Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Finally after two years away Angel is forced to go home #MWTease #teaser #MMromance WIP

#MWtease from MM romance WIP
Given Time
Angel gazed across the leaf-strewn road. The wide gates were closed. Bunches of flowers and wreaths lay on the sidewalk. People had already begun to pay their respects and display their sadness. As Angel slumped in his car seat reliving memories he’d hoped never to, a few people wandered along and left flowers outside the gate. I had no idea Rory was so loved. The late afternoon sky grew dark gray. The occasional splatter of rain, carried on the wind, hit the windscreen. 

Angel was about to exit his car and brave entering the house, when a man walked up to the gate carrying flowers. Tall and dressed in a black suit, boots, and an obviously expensive knee length black overcoat, he was both strikingly fashionable and suitably somber. He laid the flowers with the other tributes to Rory Starc.

Angel flicked his gaze up and down the figure. From the well-cut, thick dark hair to the tips of his toes, the man radiated elegance. He turned and even from across the street, Angel could see how handsome he was. Who is he? Intrigued, Angel watched the man walk away along to the end of the road where he turned the corner and Angel lost sight of him with a sigh. It wasn’t every day that Angel saw a man he’d like to meet romantically and it was a sad thing that it was on the day of his brother’s death.

Finally, when no one was in sight, Angel exited his car and strode across the street. He punched in the last PIN he knew for entry through the gates. A flicker of surprise made him raise his eyebrows as the gates swung open. He’d expected Rory to have changed the code. Angel walked in and closed the gates behind him. He’d use another entrance for the car. He didn’t want to crush the flowers and wreaths. 

Angel walked around the house to the side entrance. His heart pounded inexplicably as he unlocked the door and went into the short corridor. Rory’s muddy boots were still strewn on the floor and Angel bent to straighten them, placing them upright alongside the tall, whitewashed vase that served as an umbrella stand. He passed the coat hooks where an old sheepskin jacket hung. It reminded him of walks with Rory along the riverbank.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2017

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  1. Heartbreaking. Excellent tease!

  2. Great snippet, Elodie, and I'm loving that image - he's gorgeous!

  3. Sounds like a conflicting time emotionally. I hope this new player helps rather than hinders.

  4. Oh the poignancy of the memories. Good tease, Elodie. :)

  5. Oh, how sad. Great tease, full of emotion. :-)