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You are the person I boarded the train for #MMromance #lgbt #teaser and inspiration behind the story @evernightpub

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You are the person I boarded the train for #MMromance #lgbt #teaser and inspiration behind the story @evernightpub

The story ‘Falling Star Valentine’ was inspired by shooting stars. We all know shooting stars are falling meteorites, but the romance remains when one streaks across the midnight blue sky, and when two, in close succession, zoom over the night vista as you stand on your hotel balcony, it’s a sight to behold.
 I travel a little with my day job and in the autumn of 2016, I had to travel a lot more than usual. One night when I couldn’t sleep because I was churning worries around, I went out onto the balcony of the hotel room I was staying in and stared up at the sky. The night sparkled cold and the sky displayed an array of stars suddenly, seeming only meters away, a shooting star flew across my line of vision, then another as if it followed the first.
I’m a die-hard romantic and immediately my sweet but sexy character, Valentine Steel, had formed in my head. He’s Falling Star Valentine on his way to visit earth. Will he find love?

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Teaser, MM sex so please do not read on if you feel you might be offended

Dale turned to him. He grabbed Valentine, pushing him against the wall of the small room to lean against Valentine, molding his hard body onto Valentine’s. “You want sex now. You know it. I want you, too. It’s not a very glamorous environment, but…” Dale rocked his hips and Valentine gasped at the feel of a hard column pressing against his own erect cock.

Valentine lifted his hands and held Dale’s face. He kissed Dale, sliding his tongue on Dale’s lips until Dale opened his mouth and touched the tip of his tongue to Valentine’s. The feel of Dale’s tongue on his sent such intense sensations through Valentine his ass clenched and his cock leaked. He felt the pulse of pre-cum and rammed his hips against Dale’s body.

“Dale, Dale,” he whispered as he rubbed his aching cock on the shape of Dale’s rock hard erection. The fabric of their clothes between their erections made Valentine desperate to touch Dale’s skin. He pushed a hand between their bodies as he ravaged Dale’s mouth in another hungry kiss, and fumbled with the fastening of Dale’s jeans. It had been so long for Valentine. He reeled from the wonderful sensations storming through his body.

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