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Behind the Title with #gayromance #detectives #gay #mystery Wren and Deverel #LGBTQ Read the passage that gives the story its title


Lucian Wren and Beau Deverel have always been friends. They think they know everything about each other, but they both hide a secret desire. They’re devoted to each other, but they’ve never revealed the depth of their feelings.
When Lucian starts a private investigation service, and Beau joins him in the fledgling agency, little do they know what a delicious, close encounter on their first case will lead to.
This case is bizarre. Is there a hidden reason the client has chosen their newly formed agency for such an important job?
As Beau and Lucian dive headlong into the mystery, their relationship deepens, and their friendship changes forever.

Read the passage that gives the story its title

“Every PI needs a sidekick.” Beau Deverel’s handsome face took on a pleading expression.

“No they don’t. Investigating can involve confidential information, not meant to be shared with just anyone, and if you were my sidekick, it would be.” Lucian Wren sat on the end of the desk and crossed his arms. “I know that look and it won’t change my mind.”

“Come on, Lucian, I can keep secrets. We’ve hung out together forever don’t shut me out of this. I promise I’ll never divulge anything to anybody, except you, naturally. You have my word. Have I ever broken that oath? Well, have I?”

A grin flashed across Lucian’s face. “You have not. I’ll keep you to that promise. Catch.”

Beau grabbed the card that Lucian tossed to him out of the air with a rapid swipe of his hand. He flipped it over to read it.

“Wren and Deverel, Private Investigators—you were teasing, you already included me in the business. Card’s a little plain—could we add something—a picture of a revolver maybe?”

Lucian Wren smiled, affection flooding his eyes for his longtime friend. “No. The embossed border is enough embellishment. We need to appear ultra professional. I’ll be having our phone numbers added later when I have an office number.”

Beau nodded and pushed the business card into the top pocket of his jean jacket.

Lucian gazed at him for a long moment.

“What?” Beau frowned.

Lucian shrugged, feigning nonchalance. “You’ll have to get a license.”

Beau sighed before he asked, “How?”

“You don’t need to do much to qualify, what with your firearms experience, just a few hours working for me as your supervisor and hey presto...”

Beau appeared downcast. “Oh, okay.”

“Is there a problem? We’ll be working together most of the time. The qualifying period isn’t much.”

“I guess having a law degree and that police academy training made it easy for you to get fixed up with the relevant licenses?”

Lucian’s gaze traced the planes of Beau’s face. He lingered soaking up the sight of Beau’s enticing lips, and then looked quickly back into Beau’s attractive green eyes. “Sure, but I did work with that PI in Salem during vacations, remember? Hey, Beau, it’ll be easy for you. A couple of week’s solid work and you’ll be licensed. What are you worried about?”

Beau smiled and leaned close. “Now you ask, since you believe in me, not a thing.”

Lucian’s heart flipped. Sometimes, when Beau was near, Lucian had to drive down an urgent need to kiss him. Lucian couldn’t even imagine what would happen if Beau discovered how he felt. He preferred not to dwell on the possible answers. He moved back from Beau’s proximity. “That’s okay then.” Lucian slipped away, and walked to the window of his study, set up in the second bedroom of his waterfront floating home. He opened the glazed door and stepped out onto the rain-drenched balcony.

Beau followed him and leaned on the white rail to gaze out across the dappled river.

“Where’s the office?”

Lucian broke into a laugh. “Not here. I’m leasing an office in the city. I’ll show you as soon as I get the keys.”

Beau straightened. “Wow, that’s great ... bet that costs a packet. Hey, are we going out to eat? I’m starving.”

Refreshed by the air, and having banished his desperate need to hold Beau close, Lucian answered. “You’ll be surprised at the cost, it’s not too bad, and I wanted to do it right, you know, have clients come to a real office. Let’s get going if you want to eat.” He led the way back into the house and closed the doors that locked with a key on the inside. Lucian turned it and put the key in the top drawer of his desk.

Copyright Elodie Parkes , Encompass Ink an imprint of Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

MM romantic mystery

Join Lucian Wren and Beau Deverel as they fall headlong into a strange art crime and love...

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