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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Be teased with a delicious excerpt from #MMromance Given Time #GLBT #gayromance #erotica

Music video maker, Angel Starc is about to board a plane to Paris when he receives some sudden sad news. It takes him hurrying back to his childhood home after two years away, estranged from his older brother, Rory.
Angel is amazed and filled with guilt when that night he meets the only man he’s found romantically attractive in a long time. How can it be right? He should only be filled with sorrow, but gorgeous, caring Matt Loewe wraps him in a blanket of comfort and love that heals Angel’s troubled soul.
Delectable, artist, Matt Loewe, follows his hunches and his heart. He’s been looking for love and Angel ignites an addictive passion in him.
As the two men fall deep in love they provide each other with the care needed to come to terms with their past anxieties.
A delicious love story with HEA

Be Teased 18+ (MM sex, gay oral sex, adult language, gay male love scene)

He took the hotel suite key from Matt and opened the door where Matt stopped.

Matt went in and Angel followed. He didn’t give Matt a chance to change his mind. He grabbed Matt’s shoulders and pushed him against the wall. As soon as Angel pressed his body to Matt’s, a surge of desire forced his eyes closed. He brought his mouth to Matt’s kissable lips and grazed them. “Just this touch is reducing me to mush.”

He kissed Matt, gently, soaking up the feel of Matt’s skin against his nose. He thrust his hips so that his lower body crushed on Matt’s and the unmistakable shape of Matt’s cock, hard and bulging in his pants met Angel’s cock. A low groan escaped Angel and he deepened the kiss, clinging to Matt, as his legs weakened and his heart pounded.

Matt pushed his arms around Angel’s neck, and Angel’s hands fell away from the grip on his shoulders. Matt’s murmur penetrated Angel’s haze of pleasure. “I can’t even think straight, but I know I want you naked in my arms.” He rained kisses on Angel’s mouth.

Angel pushed his hands between their bodies. He traced Matt’s erection with his fingertips and then cupped it in his palm, pressing against the fabric of Matt’s pants.

Matt’s groan on Angel’s lips sent a shock of desire through his balls.

Angel opened Matt’s pants in a rapid move and thrust them down his thighs. He dragged Matt’s boxers down and grabbed his cock. The rock-hard column filled his fist and extended inches over it. He sighed out the pleasure the feeling gave him, kissing Matt hungrily. Angel’s cock strained against his pants and his stomach clenched so tight it made him breathless.

“Take off your clothes.” Matt’s urgent whisper teased on Angel’s lips.

Angel hurried to comply. He slid his hand from Matt’s cock taking with it the pulse of pre-cum that leaked from the slit. He licked his finger gazing into Matt’s eyes.

Matt gasped as he watched. He dragged off his jacket and pulled his tie from around the collar of his shirt. Practically wrenching the buttons from his shirt, he yanked it down his arms.

Angel gazed at him, taking off his jacket and shirt as he savored the sight of Matt’s muscled torso, and the way Matt’s perfect cock bounced as he moved. Matt was already naked and Angel went to him. He grabbed his ass and pulled him close. “Fucking hell, you are so hot, and it’s been so long for me I might come just looking at you.” He kissed Matt.

Matt’s response made his cock jerk. The passion in his kiss scorched down Angel’s stomach. He escaped Matt’s lips with a groan and pulled off his pants, levering off his boots as quickly as he could.

Matt ran his hands along Angel’s ass.
Angel jerked upright and spun around.
Matt’s eyes darkened and he held out his arms.

Angel rammed his body on Matt’s and they crashed together, murmuring hoarse sounds. Matt’s cock rubbed on Angel’s and he rocked his hips so that the hard columns slid along each other. His chest felt tight as his lower body clenched with the need to come.

“I might fucking fall down if I don’t come soon.” He whispered into Matt’s ear and sucked on the lobe. A soft herb scent filled his head as a fine film of sweat drifted from Matt’s glossy hair. He rubbed his face in it. The sheer maleness emitting from Matt made him weak at the knees. He thrilled with the feel of a man in his arms.

Matt struggled to turn his face, and kissed Angel. “I feel the same. This is killing me. I’m fucking desperate.”

Angel grabbed Matt’s hands and led him in a rapid pace to the bed. He pushed Matt down and leaned over him. “We can fuck each other’s mouths. I want your cock slipping on my tongue. I need to taste cum, to rub my face on your skin, against your balls—I’ve missed the feel of a guy so much.”
Matt pushed his fingers into Angel’s hair and pulled his head down to his own. “Yes…” He whispered on Angel’s lips. His hard kiss made Angel groan, and then Matt shifted along the bed and brought his face to Angel’s lower stomach. He ran his tongue the length of Angel’s cock.
Angel winced, the pleasure exquisite as he ached to orgasm. He curled his body to nuzzle into Matt’s balls and kissed along Matt’s cock. He licked the leaking cum from the slit, and then sucked the helmet head into his mouth.

Matt grabbed Angel’s cock low on the shaft and brought the remaining length into the tight wet O of his lips.

Sensation zinged along Angel’s body. His eyes closed shut. His hips moved in time to Matt’s sucks on his cock. He held Matt’s thighs and slid Matt’s cock in and out of his mouth.

Matt increased his suck on Angel’s cock before he let go of the shaft. He ran his hands down the length of Angel’s body and grasped fistfuls of Angel’s hair. Matt’s hips hammered his cock between Angel’s lips.

Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing 

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