Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hot #midweekteaser and #coverreveal for E.D.Parr's upcoming @evernightpub #MMromance Thief of Hearts

From upcoming E.D.Parr and Evernight Publishing 
new erotic MM romance , Thief of Hearts 
#MWTease and cover reveal

Thirty year old, lawyer, Blake Aster gazes from his high-rise office window wondering if this summer he’ll find love, but deep inside he doubts anyone will ever want him again. He can’t forget the scar he has running the length of his handsome face.
Hunky, daring, Alex Ryan is cleaning the building windows. Struck by the mythical beauty in the Blake’s looks, fun-loving Alex sets out to get Blake’s attention. Maybe a striptease outside Blake’s eighth floor window will do the trick.

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He had nothing to lose. Alex turned to the beast, took the case and box from his hands, and placed them on the floor. He grabbed the delicious guy’s jacket lapels and thrust him against the wall of the elevator car. There was no resistance.

The beast gazed into Alex’s eyes, his eyes dark with obvious desire.
Alex pinned the beast to the wall with his muscled body, reached across and slammed the stop button, and then with his heart hammering, kissed the man.
The response to his kiss hardened his cock.

The beast grabbed his ass, thrust against him, kissed him with such hunger, Alex’s stomach tightened and his balls lifted.
Alex ran his hands into the beast’s thick dark hair and held his head, plundering his mouth with kiss after kiss, and grinding his cock on the beast’s hard body.

The man in Alex’s arms broke away. He gulped in air. “You’re the window cleaner.”
Alex smiled with amusement. “You noticed. You are so fucking hot. How soon do you think you’d come if I sucked your cock?

The delectable man’s eyes widened. He gasped. “Feel my cock.” He took Alex’s hand and pressed it onto the rock hard column in his suit pants.
A low moan escaped Alex. He grazed his lips on the beast’s. “Open your pants.”

Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing upcoming soon in June MMromance, M/M erotic romance