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Cast out and traveling alone through Eastern Europe new release #MMromance #PNR #BDSM @evernightpub and Katerina Ross

“Soul Infection” by Katerina Ross

Tristan Todorov, formerly one of the best scholars at the legendary and sinister Scholomance school of magic, was cast out and now travels alone through Eastern Europe offering discreet services as an unlicensed magician. In a luxurious hotel in Prague where he’s been invited to investigate a suspicious series of suicides, he’s about to meet someone who will make him remember the darkest secret of his past. Will a night of lust soothe Tristan—or will it stir up something evil and dangerous, something he’s tried so desperately to forget?


Jarek slid off the bed, the coverlet still loosely draped over his shoulders and trailing behind him like a king’s cloak. In the gap between the folds, Tristan could see everything he wanted to.
“Don’t move,” Jarek told him softly. “Keep your hands to your sides.”
And Tristan obeyed.
“Interesting,” Jarek mused, trailing a finger along his collarbone.
Tristan sucked in a deep shuddering breath, but stayed still. It felt odd, letting this happen. Jarek slipped his hand lower, casually brushed it across Tristan’s perked nipple on the way, and then traced a path down his chest and over the muscles of his abdomen. Tristan’s abs went taut at the feather light touch, and Jarek laughed quietly.
“Sensitive.” He stated the obvious. He let the coverlet slip from his shoulders—an effortlessly seductive gesture, probably well-practiced. A slow, crooked smile made the expression on Jarek’s face all the more lascivious, which was most certainly the intention. “I think I know what you need.”
Tristan looked down pointedly and then up, with a hint of sarcasm. “Well, that’s kind of apparent.”
He still felt nervous, but not as much as when he’d thought of being pitied or rejected.
Jarek quirked an eyebrow at him. “Is it? Hmm. We’ll definitely come to that, but why rush things? I’m here to take care of your wishes, even the ones you’re not sure you have. Why not try something new, something unusual?” He leaned in, very close, and Tristan felt Jarek’s warm breath on his lips when he whispered, “Just let me take control for a while, and you’ll see how good I can make you feel.”
The next moment, Jarek backed off, to Tristan’s disappointment, but maintained eye contact, and Tristan felt unable to look away, as if mesmerized. The tips of Jarek’s fingers now rested lightly on his hipbones, almost where Tristan wanted them most but not moving closer.
“Say yes,” Jarek coaxed him in a low voice. “Say you give in to me tonight. It’s easy, giving in.”
“Yes,” Tristan breathed out, not sure what he’s agreeing to and not caring in the least.

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About the author: Katerina Ross lives in Russia and works as a journalist. There are no M/M romance publishers in her country at all, so she writes hot M/M stories in English.

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Hot new #MMromance #PNR from @JaceyHolbrand and @evernightpub #shifters Read a teaser

Hey folks! I'm happy to announce that I have another story out! It's called Seduced by Him and is the second book in my series: Helldorado Mongrels MC. But first a little about me...

~ * ~ BIO ~ * ~
Jacey Holbrand believes life and love comes in all forms and should be celebrated. She’s committed to her muse and writing so she can share her stories with readers. Hot days. Sexy nights. Come play in her world.
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~ * ~ ABOUT THE BOOK ~ * ~
This story is the second book in my series called Helldorado Mongrels MC. The series follows different immortal shifter families, a couple of humans, and the quest for stolen gold. It takes place in southern Nevada. I’d been toying with the idea for this series for the past few years after catching an episode of Haunted Highway on Syfy regarding the Hellhounds of Eldorado Canyon.

In book two, Seduced by Him, two human brothers are at the end of their camping trip in the canyon where, as teenagers, they had a frightening experience in a gold mine when confronted with wolves. Jarrod Russell, one of the heroes of this story, is jealous his brother found love, and he wonders when he’ll find his other half. Which doesn’t take long since he runs into him in a store and then in a casino.

Jarrod and Tex, the sexy stranger (who is based off of Brock O'Hurn in case you were wondering ;) ) he keeps running into, have a one night stand that’s turning into something more when Jarrod is kidnapped by Tex’s fellow Helldorado Mongrels MC members.

Want to know what happens when Jarrod finds out the guy he’s super attracted to is an immortal wolf shifter and if he escapes the Mongrels? Well, you’ll just have to read the book now, won’t you? *wink*

~ * ~ BLURB ~ * ~
Wolf shifter and member of the Helldorado Mongrels MC, Dante “Tex” Valentin is restless and dissatisfied. He goes on a ride in search of excitement, never expecting to encounter his mate—a human male, who disrupts his world.

Jarrod Russell is envious his brother, Cameron, found love. Wondering if fortune will ever smile on him the same way, he runs into a man who rocks his world. A man he believes could be the love of his life.

When Jarrod and Tex’s paths cross again, a passion-filled night connects them. Because of who they are, though, they’re in danger from the Mongrels. Will their relationship be over before they even have a chance to love?

Be Warned: m/m sex, anal sex, language, violence

~ * ~ ADULT EXCERPT ~ * ~
The blond haired man without a name stood naked in his room.

Bare as the day he was born, too, Tex sat on the edge of the bed, leaning back on his elbows, and took in the view.

Tall, athletic physique. Classically handsome features with a full mouth. Cock that sported a slight curve. It didn’t appear to be overly big but still seemed to be larger than average. Just like he liked a man’s dick.

“What do you want me to do? Please. Tell me.”

He loved it when his partners had the touch of pleading in their voices, had amorous longing in their gazes, begging him to take them and use them as he saw fit. But this blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty wasn’t like the others. The lean, well-toned man didn’t fit the type of guy he’d normally go after—big, brawny, and rough around the edges—much like himself and the other Mongrels. No, the stranger from the store was the complete opposite, almost angelic, and the thought of claiming him sent lusty rivers of heat down into his rigid shaft.

“I want you to drop to your knees before me, take my cock in that luscious mouth of yours and suck me dry.”

A visible shudder racked the man’s body, and for a second he looked as if he might refuse, but then he closed the distance between them and knelt.

The angel positioned himself between Tex’s thighs and gently grasped his length. The bend of his fingers stroked him, feeling like the finest linen glancing against his skin. Tex’s body sizzled as his man’s appraisal of his body seemed to devour him. Then the stranger licked and kissed his cock and balls, sucked him into his mouth, and Tex felt as if he’d arrived home.

The guy laved its length and circled his fingers around its base, then traced the underside with the tip of his tongue and feathered his ball sack with the ends of his fingers.

Tex let his head fall back, enjoying the way the guy took command of his cock and savoring the delicate feel of the man’s moist and warm mouth on his shaft and his hands as they smoothed up his body.

So soft. Such a gentle caress. I love the way he’s touching me. Not enough though. Need to…

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Handsome Tom Wells sets lonely Scott Palmer’s heart racing #SexySnippets #MMromance

Sexy Snippets are seven sentences from a published work or WIP brought to you each Sunday
This week from , Love Unmasked, MM erotic romance 

 He gazed wistfully at Tom. “It’s been a long time since I felt this way.”

“And what way is that?” Tom’s eyes darkened as he looked into Scott’s. His expression was pure desire and he grabbed at Scott’s fingers.

Scott left his fingers in Tom’s grip. “I want you … all the fucking time.” 

Handsome Tom Wells sets lonely Scott Palmer’s heart racing as he watches Tom come and go from his apartment across the street. Scott longs to meet Tom, and when he scores a new job delivering goods for a local distributor, fate hands him the opportunity.
Tom works in a nightclub—the Candy Apple, and in the sultry environs, a masked stranger seduces Tom. The seeds of passion are sown, but just who has ignited Tom’s passion?
Scott’s longing to know Tom leads him to join the elite nightclub. On his first visit, the club holds a masquerade event.
Who is kissing who? Who’s under the black velvet mask?
An erotic MM romance, with a twist of fun and HEA. Available on KU
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Has Chad lost Michael forever #BDSM #MMromance new release from @galestanley The Best Man

The Best Man

The Best Man is book three of The Gentlemen’s Club series, but it can be read as a standalone. St Clair’s story has been a long time coming. Maybe it’s because he’s such a private person, some would call him withdrawn. Or, maybe it’s because I didn’t realize who his perfect match was until recently. I hope you enjoy his story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Genre: Alternative (M/M, Gay, BDSM, Contemporary)
Length: 20,832 words

When Dominant Michael St. Clair meets Chad Emery in a BDSM club, he knows immediately that Chad is the submissive he’s been looking for. This is a man who will trust completely and surrender totally. Both men are blindsided by the pull of sexual chemistry, but Chad declines a repeat performance. Still, fate has other plans.

Chad is shocked to discover that Michael and his boss have business connections, and Chad is asked to help Michael open a new BDSM dungeon. At first things are awkward between them, but underneath the tension is a simmering attraction. Michael helps Chad explore his needs and after a few play sessions, a real relationship develops. Chad realizes that Michael is the best man for him. But just as he’s ready to reveal his love, Chad is caught in a lie and he fears he’s lost Michael forever.

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Story Excerpt

Chad smoothed his hair and straightened his tie before opening the door that connected his office with Richard’s inner sanctum. The suite, decorated with cherry wood and leather, was traditional and classy, much like Richard Caldwell himself. Chad’s heart speeded up when he saw his secret crush seated behind the desk.
“Come in. Have a seat, Chad.” Richard waved at a facing chair. “Would you like some coffee? Or water?”
“No, thank you, sir.” Curious, and with just a touch of anxiety, Chad took a seat opposite his boss. From this angle, he could see the framed photo on Richard’s desk. Julian, with his shaggy black hair tousled as if he’d just gotten out of bed. The sleeves of his white shirt rolled up enough to reveal a bit of his tattoos. He looked exactly like what he was—a thug. Chad’s lip curled in distaste. Why couldn’t that be me in the photograph? So much had changed this year—for Richard, for Julian, for everyone but Chad.
“Don’t look so anxious, Chad. I’m not about to ask you to put in hours of overtime on a brief I needed yesterday.”
Chad forced a smile. “I don’t mind working overtime, sir.”
“I know that, and I appreciate your loyalty. I’ve come to depend on you immensely, and that’s why I’m coming to you for a special favor.”
Chad’s eyebrows shot up beyond the fringe of hair sweeping his forehead. “Of course, sir. Anything. Just ask.”
“Let me explain before you agree. This project involves a certain amount of discretion. It concerns something near and dear to my heart and I can’t entrust it to just anyone.” He paused, as if weighing his words. “You’re aware that I have an interest in a club that caters to gay gentlemen?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Good. I don’t hide the fact, but the club has a private membership. Guests are permitted, but I don’t believe in mixing business with pleasure. Well, circumstances have changed and so has my thinking. I would like you to visit the club as my guest this weekend.”
Chad knew about the club, of course. He’d always assumed it was a stodgy place where wealthy older men played cards or shared a brandy. Still, he’d always longed for an invite from Richard. Sure that his dream was about to come true, Chad’s heart soared. “Of course. I’d love to go with you.”
“Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you a bit about the club. It has an excellent restaurant and a lounge. Many members come for a quiet dinner or a drink, but others utilize our special services.”
“I’m not sure I understand.”
“The Gentlemen’s Club is a place where members can live out their fantasies and have their desires fulfilled.”
Chad’s jaw dropped. “Sex?”
“If that’s what they want. Of course, everyone is highly screened and required to provide medical certificates, nondisclosure agreements…” Richard paused. “And now we’ve added something new to the club, a BDSM dungeon.”
Chad nearly fell off his chair. What the fuck? Does he know about my visits to Paddles? Is he finally going to seduce me because he discovered my fetish?

Author Bio
Gale Stanley grew up in Philadelphia PA. She was the kid who always had her nose in a book, her head in the clouds, and her hands on a pad and pencil.
Some things never change.

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A strange wave of shyness flew over Liam #MMromance #PNR from WIP Blonde for #midweektease

Midweek tease is from E.D.Parr's WIP romantic erotica, MM shifter romance 

What would you think if the guy you were dating raced off every night before midnight and would never say why? Would you succumb to the urge to follow him one night?

Liam Hale can’t believe his luck when he meets the man of his dreams, Karl Oberon.
Hunky Karl is the sexiest man Liam has ever met, but his mysterious disappearances start to tease. Gorgeous Liam is the only man Karl has ever wanted.

Together they spark and sizzle with passion, but Karl doesn’t know how to tell Liam why he races away. Maybe keeping Liam’s mind off the question with mind-blowing erotic encounters will work?

Liam Hale lounged against the bar cradling his cold glass. He swished the dark golden liquid around the remaining ice cubes and raked the room with hungry eyes.

Milo, the bartender, drew a beer across from Liam.
“On the hunt again, Liam? Not many to choose from yet.”

Liam turned his tall frame in a leisurely roll to face Milo. “It’s early and Monday. I should be home prepping for a presentation tomorrow … but…”

Milo snorted a laugh. “But you’re here, darling, looking for Mr. Right. Nice shirt.” He flounced off holding the frosty glass of draught beer as if it was treasure.

Liam watched him set the glass down on a paper napkin in front of the customer. He liked Milo. The guy camped it up, and stuck with that persona. Liam hid his homosexuality behind a hard muscled body, straight persona, dark CK business suits, and sharp cut hair. Liam had to look down at his shirt to remember what he was wearing. He’d taken his tie off and stuffed it into his jacket pocket as he entered the building. He’d worn his pink Ralph Lauren shirt. Sometimes he dressed in the morning in a fog of sleep deprivation. Often lonely, Liam would seek solace in late night movies or work.

Liam drank the last of his bourbon and placed the glass on the bar. He gestured at Milo who danced to the dulcet and much loved voice of George Michael that drifted through the speakers situated above the bar counter. The bar always played CD music if there was no guest band. Liam liked that. The bar held a cool and yet welcoming ambiance. It was the only bar he knew for sure where none of his business friends would show up and that made it his favorite haunt.

Milo spun toward him.

“I’ll settle up, Milo—better make tracks home.” Liam paid for his drink. He waved the change from his ten-dollar note away leaving it as a tip, and turned to leave.

 A burst of interest spiked through him as his gaze alighted on a man entering the wide arched doorway. Liam wasn’t usually into blondes, but this man captured his attention. His heartbeat increased as the man approached the bar. Liam couldn’t recall ever having a nervous reaction to a guy he’d never met, nor spoken to before, and he equated the rapid beat of his heart with the way his body betrayed him every time he made a presentation at work.

Frozen in his intent to exit the bar, Liam stood alongside the square of dance floor and a half-naked guy twirled in front of him gyrating and thrusting his hips with a smile.
“Hi, Liam.”

Liam flicked his gaze from the washboard torso of the dancer to his face.
He frowned as he greeted the guy. “Hey, how’re you doin’?” Liam had no idea who this was, but since the man knew his name, he felt obliged to smile as he sidestepped and headed for the safety of the tables and chairs set up away from the dance floor.

Liam found an empty table, but didn’t take a seat. He grabbed the back of the chrome and faux leather chair and gazed at the blonde who now chatted with Milo as he took a distinctive green larger bottle from the bartender’s hand.

Liam drank in the sight of the tall man’s rear view. He wore denim jeans and a tear high on the back of his thigh revealed lightly tanned skin. His shirt fell only halfway down his hips, and Liam heaved a sigh as he detected a hard muscled ass beneath the blue fabric of the gorgeous guy’s pants.

Liam looked away for only a moment. When he raised his eyes again the man had turned and now gazed right at him. A strange wave of shyness flew over Liam. He couldn’t tear his eyes from the dark gaze aimed at him, and yet fear prickled down his spine. He traced the planes of the handsome man’s face with worry creasing between his eyes, and then in a rapid move he released his grip on the chair, and strode from the bar onto the sidewalk.

The mid-summer air had cooled with nightfall. Liam gulped it in as he opened an extra button on his shirt. He pulled at the collar as his heart raced. Fuck me. He’s hot as hell. But what’s wrong with me, shaking like a newbie? I’m not even into blonde guys. Liam took off, striding along the sidewalk until he saw a cab. He hailed it with an outstretched arm, while balancing on the curb.

Copyright recorded E.D.Parr July 2017  to be released by Evernight Publishing