Wednesday, December 20, 2017

He looked what he felt, uncomfortable in the wet gray suit, downtrodden, and he’d forgotten to straighten his tie. #MMromance #midweektease

Welcome to #midweektease and this week's teaser is from Christmas
MM romance 'Make a Wish'

The day before, Dylan West might have been hopeful for a positive outcome of the interview, now, as he rode the elevator to the human resources department on the top floor of the store, he wasn’t so sure. His car breaking down was surprising. He had no idea what could be wrong with it. His luck with job seeking wore him down. Dylan didn’t usually give in to flights of fancy, but into his mind crept the thought. Maybe it’s an omen. The only bright spot was Nick Kringle. Dylan smiled as he considered the hot guy’s name. Must be Scandinavian—he looked like a Nordic god. What would it be like to have his muscled body rammed against mine? Hell, he was attractive, so hot. How old would he be? Thirty, maybe, like me.
The elevator car doors opened. He stepped out and walked along the corridor to the double swing doors at the end. Dylan checked his look in the reflection that mirrored him as he put a hand on the chrome handle of the tinted glass. Even blurred, he looked what he felt, uncomfortable in the wet gray suit, downtrodden, and he’d forgotten to straighten his tie. He did that as he walked into the large office.
The receptionist greeted him. “How can I help you, sir?” She looked him up and down.
Her obvious disapproval at his appearance wasn’t wasted on Dylan. He pulled at the jacket, trying to unstick it, and his best blue shirt, from his body. The Nordic god was right. His jacket was saturated.
“Dylan West for Rachel Carter. I have an appointment…” He tried to look over the counter at the tablet computer on her desk.
She glanced down at the list displayed there, and then obviously having found him on it, she raised her eyes to his face. “Yes, Mr. West, take a seat. Ms. Carter will be ready for you in a few moments.”
Dylan looked around for somewhere to sit. His gaze alighted on a row of armchairs. He stared at the brocade, cushioned seats. They wouldn’t respond well to soaking up his dampness. He perched on the end of one.
No sooner had he sat than a young man strode from an unseen door, and stood in front of him.
“Come this way, Mr. West.”
Dylan rose and followed the young man through a wide, empty office into a large room. In the middle of the room was a big, oval boardroom table, and two people sat at one end of it—a stern, thin-faced man and a woman in an impeccable blue suit.
The young man indicated a chair. “Please sit down, Mr. West.”
Dylan sank slowly onto the dark leather seat.
Across town, Nick Kringle ran into a toy store shielding a long flat box from the sleet inside his leather jacket. He sought out the recipient and then took off into the growing darkness. A few packages remained in the trunk of his SUV. He searched among them swiftly, reading the names and addresses looking for Dylan West. Nothing … maybe tomorrow … but this evening he’s going to be back with his broken-down car trying to get it towed or fixed. It won’t hurt to be passing by… Nick finished his deliveries, zigzagging across the city, thinking about the luscious guy in the dove-gray suit, made darker with rain.
He edged into the stream of traffic heading to the main business district where the advertised late-night shopping was in full swing. The car that Dylan West had abandoned stood exactly where Nick last saw it. He pulled his SUV in behind it.

Nick gazed out of the windscreen. The night sparkled. He breathed in the freezing atmosphere. Rushing people, tires swishing, multi-colored fairy lights sprinkled across the city like jewels. This was his favorite time of year. A time when anything could happen, and in his experience, usually did.
Copyright E.D.Parr Evernight Publishing 
Can wishes come true? You bet—especially if Nick Kringle has anything to do with it.
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  1. Someone's having a bad day. Hope it improves.

  2. Poor Dylan. I just love this scene. Will Nick fix things or not? Hmm... Great teaser.

  3. Love that last line. I hope Dylan's day improves :-)