Forever Kind of Thing

It hadn’t been that long since Josh left, but he’d effectively disappeared. Will was frantic by the time he caught sight of Josh on Railroad Avenue. He slowed on the street alongside Josh. He’s not seen me, or has he? Maybe he’s not interested any more and is ignoring me. Maybe I’ve fucked it up for good. Will stopped the car and sprang out. Tourists had appeared and Will dashed past them. He called out. “Josh, Josh, hang on.”

Joshua glanced back over his shoulder so he must have heard Will call out.

Will saw him falter, walk on for a few steps, then stop. Will raced to him.

“Josh, please. I’m so sorry. I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am. I never meant to imply you’re not good enough. In fact, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m such a fool. I guess I’m so used to being able to say anything that I didn’t think about the words I used, but they were just words, Josh, just words, not feelings, not real things. I have so much. I have everything I could ever have wanted or want, but not you and you’re what I want. If this sounds weird after we’ve only really connected for a couple of nights then I don’t care, but, Josh, I’d give it all up to have you in my life. That’s the truth. Please come back to the house and talk with me. I can’t bear to see you go like this. Even if you decide you can’t be with me after we’ve talked let me get you home.”

Will was out of breath. His words had tumbled from his mouth. His heart hammered and his stomach ached. He was standing on a discarded ring pull from a canned soda that dug into the sole of one foot. He rubbed his forehead. His eyes hurt as if a whole sky full of tears waited to pour from them like rain. He gazed into Josh’s blue eyes. He knew the moment Josh was going to go back to the house with him because happiness appeared in those gorgeous eyes, and even though Josh’s tone of voice was undecided, he seemed to relax.

“I do wish things hadn’t turned out this way. I will come back with you, but I’m still not sure we can work things out. I feel pretty inadequate right now.” Josh looked around then as if to check who might be listening.

It made Will smile. He gave a nod designed to show Josh he understood perfectly. He suddenly couldn’t keep his hands off Josh and he slipped his arm around Josh’s shoulders.

“Thank you. I have a car just a little way back.” He gently steered Josh in the direction of where he’d left the SUV.

Josh stayed within Will’s embrace, but he didn’t touch Will. “Don’t tell me you have a limo waiting.” There was amusement in Josh’s voice and it gave Will hope.

Will desperately wanted to show Josh he could be less the wealthy businessman and more the friend or lover. “I don’t in fact. It’s my old Jeep from before I made it.” Will didn’t feel truly okay until Josh was sitting in the passenger seat of his car. He didn’t start the engine right away. He reached for Josh’s hand and held on tight.

“Josh, I might already be in love with you. It sure feels as if you took a huge piece of my heart with you when you charged off, but I don’t blame you for leaving. You wrote that song for me. You came to me in the club just when I was about to disappear from your gigs, that has to mean something. Maybe fate … it feels as if we’re meant to be together.” Will heaved a sigh. “You don’t feel the same, huh?”

Josh shook his head. “No, I do. Yes, I do. I do feel the same. I really wanted this to work.”

Will started the car. “Let’s get out of here. I usually go into the office Saturday morning, but to hell with it. You’re more important right now.”

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Encompass Ink
Delicious, erotic #MMromance
A Forever Kind of Thing
They want each other. Their chemistry is scorching. Their encounters erotic.
But Josh is running in the opposite direction as Will longs to love him.
Can love triumph? #kindleunlimited

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He started down the stairs again. His thoughts churned. His stomach ached. He gripped his jacket so hard his knuckles turned white. #MMromance #midweektease @ElodieParkes #EncompassInk

In this week's #midweektease I'm looking back at #MMromance
Heart in Chains

When Connor Douglas takes a tropical island holiday, he hopes to leave heartbreak behind. Little does he know the extent of the danger and sexual temptation that awaits him.
Long after Jay Levesque has closed down his operations on the very same tropical island, the memory of Connor haunts him.
Warm nights and scorching sex has someone’s heart in chains.
Erotic MM romantic suspense

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Jason Landry leaned back in his desk chair and folded his muscled arms across his chest.

“This isn’t my field now and you know it. Give it to Mark.”

The special agent in charge of the department stood his ground and stared right back at him.

Jason ran a hand through his hair as he stood. “I mean it, Lucas.” He flicked the folder with a fingertip, sending it skidding across the top of the desk. He grabbed his jacket from the back of his chair and stalked off. As he ignored the elevator and took the stairs, the memories he pushed away daily, flooded back. He stopped running and grabbed the handrail, his head bowed. Jason let the pain flow over him. He’d learned it was the only way. Surf the wash of guilt. Take the hit from the pain of what he used to be and then move on. He still carried his requisite Glock 23, but he sure didn’t want to use it. He’d seen enough and done enough to last him ten lifetimes. No more fucking killing, he told himself.

He started down the stairs again. His thoughts churned. His stomach ached. He gripped his jacket so hard his knuckles turned white. He stormed past reception and the guys on the door without the usual acknowledgements. In the coffee shop, he stood in the line-up seething, but he knew he’d have to take the assignment.

Jason walked back to the office calmly carrying the paper cup of mocha. This is gonna be the last fucking time I take this kind of job.

* * * *

Connor was the last to board the boat heading for the Gili Islands.
He’d spent too long over breakfast watching the parade of gorgeous muscular guys passing close to the café on their way to the surf beach. Usually Connor was into intellectual types, with dark hair that curled on their collar and PhDs, but these surfer guys practically had him drooling. A marine biologist, Connor had lately taken an interest in sea turtles, and, since he needed a vacation as far away from Brad as possible, he’d flown to Indonesia where the array of islands promised to provide the opportunity to study turtles, scuba dive, sail, and generally have a great vacation.

Having run along the wharf and dashed up the boarding stairs just in time, Connor dropped his backpack onto the deck and hung over the rail to watch the amazing ocean change color as the boat cut through it. Everything he’d seen so far had outstripped his expectations.

He’d visited beautiful pale green oceans before, but the crystal clear sea lapping at the bleached white sandy beaches of Lombok was breathtaking. Every Indonesian island was paradise. Warmth greeted him each day, a far cry from Massachusetts, where he frequented Woods Hole, and where Brad, his former lover worked. The breeze here was soft, kind, and even when it rained brought with it huge saucer-sized warm drops. Connor shivered just thinking about the biting wind off the ocean in winter where he lived, and the icy rain that always found its way down his coat collar.

He gazed around at the shimmering water. All shades of aqua and green sparkled as if an exotic, jeweled, silk scarf spread out on the ocean. Ahead lay a lazy boat trip to Gili Island. Connor had purposely chosen to join this special service in the traditional wooden outrigger instead of a faster powerboat. He reveled in the freedom and difference of his surroundings. He breathed in the air and soaked up the beautiful scenery. His broken heart was slowly healing in the bright, tropical environment.

It was six months since he’d come home to the place he and Brad shared to find him in that old clichéd act of fucking another guy. The pain when Brad admitted he no longer loved Connor and that he’d been seeing this guy for months was excruciating. Connor was torn apart by the betrayal because Brad had been making love to him, and telling Connor how much he meant to him the whole time. That’s what hurt the most—the fucking lies. I never knew anything was wrong—I was completely unaware—what a fool.

Connor shook off the memories. He’d told himself countless times that he had to stop beating himself up, if nothing else. Deep in thought, he wasn’t aware of the man beside him until a low accented voice penetrated his mood.

“Beauty as far as the eye can see, no?”

Connor straightened from leaning on the rail and turned to face the speaker. The impact from seeing the man beside him was so strong Connor couldn’t answer for a moment. He faced probably the most attractive man he’d ever seen face to face, because he couldn’t include the TV and movie stars he sighed over. They were unattainable and designated to daydreams. This man gave him an instant rapid heartbeat. An emotion close to fear slithered down Connor’s back. He’d never felt such immediate consuming attraction to any man before. As he choked out a few inane words, he soaked up the sight before him. Dark hair, cut in an ultra-fashionable style with darts shaved into the sides by his ears, eyes the color of turquoise, only they glistened with promise, his angular jaw rivaled Connor’s favorite TV actor’s, and his body—well, that made Connor’s cock stir.

“Yes, it’s all breathtaking,” and so are you, Connor added in his mind.

“Jay Levesque.” The hunk held out his hand to Connor as he spoke his name.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Encompass Ink

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In this week's #midweektease E.D.Parr gives us a teaser from #MMromance #scifi WIP String of Pearls @parr_books

In this week's #midweektease 
E.D.Parr gives us a teaser from MM romance WIP
String of Pearls

Tobias Mars gazed at Dreft lying on top of the bed in room ten of the infirmary. Hari’s treatment had worked wonders and not only on Dreft’s wounds. Hari had cleaned Dreft up. His hair, now a dirt free glossy almond brown was brushed back to show off the handsome planes of his face. Hari had replaced Dreft’s strange boy-like clothes with the infirmary’s grey cotton pants and t-shirt. The man was, as his colleague, Dante, put it, deliciously pretty. For a fleeting moment, Tobias wondered what it would be like to kiss the perfect lips and hold the muscular body to his own. He shook the thought away.

Dreft opened his eyes and a shy smile spread on his mouth. As Tobias neared him, he shuffled up the bed to sit. “Thank you so much for helping me, sir.”
Tobias pulled a chair to beside the bed and sat. “My name’s Tobias, Tobias Mars—no need to call me sir. How are you feeling?”

The handsome man’s eyes held gratitude. “I’m so much better. Thank you. I noticed the insignia on your jacket, sir.”

Tobias grinned as his fingers went to trace the gold and blue embroidered crest. “I’m one of the queen’s pilot explorers. I guess you could call us the elite unit. All the same, call me Tobias. I’d like that.”

“I’ve heard that you have to be aristocracy to be chosen for the unit. Is that true?”

A little frown creased between Tobias’s eyes. “Have you? Where’d you hear that?” A spike of worry prevented him from answering with the truth. His intense security training from the warlock Indigo Vaughn threw a question into his mind. Could Dreft be a rival court’s spy or even assassin?

“I heard a lot of things during my years as a slave. Sorry. I mean no harm.” Dreft’s voice held anxiety. His blue eyes clouded.

A wave of kindness softened Tobias’s look and tone. “How long were you a slave?” He remembered Hari’s description of the scars on Dreft’s back.

Sadness passed in Dreft’s eyes. “Four years—I’ve been a slave since I was stolen from my home when I was eighteen. I, I’d become desperate, hence the leap from the ship when we cruised low to take the water from the lake on the planet where you rescued me.” His voice cracked a little.

Tobias was sure fear replaced the sadness in the young man’s eyes. He lightened the mood. “Hey, are you hungry? I bet Hari hasn’t given you breakfast and I’ve not eaten yet. Do you feel up to a little walk? My home isn’t far. I have loads of food—fruit, pancakes, savory pastries, and coffee. What do you say?”
Dreft gave him the most endearing look. “I’m very hungry.”

Tobias stood and pushed the chair away from the bed. He held out his arm for Dreft to take and helped him stand. “Hang on. You have no shoes.” Tobias left Dreft perched on the side of the bed. He went to the closet inset in the end of the wall and brought back a pair of felt slip-ons for Dreft.

Dreft pushed his feet into them. “Thank you. I think the medicA threw away what I was wearing.”

“Hari is the best medicA available. I trust him implicitly, but he’s a hygiene fanatic. He probably burned what you were dressed in.” Tobias laughed. 
Copyright E.D.Parr 2018 
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