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The words filtered through Caer’s daze of astonishment at Justin’s presence. He fought the urge to clasp Justin to his body. #midweekteaser #MMromance #gayromance

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Love on Show

Dishy Justin Harper plays gay bad boy, Brandon in a TV show that’s fast becoming a cult classic, but Justin hides the fact he’s gay in real life. When a new actor is cast to play his TV show love interest, Justin can’t deny the raging attraction he feels for gorgeous Caer Rossi.
Caer Rossi makes it clear he thinks Justin is smoking hot. He can’t wait for the kissing scenes, and they sizzle, but underneath the performance for the TV show, a deep, loving passion builds between the two men. Something has to give, but what and who will it be when a journalist threatens to ruin Justin’s perfectly crafted public persona?

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The following day, Caer’s agent expected him to call into the office and pick up a script for another show. The job would take place in his current show’s break from screening. Caer had a number of weeks to indicate his interest and then accept try-outs. He’d found the only way to cope with the loss of his lover was to work long and hard. Caer wasn’t expected at the studios that day until four in the afternoon. He told his agency he’d be at their office by ten.

He bought coffee. The sun warmed his shoulders as he walked down University Avenue. He took the stairs to his agent’s office, as it was only two flights. Caer looked up from the tread of the top step. His heart took a huge leap and then hammered in his chest.

Justin sat on the long bench seat outside the office, a grip bag at his feet.

Caer froze.

Justin stood and practically ran to him. He lifted his arms as if to hug Caer, then dropped them. “Caer, I’m so sorry. I miss you so much. I love you.”

The words filtered through Caer’s daze of astonishment at Justin’s presence. He fought the urge to clasp Justin to his body. He ached to kiss Justin, but the deep pain he’d suffered over the past weeks, and the memory of Justin’s actions on that last day stopped him from doing anything but murmuring, “What, what are you doing here?”

“I came to find you. I didn’t imagine I’d run into you. I was about to beg the agency for a way to contact you.”

Caer traced Justin’s handsome face with a hungry gaze. He soaked up the sight of Justin’s fabulous blue-gray eyes. Sadness fell over him as he stepped away from Justin, unable to believe they could have a relationship when Justin denied he was gay. “I have to see my agent.” He strode to the office door, and went in.
Caer spun the appointment out as long as he could. 

When his agent’s assistant voiced his intention to go out for coffees, Caer took the opportunity to leave with him. He ignored Justin who paced the floor outside the office, and chatted with the assistant as they walked. At the coffee shop, Caer went on his way, knowing Justin followed a little way behind. He cut through two blocks via a public garden and an alley between large stores to the apartment he rented, intending to lose Justin.

He believed he’d given Justin the slip, but in the lobby, Justin caught him up, running to be by his side. Caer sighed and called for the elevator, turning away from Justin’s sorrowful gaze.

When Caer strode into the elevator car, Justin followed.

“Please, Caer, just let me talk to you, tell you what I’ve done, apologize. I love you.”
The car stopped at Caer’s floor.

Justin trailed after him to his apartment door.

Caer shook his head. “I waited in my trailer for you. You didn’t even come to say goodbye.”

“I know and I’m deeply sorry.” Justin dropped his bag to the floor and held out his arms. “Please, Caer, I’m desperate to hold you. If you’d just let me in.”

Caer opened the door of his apartment. He felt desperation, too. His heart filled with love for Justin. Driven by it, he gave Justin a chance. “Okay. Come in.” He held the door open.

Justin passed him, put down his one piece of luggage, and stood in the hall.

Caer closed the door.

Justin grabbed him.

A smile sprang onto his face, as Justin hugged him tight, and he held Justin.
“I have to admit, it feels good to be in your arms.”

Justin drew away so that he could look into Caer’s eyes. “I’ve missed your kiss. I’ve missed your hot body.”

Caer’s stomach flipped with desire and he kissed Justin.

Justin responded to the kiss, clinging to Caer, prolonging the kiss, and then breaking to speak, and kissing Caer again after each phrase. “I’ve left the show. I couldn’t be without you. It’s been pure hell. I’m so sorry I didn’t answer your calls and texts. I’ve been a complete fool. I thought that job meant everything to me, turns out it’s you I can’t live without.”

Joy flooded Caer. He held Justin at arm’s length and gazed into his eyes. “You’ve admitted you’re gay to Tripp, to the fans?” He watched as a different emotion replaced the love on Justin’s face.

“Not to Tripp, yet, not to the fans—to Petra. I wanted to find you and tell you I love you.”

Doubt seeded in Caer’s mind. “We can’t go back to hiding, sneaking around, you pretending you’re not gay.”

Justin shook his head and pain filled his gaze. “I’ll fix it all. I promise.”

Tenderness dropped over Caer, blinding him to doubt. He had Justin, the man he loved and had missed so much, in his arms. He brushed Justin’s lips in a gentle kiss.

Justin slid his hands along Caer’s face and kissed him hard. With the tip of his tongue, he sought Caer’s, dotting wet kisses along Caer’s mouth, and with a low moan, he pressed his hips to Caer’s. “I want your hard body against mine. I’ve missed our fucking so much, babe.”

Lust mingled with love as Caer pushed his lower body against Justin’s and the hard column of Justin’s cock met his own.

Justin rocked his hips. He swept his hands down Caer’s back and grabbed his ass.
“I need you.”

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