Thursday, September 29, 2016

This man had the air of a predator. He was wolf-like. #MMromance @EncompassInk #teaserThursday

Love Unmasked 
At the Candy Apple

Scott twisted around. He faced one of the most attractive guys he’d seen for a long time, if he didn’t count Tom. He took in the chiseled jaw and perfect lips of the dark haired and sultry eyed man standing close. Scott compared the man’s looks to Tom’s as he answered. “Not really new. I’m an infrequent visitor.” Scott preferred Tom’s blue eyes. He liked the way Tom had a dimple in one cheek when he smiled. Tom was sweeter. This man had the air of a predator. He was wolf-like. The thought made Scott smile and the man must have thought the smile was for him.
“You don’t come here often? Maybe I can remedy that. You have a perfect ass, made for fucking.”
A spike of shock went through Scott’s stomach, but his cock stirred at the words. He pushed away the sexual feeling. I don’t want this guy. I want Tom.
The man held out his hand. “Pleased to meet you. I don’t do names, but I do like sucking cocks now and again. Bet yours is sweet. You’re so pretty bet you taste like honey.”
Scott stared at the guy in awe. He’d been approached before of course in gay bars, but there was something insincere about this man. Scott didn’t even want to shake hands with this man and ignored the outstretched hand. He suddenly felt disgust, but then his sense of humor kicked in. “Have I got a sign pinned to my back saying ‘gay guy’?”
The man’s eyes grew darker.
The server had placed the spring water on the bar for Scott.
The man waved at it. “Let me get you a real drink.”
“I’m driving, thanks.”

The nameless man grinned at Scott. “I know you’re gay. I’ve seen you with the hot barman, talking, but obviously in love. Come to a room with me and I’ll teach you what love is.”
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Encompass Ink 

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