Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dante loved it when he arrived bare chested and desperate for kisses #MMromance #midweektease #gayromance

This week's #MWTease #midweektease is from E.D.Parr's
WIP, MM fantasy romance, String of Pearls
the follow up to , The Dreamboat

Viridian darted down the back street. Not many people knew it led right past a trade entrance to the castle grounds. No one knew that the gate there was the only part of the outer wall that was alarmed. For six feet on either side of the gate, the walls were vulnerable. An agile person who could scale the wall would gain access to the royal garden.

Viridian was not only agile, his natural strength was enhanced by his daily workouts. He was determined to see his lover tonight. His cock stirred at the thought of Dante. He pictured Dante’s thick dark hair streaked elegantly with silver. Viridian licked his lips. He could conjure up the feel of Dante’s mouth on his if he concentrated. He pulled off his shirt and pushed it into the back pocket of his leather pants. The gate loomed in the darkness. Lit by moonlight, the pillars on either side gleamed with embedded flecks of gold. Viridian leapt.

He went into a forward roll on the lush turf beyond, before springing onto boot clad feet and standing to take a swift look around. As expected, no one used the lawn at that time of night. He sauntered across it breathing in the beautiful fragrance of magnolia blossom from trees that lined the pathway to the villas where the queen’s elite pilot-explorers lived. He ran his hands through his hair to take it back behind his ears. A smile spread on his face. Dante loved it when he arrived bare chested and desperate for kisses. Viridian’s cock pulsed as he imagined Dante’s ice-blue gaze ranging over his body before he grabbed him and ravaged his mouth. Stars, I need him tonight.

Viridian took the path that led to the rear of Dante’s dwelling and the garden door that always remained unlocked. No one expected anything but safety within the castle walls. He silently turned the white crystal handle and entered. He knew the layout of furniture in the room, and so Viridian made his way across it without glancing around. He’d negotiated the long leather couch, on his way to Dante’s bedchamber, when a voice sent surprise and fear spiking through his body.

“I thought you’d slip up one day.”

Viridian spun around peering through the darkness at the man who lounged on a chair in the corner of the room. “Who are you and why are you in Dante Pepper’s home?” He put authority into his tone hoping this would confuse the man.

A soft sound reached him—a muffled click of fingers. A bright blue flash accompanied the click, and then the room lit up. Somehow, the man had lit the ceiling and floor lamps without using the panel of switches on the wall.

Viridian stared at the man who sat confidently, one leg crossed over the other and with a smile on his gorgeous face.
“Indigo Vaughn.” Viridian’s shoulders drooped and his voice dropped to a murmur as recognition shivered up his spine.

The head of royal security and powerful warlock stood, and walked toward him.
“Exactly right and you are?”

Copyright E.D.Parr 2018
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Gorgeous, powerful warlock, Indigo Vaughn, sells his magic spells to people looking to make a dream come true. One night, as he gazes down on the city below from his sky barge The Dreamboat, he wonders why, in centuries, his own wish for a man to love hasn’t materialized.
Beautiful, sexy, Darian O’Harr has suffered his fair share of misery. He’s a musician and learned long ago to sing for his supper. New to the city, he comes to Indigo seeking a spell that will bring him the love of a handsome man.

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