Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Underneath the performance for the TV show, a deep, loving passion builds between the two men #midweektease #MWTease #newrelease #MMromance #gayromance @evernightpub

This week I'm teasing from new release
MMromance, Love on Show

Love on Show

Dishy Justin Harper plays gay bad boy, Brandon in a TV show that’s fast becoming a cult classic, but Justin hides the fact he’s gay in real life. When a new actor is cast to play his TV show love interest, Justin can’t deny the raging attraction he feels for gorgeous Caer Rossi.

Caer Rossi makes it clear he thinks Justin is smoking hot. He can’t wait for the kissing scenes, and they sizzle, but underneath the performance for the TV show, a deep, loving passion builds between the two men. Something has to give, but what and who will it be when a journalist threatens to ruin Justin’s perfectly crafted public persona?

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Six weeks later, after Justin Harper filmed his show’s last two episodes for the half-season, the cast and writers met to start on the next ten episodes. They’d film them during the break in broadcast of the show. At midday, Justin plodded to the big room where everyone met to do a read through of the first episode. His entire body ached. He wondered if he’d caught a cold, a virus, the flu—but he knew he longed for Caer.

Every morning, if he slept at all, he woke and the first thing that dropped heavily into his mind was the loss of Caer. He dragged through the days. His acting suffered. His patience practically none, he snapped at people who didn’t deserve his harshness. He couldn’t eat much and he stopped going to the gym. Nothing was right. Not one thing was okay.

He lost weight. It would be noticeable on film. The writers explained it in the story.
Brandon misses Stephen.
Justin yelled at Sam Griffen. “How fucking ironic is that?”

The writer frowned at him. “Sorry, Justin, I’m not sure I know what you mean.”

Justin threw the script down. He stood abruptly. His chair toppled backward and fell over. He stormed out of the room. Petra came after him.

“What’s going on, Justin?”

He rounded on her with tears threatening. “I miss Caer. I’m nothing without him.”

A frown sprang between the AD’s eyes. “That’s not true. You’re still—”

Two tears slid from his eyes and tracked down his face. “Still what? A lying coward, not worth his love, but he did love me. I felt it in his every touch—saw it in his eyes the day I let him leave.”

Petra took a deep breath and kindness entered her eyes. “Do you love him?”

Justin’s shoulders drooped. “I do.”

“Then go after him.”

Justin’s heart lifted. A tiny spark of joy entered. “Could I?”

Petra nodded as she answered. “’Course you can. What’s stopping you?”

“This, this show … my job…” Justin waved his hands around in the air.

The AD sighed. “Ask yourself, can you live without this show, or can you live without Caer?”

Justin widened his eyes as the realization that he couldn’t flowed over him.
“I don’t think I can live without him.”

“Then go after him.”

Justin’s thoughts whirled. “What will happen to the show?”

Petra shrugged. “Maybe it’s had its day. Shows get canned. Maybe this show just doesn’t come back from its hiatus.”

Justin widened his eyes. “I’ll see you around, Petra. Thanks for everything.”

She smiled. “See ya.” She gave him a little thump on the arm, turned, and strode back along the corridor.
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