Wednesday, July 19, 2017

He was playing with fire. This hot guy couldn’t be allowed to find out what his hobby was. #MMromance for #midweektease #erotica #GLBT

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Thief of Hearts 

Alex had no reason at all to clean the windows on the north side of the eighth floor three days after he’d already cleaned them, but he couldn’t resist checking on Blake. He stopped the cradle outside the window and stared in.

Blake sat at his desk with his back turned and a cell phone clamped to his ear.
Alex traced the broad shoulders in the navy blue jacket with an appreciative gaze. He watched Blake gesture in the air as he spoke on the phone and fondness grew in his heart. Alex waited for Blake to turn around and see him. He was playing with fire. This hot guy couldn’t be allowed to find out what his hobby was. Alex excused his past larceny. I could turn over a new leaf. I could stop right now and go after Blake. Couldn’t I? I want him. I want to know him.

Blake swiveled the chair around, threw down his phone as if annoyed, and stood. He hadn’t seen Alex—that much was obvious. Then he raised his head.
Even from across the room, Alex saw the surprise and pleasure enter Blake’s eyes. He raised his hand in a little wave. His heart hammered. His stomach churned.

Blake walked to the window and gazed at Alex.

Alex’s usual flirtatiousness deserted him and was replaced by a serious need to be close to Blake. He glanced around. Unless someone looked up from the street, he didn’t expect anyone could see him. He pulled up his t-shirt, displaying his torso to Blake, teasing and seducing the man he’d set his heart on. He hitched the hem in the neckline, and with a deliberately slow move, he unzipped his jeans. His cock strained at his black underwear. The tip already poked from the top and his stomach clenched when Blake ran his fingertips across the glass at cock height.

Blake gazed at Alex’s cock and ran his tongue across his bottom lip.

Alex’s senses went into overdrive. He ached to touch Blake. Instead, he pulled his dick from his CK’s, and pumped a couple of times.

Blake’s eyes darkened and his expression filled with desire.

A moan escaped Alex. A frown creased between his eyes. Desperation to be with Blake threatened to drive him to his knees. He gazed at Blake.

Blake backed away.

The bulge in Blake’s pants told Alex, Blake wanted him. The look in Blake’s eyes spoke of tenderness and sex. Disappointment flowed over Alex as Blake left the window. The glass couldn’t be opened or Alex would have flung it open, jumped in, and offered his clenching ass to Blake for a fuck. He pulled his underwear over his throbbing, leaking cock. He dragged the zip of his jeans halfway up. His dick was so huge he couldn’t fasten his pants properly. When he looked up, Blake was back at the window. He held up a sheet of A4 paper.

Alex read the writing on there. “Come to the office.” 

©E.D.Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing

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  1. At first I thought I that is so cute the way he teases him and then I read the end and I was like...whoa! Go for it Blake!