Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Powerful warlock, Indigo Vaughn, sells his spells to make peoples' dreams come true. #midweektease #MMromance WIP from @parr_books

Powerful warlock, Indigo Vaughn, sells his spells to make peoples' dreams come true. He believes his own dream will never be fulfilled, but one day, looking for a love potion, along comes hunky Darian O'Harr. 
Safe to say sparks will fly.

The Dreamboat
#midweektease MM romantic erotica fantasy/scifi from E.D.Parr

His thoughts halted as a man stepped into his path halfway across the wooden bridge to the rear of the castle outer gardens. Shock sped through Darian. Time stood still filled only with sounds—the rush of the water beneath the bridge and the slap of a loose canvas door on a small marquee nearby. Darian expected robbery or a beating, or worse. He froze waiting for the man to reveal his intentions.

The man pulled his hood down.

“Indigo Vaughn.” Darian breathed the name.

“I am. What are you doing here, lurking at the rear of the castle?”

Darian’s stomach lurched with attraction and fear. He gazed at Indigo. He delighted in the lush dark hair, just long enough to give the warlock a dashing air, the piercing ice-blue eyes glinting sapphire in the last shimmer of light from the fireworks, the hot muscled body beneath the warrior’s leather jerkin, and Darian’s cock shot into an erection. He took a chance. “I knew you’d be patrolling here and I’m desperate to see you, talk with you, as, as just men, who, who like each other.” His brave words faltered and his voice dropped to a whisper.

A long moment of silence followed.

He thought Indigo was about to strike him, but the handsome warlock raised his hand, took hold of Darian’s hood, and pushed it from his face.

“Darian O’Harr.” Surprise rang in Indigo’s voice.

“I mean what I say. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Indigo ran his fingertips down Darian’s cheek and rubbed the pad of his thumb across his lips.

Darian’s breath caught. The touch closed his eyes as lust rampaged over him.
Indigo moved his hand to Darian’s head running his fingers among Darian’s hair. Slowly he brought his head to Darian’s.
Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 
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