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For #FirstChapterFriday A Virtual Kiss #MMromance #gayromance Nate enjoyed watching as this young man dragged off his t-shirt in the sun and showed off his muscled body all the way down to mid-V of his hips.

Read the first chapter of MM romance
A Virtual Kiss
in this month's #FirstChapterFriday post

Hunky Nate Hathaway can’t resist the lure of private Virtual Reality rooms in a new Internet café that opens on the street where he works. He’s lonely and intrigued by the VR program offering a boyfriend experience. After only one date, Nate is hooked on Jason, the sexy, kind VR character.
Jason Graeme is the computer wizard behind the hot new VR programs. He’s a risk taker, smart and gorgeous. He’s also the body model for the boyfriend. A twist of fate brings Nate to his attention. Determined to meet dishy Nate, he reveals who he is.
Passion sizzles between the two men as they fall in love.

Trouble is Nate’s not the only guy in town who uses the boyfriend experience.

Warning 18 + post
Chapter One

When Nate Hathaway saw a new Internet café, VR, and gaming venue open on the end of the street where he worked, butterflies started in his stomach. The renovations of the building lasted all spring and on the first day of summer, the venue, ‘Splat,’ held a grand opening. The company Nate worked for provided a small staff restaurant, and on the tables, the day before the venue was to open, brochures enticed people to use the gaming facilities and more. In small print beneath this word, Nate read the explanation and his breath caught.

‘Live your dreams in our private VR rooms.’

The memory of using VR before in an upmarket sex club located on the seamy side of the town where he’d vacationed two years before sent a thrill, tingling from his balls all the way up his body. Nate heaved a breath, and after looking around to check if anyone watched, he rolled the brochure into a tight cylindrical shape and slid it into the breast pocket of his jacket. It fit snugly alongside his company cell phone. Its presence made him smile. It lifted his spirits, flagging under being in a job he practically hated, and loneliness.

Nate hadn’t been on a date since he and Scottie Thompson, from the art department, split up five months before. Not that Nate loved Scottie. He’d enjoyed the guy’s company, and the sex was terrific. In fact, if he was honest with himself that was what he missed the most. The VR rooms might save him from that deprivation.

He picked up his coffee cup and sipped at the now cool beverage as he turned to gaze out of the window at the street. The restaurant gave a great view of the square two floors below. In the middle, a fountain sprayed sparkling water over a narrow circular pond, and around that, lush flowers grew in a vivid display of color and perfume. Sometimes a gardener tended the wide flowerbed, and Nate enjoyed watching as this young man dragged off his t-shirt in the sun and showed off his muscled body all the way down to mid-V of his hips. He was there that day.

A spike of sexual need ran through the bottom of Nate’s stomach. His cock stirred. The gardener straightened from pruning a woody plant, threw the cuttings into a woven sack a step away, then pushed the shears into the back pocket of his jeans. In what Nate thought had to be a purposeful move, the guy pulled off his t-shirt, lingering with his arms raised to show off his muscled torso. He took the tool from his pocket and stuffed his t-shirt into the vacant spot, before looking around, his hands on his delicious slim hips.

Nate’s cock jerked into a hard column as the gardener rearranged his jeans, so that the waistband lowered even farther down his flat stomach. Nate stared at him and the young man gazed at Nate in return. Does he know I’m here? He can’t. The windows are mirrored. Nah, I’m just horny and he’s fucking hot.

Nate shifted in his seat as the man bent to a shrub and offered a view of his hard ass in faded denim. It sent Nate into a spin. He attempted to push away his desires. He tried to will away his erection. He snatched up the bottle of spring water he’d intended taking back to his office from the table in front of him and drank. The cool liquid didn’t help. He had to do something about his boner or be edgy all afternoon.

Nate slid off the chair sideways, dragging off his jacket at the same time. He held it in front of his body as he raced to the men’s restrooms. On his way through the door, a colleague exited.

“Hi, Nate.”

Nate managed a weak smile. “Hi.” He dashed into a cubicle at the far end of the row and shot the bolt on the door. He hung his jacket on the coat hook provided and unzipped his suit pants. With shaking hands, he pushed his underwear and pants down his thighs in one. His massive cock sprang out. His heartbeat sped up in anticipation of what he was about to do.

Excitement trickled down his stomach. He grasped his dick and had to muffle a groan of relief as he clasped it tight. Nate always carried a condom and a thin sachet of lube in the inside pocket of his jacket. He closed his eyes and let go of his cock. A stream of sensation shot under his balls along to his ass. Fuck. I need this bad.

As quietly as he could, Nate took the lube pack from his pocket and tore the corner off. He squeezed the soft gel into his hand and, biting his lip so he didn’t gasp, he palmed his aching dick. Pre-cum leaked from the slit. His thighs weakened yet his body tensed with the need for orgasm. He pumped his cock fast and hard. The waves of pleasure closed his eyes. He leaned back against the cubicle wall and slowed his pumps, bringing the sheath of his fist in long tight moves up and down his cock. Delicious sensation forced soft moans from him. He tightened his grip, bringing to mind the hard body of the gardener, and then, as his orgasm rippled over him, and his hips jerked uncontrollably, his mind emptied of everything but the exquisite pleasure of release.

His cum shot away and then dribbled over his knuckles. He caught his breath as he sank a little down the wall. A smile spread over his face. Relief mingled with satisfaction. His cock throbbed and sent tingles into his asshole. He pulled paper from the chrome dispenser at hip height and cleaned up. Nate’s dick shrank only a little. He carefully arranged his underwear then his suit pants. He checked cum hadn’t flown up his shirt. He wiped up his seed that had dropped to the tiled floor and tossed the paper into the toilet pan, before taking his jacket from the hook and waving a hand over the button on the wall that automatically flushed the toilet.

Mellow from jerking off, he exited the stall and went to wash his hands.

A guy he didn’t know gave him a look as he shook water from his hands and then went to the drier.

The blast of noisy air strangely comforted Nate as he wondered if he’d moaned too loudly when he came. Then the guy left and Nate dried his own hands. He went back to the mirrors as he slipped on his jacket that he’d left draped on the shelf beneath. He stared at his reflection. I need a guy in my life for sure, but I’ll check out ‘Splat,’ on my way home tonight.

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