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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What would you think if the guy you were dating raced off every night before midnight and would never say why? #Midweektease #MMromance #PNR

Midweek Tease is from E.D.Parr's October release from Evernight Publishing, MM erotic PNR 

What would you think if the guy you were dating raced off every night before midnight and would never say why? Would you succumb to the urge to follow him one night?
Liam Hale can’t believe his luck when he meets the man of his dreams, Karl Oberon.
Hunky Karl is the sexiest man Liam has ever met, but his mysterious disappearances start to tease.
Gorgeous Liam is the only man Karl has ever loved.
Together they spark and sizzle with passion, but Karl doesn’t know how to tell Liam why he races away. Maybe keeping Liam’s mind off the question with mind-blowing erotic encounters will work.

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Liam rested his face against Karl’s. A soft purring sound filtered through the haze of sex and intense feeling of belonging where Liam drifted. Happiness blanketed him and he listened, intrigued for a moment, then turned his face to capture Karl’s mouth in a kiss. “Hell, that was so good.”

Karl drew away. He pulled up his pants and clipped them closed. He straightened the fashionable thin black tie that still adorned his white linen shirt. He went to the hand basin and rinsed his hands. He splashed cold water on his face and ran his hands through his lush hair forming darker streaks in the blonde.

Liam watched fascinated by the fluidity in the gorgeous man’s actions and the way his muscles moved beneath his clothes. He dragged his jeans up, and pulled down his T-shirt left part way up his chest from when Karl had licked him. The memory gave him a spike of desire. He smiled at Karl wanting to arrange to see the man again—to meet him—date him—get to know him.

Karl turned. His words speared Liam. “I need to go. I enjoyed being with you.”

Liam’s frown reflected his disappointment. He reached out. “Hey, wait, will I see you again?”
Karl had opened the door and was through it. He didn’t answer.

Liam washed up and sat on the bench. He gazed at the blue tiled floor and tried to stop feeling desolate. The encounter with Karl had raised hopes he’d pushed away in recent months. His body still felt relaxed and mellow from the fantastic orgasm Karl had given him, but an aching empty space had opened in his heart. It scared the hell out of him. He stood and wandered out to the bar.

Milo gave him a knowing look, obviously designed to tell Liam he knew about the tryst.
Liam left. He walked to his car in the warm, satiny, summer night air.

Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing (October release)

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  1. Very nice tease! I could feel his ache.

  2. Yeah, this is clearly a relationship that's going to have some ups and downs. Great tease, Elodie!

  3. Quickie in the bathroom? I can understand his remaining longing.

  4. great tease, lush descriptions, very erotic throughout.

  5. Great tease. You really feel for him here. :-)