Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Will's eyes held warmth, affection and desire #MMromance for #MWTease #teaser

Midweek tease this week comes from A Forever Kind of Thing 
A Forever Kind of Thing
Businessman Will has hoped to meet musician Josh for so long, he’s astonished and elated when Josh finally notices and pursues him at one of the band’s gigs.
After a heady night of love, Josh is devastated when Will turns out to be a millionaire. He’s not a hustler. He couldn’t take and he couldn’t compete. He retreats into his music.
Will is sure they could have something special and tries to prove his love for Josh in the only way he knows how. Trouble is—it’s the wrong way.
Josh is shocked to discover he can’t forget Will.
They want each other. Their chemistry is scorching. Their encounters erotic.
But Josh is running in the opposite direction as Will longs to love him.

Can love triumph?

Josh saw Will at one end of the bar and his heart leapt. Flutters started up in his stomach and he took a deep breath trying to steady himself. This encounter had rocked him to the core. He’d never in his wildest dreams expected to feel the way he did about a man whose name he still didn’t know. I want to, though. I want to know all about him. I want him in my life, and from the way he responded, he wants me bad. That’s great. I need it.

He watched the play of emotions cross Will’s face as he approached and stood close.
“Hi, I’m Joshua Winters—call me Josh, and you are…?” He grinned mischievously.

“Will—Will Trenton.” Will’s eyes held warmth, affection, and desire.

A spark of recognition lit in Josh’s mind. “That’s a familiar name, but I wouldn’t have been able to put a face to it. Are you famous or something?” He gestured to the bartender.
“A beer thanks—and for you?” He gave Will a tender look designed to tell the guy he liked him a lot.

“The same but let me … let me get them.”

Josh shook his head. “We have a tab.”

He saw a look of worry flit through Will’s eyes.

“It’s really okay, Will.” Josh moved even closer to Will. The toe of one boot touched the toe of Will’s. He gazed into Will’s eyes. Time slowed for Josh. This man was even more attractive close up with his handsome face lit by the bar’s sparkling white downlights. He took in the shade of stubble and wanted to bite Will’s chin. He ached to grab Will and thrust his tongue between those perfect lips. He recalled the way Will’s thick hair had felt as he grasped a handful. Softness filled his stomach. He didn’t know if this was love, but it sure was tenderness.

The bartender put the two beers on the counter.

Josh snatched up a bottle to hand to Will so that he could touch the strong fingers that had been around his cock. The thought made his balls tingle.

Will took the beer bottle from Josh.

Josh lingered, his fingertips brushing over the back of Will’s hand.

Fuck me he’s so sexy. Waves of sensation traveled down Josh’s spine into his ass.

“Thank you.”

Will’s voice penetrated his fog of lust. Josh took a deep breath, picked up his own beer, and took a sip. “I’ve seen you at all our gigs for a long time. Tell me about that.”

“I like your music and I like you. I couldn’t miss a performance.” Will gave him a little smile.

Josh smiled, too, as he placed his beer bottle on the bar counter. “I know you from somewhere, but I can’t remember where, apart from the fact you’ve been to every gig and haunted my dreams.”

Will’s face lit up radiating pleasure at that statement.

“Hey, so after the show … you and me…” Josh wanted him right then. The fact he’d come in Will’s hands not long ago didn’t dampen the rampant need to feel Will’s naked body against his.

Will gazed hungrily at Josh as he answered, “Sure thing,” with another smile.

Josh considered the happiness present in Will’s eyes. “Are you in the music business?”

“No, no, I read your blog to find out where you’ll be playing next.”

Josh gave him a little punch on the shoulder with his fist, just a tap of affection, wanting to make contact with Will’s body again. “You do. You’re probably my only reader.”

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Encompass Ink
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  1. Oh, boy! He's got the hots for him bad! Great chemistry!

  2. Aww. Their interaction is so sweet especially for strangers who seem to have had a sexual encounter already.

  3. I know that feeling. "Who is reading this?" nice to find someone not only interested but Interested! :D

  4. Great snippet as always, Elodie, well done!

  5. Great tease, Elodie :-)

  6. Ooh M/m... I wonder if they'll get it together :) Sharing x