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The cocoon of intimacy that had surrounded them on the train had gone #ValentinesDay #MMromance #gayromance #midweektease

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Falling Star Valentine

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Dale knew the station well and where to get a cab easily. He turned to Valentine. The cocoon of intimacy that had surrounded them on the train had gone. The sense of heightened emotion had dissipated. His heart still harbored affection for Valentine and he wished the guy would answer, but now the crisp day harried him to start his new life. The busy station ignited his business persona.
“I have to get going, Valentine. It was great to be with you. I enjoyed your company. Look, do you want to share a cab somewhere? Exactly where are you heading?” He knew his tone held impatience, and he felt it a little, but deep down he didn’t want to leave Valentine.

People surged around them as they stood by the carousel. The sound of train engines hummed and travel announcements echoed. The wind blew a candy wrapper in a strange dance around their feet.

Valentine stared at him silently with his sky-blue eyes wide.

Dale experienced a moment of regret and an urge to drop his bag and pull Valentine into a hug, but he crushed it and turned away. He strode along through the back of the station and took a short fenced route to the cab rank.

It was only when the cab driver hopped out of the car to help Dale put his bags in the trunk that he saw Valentine had followed him.

Valentine stood on the sidewalk with sorrow radiating from his entire body.

Emotion swept over Dale. He went to Valentine. “You have nowhere to go do you?”

“Not yet. I mean no, no I have nowhere.”

Amusement brought a grin to Dale’s face. There was something so endearing about Valentine. “Get in the cab. I have to check out an apartment and make sure I haven’t rented a dump.” The excitement and happiness in Valentine’s expression hit Dale hard. I do care about him. Who the hell is he?
Dale gave the cab driver the address of his new apartment and slumped back onto the leather bench seat. He heaved a sigh and turned to Valentine.

“You can’t keep being so mysterious. I know you haven’t told me the truth and yet I still feel something for you.” He laughed softly. “Something unexplainable. Where’s your luggage?” He only just realized Valentine didn’t carry any.

Valentine raised his hands in a quick gesture. “I have none.”

“When we get to my apartment, you’re telling me exactly who you are and what’s going on, or, even though you make me smile, and my heart wants you, I can’t be leaping into another relationship when I’ve only just gotten over Jack. I discovered too late he wasn’t exactly the man I thought originally.”

A smile formed on Valentine’s face as Dale spoke. His eyes filled with a loving expression. He nodded as he answered. “I will. Your heart wants me. That makes me so happy.”

Dale looked away. He smiled to himself as he stared out of the car window. Rain splattered against the glass. The cab slowed in traffic on the main street and brought into Dale’s line of vision shop windows full of hearts and Valentine’s Day gift ideas. They crawled past a candy shop with a huge red neon heart in the window. Light pulsed through the fat shape at intervals, as if beating. Is it coincidence that I meet a gorgeous but eccentric guy on Valentine’s Day, or weird? Yeah, it’s weird.

The cab made a right turn and sped along the next street. Then it darted left down a narrow avenue. All at once, they were on a street full of medium height buildings, each with balconies, many of which housed huge pots of greenery or small tables and chairs. The cab drew up outside a building—pale stucco wet with rain, and the driver turned around.
“Here you go, buddy.”

Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing

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