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Have two men found someone to love just when fate is about to throw one of them into mortal danger? #MMromance #teaser #preview #gayromace @parr_books @evernightpub

A tempting taste of E.D. Parr's next MM release 
with Evernight Publishing, releasing in July 2019,

Dear Heart

Aiden Flint goes on vacation with three friends to Pamplona, Spain. Seeking excitement, they will run with the bulls in the festival of St. Fermin. As the four friends enjoy the nightlife, they notice an attractive man watching Aiden in the bars they visit. In the warmth and heady atmosphere of the exotic city, Aiden takes a chance and approaches the handsome man.

Enigmatic Santiago Arista is sexy, kind, desperate for love, and achingly lonely. He’s just about given up on finding love, until one warm, summer night, sitting alone in a bar, he sees gorgeous Aiden. He’s elated when Aiden joins him at his table.

Deep attraction swirls between them. At the end of the night when they share a kiss, Aiden can’t believe the bliss that enfolds him, but have both men found someone to love just when fate is about to throw Aiden into mortal danger?

The author's muse for Santiago
And for Aiden

Read the snippet

“That guy’s staring at you again, Aiden.” John jogged his elbow forcing a wave of golden beer to slap on the side of the slender glass he carried. Drops flew into the air headed for the colorful tiled floor, and Aiden steadied his pace so as not to spill more.

His friend raced ahead to the other two men in their vacation party.
“Wait you two.”

Aiden stole a glance over his shoulder at the man John had mentioned. Bright eyes captured his gaze. Aiden’s stomach clenched. Mystery, sex, attraction radiated from the handsome man. Aiden’s mouth dried up. He tore himself away and hurried to the table where his friends sat laughing.

“He’s interested in you for sure. Crap, he’s still staring.” Noel leaned forward giving Aiden a wide-eyed, and yet salacious grin.

Jason put down his beer and punched Aiden lightly on the upper arm, using his pet name for his friend, he encouraged, “Why not approach him, Aidey? There’s no one in your life. How many times have you bleated about your single status in the last six months? Have a holiday romance.”

Copyright E.D. Parr 2019, Evernight Publishing

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Yearnings Reggie and Calvin had buried deep inside begin to fan the nearly extinguished embers of passion in both men #newrelease #teaser #MMromance #gayromance Don't miss this from @KorySteed and @evernightpub

When Reggie sets out to continue his mother’s mission to feed the homeless, he never anticipated how much a chance encounter with an injured man, his small, gaunt dog, Roscoe, and sick, young cat, Cinders, would change the course of his life. With a winter storm approaching, Reggie makes a snap decision and brings the wary trio to his estate home to be cared for and nursed back to health.
Reggie learns the man’s name is Calvin, he was a quartermaster in the army, and he was dishonorably discharged prior to the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. Taking pity on the man and in need of someone to help him run his mother’s foundation, Reggie offers Calvin a job. With few prospects in sight to find shelter for his small family during the peak of winter, Calvin reluctantly accepts Reggie’s offer on a trial basis, but it is only one of many trials both men will face.
Eventually, yearnings Reggie and Calvin had buried deep inside begin to fan the nearly extinguished embers of passion in both men. With Calvin drawing emotional support from Roscoe and Cinders, and Reggie discovering an ally in his beloved housekeeper, both men explore their newfound attraction, edging them toward the precipice of an ecstasy neither could have imagined.
Will the discovery of a past connection between the two men’s families be enough to bring them together? Or will sinister, outside forces and an unexpected loss of life shatter the bonds between both families and both men for good?

Read a teaser 18+ 

Reggie nodded and smiled as he closed the door behind them and then led Calvin to the foot of his bed. Placing both of his hands behind Calvin’s neck, he pulled him in and tenderly kissed his mouth. His hands slid down until he reached the top of Calvin’s shirt. He drew the shirttails from his pants and began to unbutton it.
“You’ll go slow, right?” Calvin asked as he pulled away, breaking the kiss.
“Whatever you want, Calvin. We don’t have to push this. We can just talk if you like.”
Calvin’s eyes began to twinkle. “Hell no,” he said, seductively. “The time fer talkin’s over. I want the full treatment.” Then his face turned impish. “If you please, sir.”
Reggie laughed out loud. “Well you certainly don’t have any difficulty making your wishes known.”
“That ain’t never been one of my problems. I said it, ‘coz, well, you know, I ain’t had it in a while.”
“I’ll be very gentle,” Reggie assured him, “It’s been a while for me as well, but you have had sex before, anal sex I mean, right?
“Oh, hell yeah, but it’s been more ’n a couple o’ years. Things likely t’ have un-stretched if’n ya know what I means.”
“I do, and I hope you’ll not be the only one to be re-stretched tonight, if you know what I mean.”
“I’ll do my best.” Calvin reached for Reggie’s shirt, but Reggie stopped him when he cupped his chin with his right hand and drew him toward him by the shoulder with his left. Calvin’s arms fell to his sides as a moan escaped his mouth when Reggie ran his tongue up his neck and ended behind his ear.
“God, you smell good,” Reggie whispered. “You taste even better, but there’s something I’ve wanted to taste even more for days now.” Reggie dropped to his knees and frantically yanked at Calvin’s belt. He undid the top button, and slid down the fly of his pants, then pulled them to the floor in one fell swoop. Immediately his mouth was upon the thick, seven-inch, hard shaft, drawing it into his mouth through the boxers’ fabric.
As Calvin’s legs began to tremble, he grasped Reggie’s head, steadying himself. “You’re gonna make me buckle over if’n you keep that up.”
“Mmm,” Reggie moaned.
When he slipped the mushroomed head through the boxers’ fly and sucked down the liquid-gold pre-cum oozing from the tip, Calvin grunted. “Damn, boy, you know what to do with a mouth!”
Spurred on by Calvin’s words, Reggie began to bob his head up and down, sucking extra hard as his lips passed over the head’s flange. He drew the shaft in further until his face bounced off Calvin’s belly when it reached the back of his throat.
Calvin could feel himself being brought closer and closer to the edge of orgasm as his prostate began to shudder. “No, Reggie! Wait! Please slow down.” He began to pant. “I want the first … first time I come … come with you to be … to be with you inside me.”
“So good … you taste so good,” Reggie moaned between breaths, not slowing down in the least.
“Reggie!” Calvin cried out as he stumbled forward.
As he fell toward the floor, Reggie’s grip was broken as Calvin caught himself against the footboard of the bed. “Damn, boy, I nearly came. You got yourself one hell of an appetite there!”
“And then some,” Reggie said, with a leer.
Calvin sat down on the floor and held his hands out in front of him. “Please, can we slow this down a smidge? We got all night.”
“Yeah, we do,” Reggie answered with lust in his voice. “And I’m planning to dine on you several times before morning.”
“Then let’s do this right.” How ‘bout a shower, or a bath first?”
“Even better. Then we’ll be all slick and slippery.”
“This here’s a different side of you I ain’t never seen, fer sure. I think I like it, Reggie, but it’s gonna take some gettin’ used t’.”
“Sorry,” Reggie said anxiously. “I’m just so worked up right now. I can’t believe this is really happening, not to me, not now, and I don’t want it to slip by.”
Calvin caressed Reggie’s face. “Me neither.”
“I was so sure I wasn’t going to let it happen. I was determined to not allow my desire for you to ruin the friendship that began to develop between us. And besides, you’re my employee.”
Calvin leaned forward and reached out to caress Reggie’s face. “I ain’t makin’ light of it, but I sure am glad you decided otherwise, ‘coz I’m gonna need help with this,” he said as he gazed into Reggie’s eyes and drew his hand to his pulsating shaft. Then he lowered his eyes to Reggie’s groin. “And I think you’re gonna need help, too.”
Calvin pushed Reggie back up and rose to his knees as he began to unfasten Reggie’s pants. As the belt came free, and Reggie helped to shimmy them and his briefs down, his eight inches of manhood sprang free. It was so thick, Calvin’s fingertips barely met when he wrapped his hand around it. So engorged with blood, its purpled veins contorted and seethed, begging for release, as the shaft swelled and bounced with each heartbeat.
Reggie moaned as Calvin caressed its length with his fingertips. “There’s only one thing that will relieve it, Calvin.”
“I know.” Calvin answered as he licked his lips and leaned forward. “And I’m gonna help you out with that right now, as best I can.”
The moment he pressed his lips to the swollen, purpled head, Calvin began to suck greedily, drawing in the briny nectar that oozed through the slit at the tip. He licked his thumb and index finger and formed them into a ring, then wrapped them around the sensitive spot behind the ridge, extending the pressure his lips exerted and gently milked back and forth across the sensitive glans. As saliva slid down the shaft, it lubricated his grip even more, sending shivers up Reggie’s spine.
“Oh, fuck!” Reggie cried out. “Oh, fuck, just like that. Yeah, baby, just like that!”
“So good … tastes so good,” Calvin moaned in response. “Gawd, it’s been so long … so damn long.”
Reggie began to slowly thrust his hips forward, advancing his cock until it pushed through Calvin’s stretched lips. He continued to thrust until it reached the back of Calvin’s mouth, nearly dislocating his jaw with its girth. Calvin gagged and his eyes watered, but he pressed on and swallowed as the head passed his tonsils, drawing the tip down his throat. Reggie shuddered as pleasure waves spread from his loins and out through his body when the thickened saliva that formed at the back of Calvin’s throat slicked the path his cock followed. “Baby, you’re bringing me close. You’re going to make me come.”
Calvin slid off his cock, choking as it left his throat. “Ain’t that the idea?” he said after wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Through Roscoe’s Eyes

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Luke took the kiss without returning it. He waited to find out how he felt with a man’s mouth on his own. #FirstChapterFriday #gayromance #MMromance The Romantic @elodieparkes @eXtasybooks

#FirstChapterFriday from The Romantic
an eXtasy books editor's pick

Chapter One

Two months after the funeral, Luke Kirby stood in the garden of his apartment and cried. Huge tears ran down his face. They dripped from his chin onto the leaves of a shrub. Martin, his oldest friend, had persuaded him to go out to their favorite bar that night. Luke didn’t think he could face it, and then as he lifted his hand to wipe the tears from his face, a huge dragonfly whirred close to his head and landed on the shrub. Its iridescent wings shone blue and purple in the sunlight. The colors reflected off his fallen teardrops. The strangest feeling trickled over Luke. It put a shiver up his spine, and he whispered, “Take my pain with you when you fly away. I can’t go on like this. It’s no good always wishing I’d said more—done more.”

As if it heard him, the dragonfly took off from the leaf in a shimmer of flight. Luke watched it whirl away over the wattle fence. He glanced at the leaf where the insect had landed. His teardrops were inexplicably gone. The sight lifted his spirits.

That evening, Luke took more care with his appearance than he had in a long time. He used the cologne that sat gathering dust on his bathroom shelf. He dressed in his dark-gray Italian suit that he’d always thought was so cool with a black t-shirt. When his doorbell rang, he went to answer it without the sodden feeling of unshed tears that had dogged him for months.

Martin grinned at him from the doorstep. “You look, well—better. I’m double-parked, so let’s go.”

Luke’s friend inched his sleek sedan into a tight parking spot two streets away from the bar. He grinned at Luke as he shut off the engine and took his keys from the ignition. “This will do you good. It’s time you went out—time to kiss another guy, at least. Don’t you think?”

Luke smiled on hearing the affection and hope in Martin’s voice. “I don’t know about that, but thanks for making me go out tonight.” He followed his friend into the bar, worrying if he could cope with being among crowds. Work was one thing because he loved his job, but socializing, well…

The music alone cheered him. The crowd of guys, some with their heads together talking, some openly kissing, brought a smile back onto his face. His friend only ever drank orange juice, but Luke ordered a beer when Martin insisted on buying. The chilled bottle with its starred label felt familiar. Luke relaxed.

Just before midnight, when Luke was leaning on the far end of the bar nursing his second beer, a guy approached him. He came out of nowhere and stood so close, Luke laughed.

“You’re gorgeous. I’m Chris. How about dancing with me?”

Luke gazed at the man. Handsome, clean-shaven, sexy, dark eyes. “Okay.” He put his beer on the counter. A smile sprang on his face as the guy took his hand and brought him onto the dance floor. Chris must have timed his approach because the song was slow and the dancers held each other close. Luke let the guy pull him into his arms.

Chris rested his forehead on Luke’s. He whispered, “What’s your name?”

Luke enjoyed the closeness. He soaked up the pleasure of being in a man’s arms. “Luke.”

Chris drifted his hands down Luke’s back and rested his palms on Luke’s ass.

Luke smiled to himself at the move. He swayed with Chris to the melody flowing from the speakers fixed high on the bar walls.

Slowly, Chris brought his lips to Luke’s and kissed him.

Luke took the kiss without returning it. He waited to find out how he felt with a man’s mouth on his own. It’s good but… Instead of eliciting a sexual response, the soft merge of lips only soothed him. As the song ended and changed to a thumping dance beat, he allowed Chris to walk him to the wall and push him against it.

Chris pressed the length of his body close. He kissed Luke hard.

The shape of Chris’s erection evident on his lower body, Luke stopped enjoying the kiss, and drew his face away. With as much gentleness as he could gather, he moved back from Chris. “Thanks for the dance and the kiss.” He wove through the crowd to the bar, and seeing Martin talking with a couple of guys he, too, knew, he joined them.

On the drive home, Martin quizzed him. “I saw you dancing with a guy. He was cute. How was it?”

Luke heaved a sigh. “Okay, weird, we kissed. It was good, comforting and then I, I just didn’t want it anymore.”

Martin had stopped at a red light. He glanced at Luke. “You’ll be fine. I know it. A few more kisses and dances, and you’ll be okay. You’ll want sex again.” Martin drove on.

Luke stared out of the window at the Saturday night revelers teaming out of clubs and bars. I want to find love. To be loved.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2018 eXtasy Books
The Romantic
Handsome Luke Kirby loves books, so when he finds boxes of old and beautiful tomes in a dusty shop, he can’t resist buying them. To his delight one of them contains what he hopes will bring an end to his loneliness and heartache. As he prepares to cast an ancient prayer spell to the god of love, across town Ethan Goss decides that moving to a new apartment will ease his broken heart.
With the help of an eccentric real estate agent, gorgeous Ethan goes to a viewing in the block where Luke lives.
When Luke meets Ethan in the lobby, it’s the start of a passionate love affair. 
Fate hasn’t finished with the two handsome men—will true happiness evade them both?

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Love is on Show in #FirstChapterFriday #MMromance #gayromance @evernightpub @parr_books

From E.D. Parr

I loved writing this story. I'd had the idea in my head for nearly a year, but life got in the way of my writing for a while there. When I finally wrote the story, it flowed onto the computer because I knew Caer and Justin so well. 
Their love story is hot and heart wrenching. There are places in the story I wanted to shock because life throws wildcards at everyone now and then. I also wanted the guys to love each other deeply.
Justin hides a fun-loving trait until the end of the story when I hope readers will see how much he loves Caer in the epic actions he takes to prove it.

Love on Show

Dishy Justin Harper plays gay bad boy, Brandon in a TV show that’s fast becoming a cult classic, but Justin hides the fact he’s gay in real life. When a new actor is cast to play his TV show love interest, Justin can’t deny the raging attraction he feels for gorgeous Caer Rossi.
Caer Rossi makes it clear he thinks Justin is smoking hot. He can’t wait for the kissing scenes, and they sizzle, but underneath the performance for the TV show, a deep, loving passion builds between the two men. Something has to give, but what and who will it be when a journalist threatens to ruin Justin’s perfectly crafted public persona?

Chapter One

“You know I asked specifically for an actual gay guy to play Stephen. I believe Tripp promised me this season I wouldn’t have someone whose face registered distaste every time we kissed. Hell, Petra, surely you understand. It got so bad we could only shoot a kissing scene with the last actor’s back to the camera.”

“We like this guy. He’s hot. He’ll have the audience drooling. We liked his audition. You’ll like him.”

“Is he gay?”

“Not as far as we know. People don’t know you’re gay—not the public. I mean, who asks these days? I mean, who cares?”

I fucking care. I’d be out, but for the PR spin, but for Tripp anyways.”

“Yeah, I know, but don’t tell me you haven’t bought into it. You hide your preference very well. Look, this guy did okay kissing a man in his audition. Give him a go. He’ll be here tomorrow.”

“Give him a go? His character, Stephen, is supposed to be the love of my character’s life. We can’t simply ask the writers to dispense with him in some freak accident again. It’s time my character showed some fidelity and integrity. The bad boy is settling down this season.”

“The fact is he’s hired. You’d have met him already, except you went off touring Italy for the entire break. Please tell me you’ll at least be kind to the guy.”

“I will. Yeah, I’ll be kind if you let me pick him up from the hotel. I’ll be the runner. It’ll give me a sense of his personality to see him in ‘everyday life’.” Justin Harper raised his hands and put commas in the air around his last words.

The AD pursed her lips. “He might know who you really are. Okay. Take a decent car, Justin. I don’t want you rocking up in that tricked out old Wrangler.”

Justin grinned and a mischievous glint appeared in his eloquent blue-gray eyes.

“It’s just a sound system and a customized soft top—tricked out, that’s hilarious, and I bet he’s never even watched the show so he’ll have no idea who I am.”

“Take the BMW. Pick him up tomorrow at 10:00 AM.” Petra McIntyre snatched keys from a wicker basket on her desk and threw them to him.

Justin swiped them from their trajectory, spun around in a fancy dance move, and stalked out of her office.

“His name’s Caer Rossi, he’ll be at the Regent.” Petra called after him.

“The usual place, then.” Justin gave her a wave over his shoulder to show he’d heard.


Caer Rossi looked out of the hotel window at the rain falling in sheets to the gloomy streets below. The wind blew the rain at an acute angle so it appeared to hang outside the raindrop-dappled glass like some bizarre work of art. He couldn’t see anything, let alone what might be a studio car standing by the sidewalk.

So much for spring. Caer snatched up his duffle bag and tablet computer in its sleeve. I should have watched at least one episode of this series. The driver should be here. I’ll be late. He caught sight of his face in the ornate mirror hung in the center of the oatmeal-colored wall. A frown creased between his eyes. He rubbed at it. I need to calm down or I’ll screw up. He took a deep breath.

His agent told him he’d got the part, but Caer had yet to meet the actor he would play opposite, and his nerves jangled. It wasn’t completely unknown for offers to be withdrawn. He’d not received a contract so far. Auditions were grueling and done with other hopefuls rather than any actual cast of the show. The whole process had been what Caer considered odd.

The evening before, the assistant director had called and told him they’d send a runner to drive him to the studios at ten. The designated time arrived and ten minutes later Caer decided he’d continue to wait in the hotel foyer.

He was about to leave the room when the pale gondola-shaped telephone on the small desk in the corner rang with a bird-like trill. Caer picked up the handset.

“Caer Rossi.”

“Your car is at the front, Mr. Rossi, if you’re ready.”

“Thank you, I’ll come down.”

Caer had dressed in character. He figured the producer would ask him to read with the guy playing the lead this time. Dress always helped him feel his character, so he’d bought a business suit that was so sharp he felt not so much elegant as deadly. His wingtips glowed with two coats of self-shine Kiwi. This work would bring him back to England from Toronto for at least a year, and more importantly, away from Tom Holden, the man who’d broken his heart. The salary was double what his last part earned him, not something to discount either. The only thing he didn’t like was that he considered the show a soap opera. His agent called him an artistic snob and told him the show was on its way to being a cult classic. Caer read the new season’s script twice. The dialogue made him smile in places with its inanity. All the same, he wanted the part.

Caer clicked his room door locked behind him. He took the elevator to the lobby and walked out of the car doors as they slid silently open. He gazed around. The hotel foyer was darkly opulent. Clean-cut people in business attire, some carrying ultra slim laptop cases, stood in a group by the door to the bar conversing in subdued voices.

A guy standing next to the huge revolving front doors stood out like a beacon against the scene. The man offered his back view to the lobby as he stared out of the embossed glass doors. Tall, with a battered black leather jacket that stretched across broad muscled shoulders, his bottom half in ripped faded Levis showed off a delicious hard ass. Long legs culminated in a pair of pointed black suede boots.

Smokin’ hot. Caer tore away his gaze and went to the reception desk. “Caer Rossi, you called about my car having arrived.”

The desk clerk smiled, and nodded her head toward the doors of the hotel. “Yes, Mr. Rossi, the driver is waiting over there for you.”

Caer glanced toward the doors and the jean-clad hunk. He looked back at the hopeful face of the clerk. “Him?”

The clerk nodded.

Caer approached the guy, and walked around him. “I’m Caer Rossi, you’re waiting for me.”

A couple of inches shorter than the man, he looked up into the driver’s face as he spoke. A shock of attraction almost took the ‘me’ of his statement from him in an intake of breath. The man was truly gorgeous. His dark hair tousled around his ears. He had the sexiest eyes Caer had ever seen, blue-gray and fringed with the kind of long black eyelashes seen in mascara commercials, though lengthening fibers clearly didn’t enhance these. Caer gazed at him. Hell, he’s amazing. Bet he’s straight.

Caer tried to suppress a sigh of appreciation. It had been a hard six months trying to heal his broken heart after Tom ended their relationship. He’d gone on a blind date because a friend said it would take the edge off his sorrow, but although the man was handsome and interesting, Caer couldn’t put much into the evening. The sigh escaped him. He missed sex and companionship, but at the time, he couldn’t summon the belief he’d meet anyone who’d replace Tom in his heart. Now he wanted to move on with his life.

The runner didn’t appear to hear the sigh. He held the rim of a pale colored, rain splattered Fedora in both hands, and dipped his head to Caer politely with a smile.

“Good morning … sir.” He stuffed the hat under one arm and held out a hand aimed to take Caer’s bag and tablet. Sexy little lines appeared by the sides of his sparkling eyes as he smiled.

Caer stared, hypnotized by his beauty for a few seconds, and then dragged himself into professional mode. “I can manage my stuff, but I’d appreciate you holding an umbrella over me as we walk to the car. The rain is pounding down and arriving bedraggled to a meeting is never a good idea.”

The runner nodded solemnly. “Yes, sir.” He turned to the wall and picked up a large black umbrella previously hidden by his sexy bulk. “I’ll get out there and have this up for you in a jiffy.”

Caer watched him move through the revolving doors and unfurl the umbrella, which he must have brought for Caer since his Fedora was dappled with raindrops.

He took the hat from under his arm, pushed it onto his head, and stood waiting.

With a smile of thanks, Caer went through the doors.

The guy walked next to him holding the umbrella. He opened the car door and Caer jumped in. He leaned back in the soft leather seat as the driver got into the front of the car and tossed the half-open wet umbrella onto the passenger side.

Copyright E.D. Parr, Evernight Publishing 2018 

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For #FirstChapterFriday A Virtual Kiss #MMromance #gayromance Nate enjoyed watching as this young man dragged off his t-shirt in the sun and showed off his muscled body all the way down to mid-V of his hips.

Read the first chapter of MM romance
A Virtual Kiss
in this month's #FirstChapterFriday post

Hunky Nate Hathaway can’t resist the lure of private Virtual Reality rooms in a new Internet café that opens on the street where he works. He’s lonely and intrigued by the VR program offering a boyfriend experience. After only one date, Nate is hooked on Jason, the sexy, kind VR character.
Jason Graeme is the computer wizard behind the hot new VR programs. He’s a risk taker, smart and gorgeous. He’s also the body model for the boyfriend. A twist of fate brings Nate to his attention. Determined to meet dishy Nate, he reveals who he is.
Passion sizzles between the two men as they fall in love.

Trouble is Nate’s not the only guy in town who uses the boyfriend experience.

Warning 18 + post
Chapter One

When Nate Hathaway saw a new Internet café, VR, and gaming venue open on the end of the street where he worked, butterflies started in his stomach. The renovations of the building lasted all spring and on the first day of summer, the venue, ‘Splat,’ held a grand opening. The company Nate worked for provided a small staff restaurant, and on the tables, the day before the venue was to open, brochures enticed people to use the gaming facilities and more. In small print beneath this word, Nate read the explanation and his breath caught.

‘Live your dreams in our private VR rooms.’

The memory of using VR before in an upmarket sex club located on the seamy side of the town where he’d vacationed two years before sent a thrill, tingling from his balls all the way up his body. Nate heaved a breath, and after looking around to check if anyone watched, he rolled the brochure into a tight cylindrical shape and slid it into the breast pocket of his jacket. It fit snugly alongside his company cell phone. Its presence made him smile. It lifted his spirits, flagging under being in a job he practically hated, and loneliness.

Nate hadn’t been on a date since he and Scottie Thompson, from the art department, split up five months before. Not that Nate loved Scottie. He’d enjoyed the guy’s company, and the sex was terrific. In fact, if he was honest with himself that was what he missed the most. The VR rooms might save him from that deprivation.

He picked up his coffee cup and sipped at the now cool beverage as he turned to gaze out of the window at the street. The restaurant gave a great view of the square two floors below. In the middle, a fountain sprayed sparkling water over a narrow circular pond, and around that, lush flowers grew in a vivid display of color and perfume. Sometimes a gardener tended the wide flowerbed, and Nate enjoyed watching as this young man dragged off his t-shirt in the sun and showed off his muscled body all the way down to mid-V of his hips. He was there that day.

A spike of sexual need ran through the bottom of Nate’s stomach. His cock stirred. The gardener straightened from pruning a woody plant, threw the cuttings into a woven sack a step away, then pushed the shears into the back pocket of his jeans. In what Nate thought had to be a purposeful move, the guy pulled off his t-shirt, lingering with his arms raised to show off his muscled torso. He took the tool from his pocket and stuffed his t-shirt into the vacant spot, before looking around, his hands on his delicious slim hips.

Nate’s cock jerked into a hard column as the gardener rearranged his jeans, so that the waistband lowered even farther down his flat stomach. Nate stared at him and the young man gazed at Nate in return. Does he know I’m here? He can’t. The windows are mirrored. Nah, I’m just horny and he’s fucking hot.

Nate shifted in his seat as the man bent to a shrub and offered a view of his hard ass in faded denim. It sent Nate into a spin. He attempted to push away his desires. He tried to will away his erection. He snatched up the bottle of spring water he’d intended taking back to his office from the table in front of him and drank. The cool liquid didn’t help. He had to do something about his boner or be edgy all afternoon.

Nate slid off the chair sideways, dragging off his jacket at the same time. He held it in front of his body as he raced to the men’s restrooms. On his way through the door, a colleague exited.

“Hi, Nate.”

Nate managed a weak smile. “Hi.” He dashed into a cubicle at the far end of the row and shot the bolt on the door. He hung his jacket on the coat hook provided and unzipped his suit pants. With shaking hands, he pushed his underwear and pants down his thighs in one. His massive cock sprang out. His heartbeat sped up in anticipation of what he was about to do.

Excitement trickled down his stomach. He grasped his dick and had to muffle a groan of relief as he clasped it tight. Nate always carried a condom and a thin sachet of lube in the inside pocket of his jacket. He closed his eyes and let go of his cock. A stream of sensation shot under his balls along to his ass. Fuck. I need this bad.

As quietly as he could, Nate took the lube pack from his pocket and tore the corner off. He squeezed the soft gel into his hand and, biting his lip so he didn’t gasp, he palmed his aching dick. Pre-cum leaked from the slit. His thighs weakened yet his body tensed with the need for orgasm. He pumped his cock fast and hard. The waves of pleasure closed his eyes. He leaned back against the cubicle wall and slowed his pumps, bringing the sheath of his fist in long tight moves up and down his cock. Delicious sensation forced soft moans from him. He tightened his grip, bringing to mind the hard body of the gardener, and then, as his orgasm rippled over him, and his hips jerked uncontrollably, his mind emptied of everything but the exquisite pleasure of release.

His cum shot away and then dribbled over his knuckles. He caught his breath as he sank a little down the wall. A smile spread over his face. Relief mingled with satisfaction. His cock throbbed and sent tingles into his asshole. He pulled paper from the chrome dispenser at hip height and cleaned up. Nate’s dick shrank only a little. He carefully arranged his underwear then his suit pants. He checked cum hadn’t flown up his shirt. He wiped up his seed that had dropped to the tiled floor and tossed the paper into the toilet pan, before taking his jacket from the hook and waving a hand over the button on the wall that automatically flushed the toilet.

Mellow from jerking off, he exited the stall and went to wash his hands.

A guy he didn’t know gave him a look as he shook water from his hands and then went to the drier.

The blast of noisy air strangely comforted Nate as he wondered if he’d moaned too loudly when he came. Then the guy left and Nate dried his own hands. He went back to the mirrors as he slipped on his jacket that he’d left draped on the shelf beneath. He stared at his reflection. I need a guy in my life for sure, but I’ll check out ‘Splat,’ on my way home tonight.

Copyright E. D. Parr 2018 Evernight Publishing

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

It’s hard to stand here making conversation when what I’d like to do is hold you close, feel you against me, maybe even… #midweektease #MMromance #gayromance

From new release erotic gay romance
The Romantic
Handsome Luke Kirby loves books, so when he finds boxes of old and beautiful tomes in a dusty shop, he can’t resist buying them. To his delight one of them contains what he hopes will bring an end to his loneliness and heartache. As he prepares to cast an ancient prayer spell to the god of love, across town Ethan Goss decides that moving to a new apartment will ease his broken heart.
With the help of an eccentric real estate agent, gorgeous Ethan goes to a viewing in the block where Luke lives.
When Luke meets Ethan in the lobby, it’s the start of a passionate love affair. 
Read the teaser 

The server placed their orders on the bar, and Luke paid. He handed Ethan his beer. His fingers touched Ethan’s. A thrill ran up his arm, and Luke enjoyed the feeling before he picked up his own drink. “Do you want to find a table?”

Ethan glanced around. “I doubt there are any free. This place is humming. We could prop up the bar. That’s okay.”

Luke wished there was a free table. He wanted his knee pressed against Ethan’s. He wanted to lean his head close to Ethan’s. “Sure.” He agreed.

“How’s the movie business?” Ethan smiled and then sipped at his beer.

“Yeah, good. I was at a meeting earlier and charged down here hoping not to be late.”

“Well, you weren’t, so that’s good, but if you had been, I would have waited. I looked forward to seeing you all day, and yesterday, too, if I’m honest, and I’d like to be, because I like you a lot.”

Luke’s heart raced. He left his glass on the counter and took hold of Ethan’s free hand.

“I like you, too. The truth is I’m dying to kiss you. I’ve been waiting—hoping for a guy who makes me feel the way you do. I’m sorry, is that too much?” He bowed his head a little, worrying he’d chase Ethan away with his obvious desperation.

Without even checking who was watching, Ethan put down his beer. He slid a cool hand around Luke’s jaw and, in a mesmerizingly slow move, brought his mouth to Luke’s and kissed him.

The kiss didn’t last long, but it forced a surge of sexual craving through Luke. A sigh escaped him when Ethan drew away. Holy smoke.

Ethan smiled, and a dimple appeared in his left cheek. His blue eyes broadcast attraction. He heaved a breath. “It’s not too much. I feel the same. It’s hard to stand here making conversation when what I’d like to do is hold you close, feel you against me, maybe even…”

Luke couldn’t tear his gaze from Ethan’s. “Did you drive here?”

“Took a cab.”

“My car’s down a side street. Do you want to come back to my place? I have a couple of beers in the fridge.” He took a chance. The instinct that this was what Ethan wanted, too, was strong.

“Yes.” Ethan’s answer was swift.

Luke led the way to the door. Once on the sidewalk, he clasped Ethan’s hand. A burst of happiness brought a smile to his face. He reached his car, unlocked it, and turned to Ethan, pulling him close. “This can’t be a one-night stand. I like you too much already to discover you don’t want anything after tonight and we’re just neighbors who barely see each other.”

Ethan put his arms around Luke’s waist. “It won’t be, Luke,” he murmured and kissed him.

Luke’s eyes closed as a haze of pleasure and desire mingled. He pulled Ethan closer, molding his body to Ethan’s. The kiss, gentle but red-hot, thickened his cock. He pushed onto Ethan’s lower stomach and felt his answering erection. The hard shape touching his own shot his dick into a rock-hard column. It forced a low moan from him as Ethan swept his hands down his back and grabbed his ass. Luke soaked up the sensation.

He tore himself away from Ethan’s embrace. “Let’s go.”
He sat in the driving seat, and the tip of his dick reached his waistband. Luke grinned across at Ethan. “Your kiss has given me such a hard-on I’m lucky I can sit down.” He started the car and drove home with his cock aching and his heart pounding over what he was sure would happen that night.

Copyright Elodie Parkes, 2019, eXtasy Books