Sunday, February 26, 2017

“You’re attracted to me, isn’t that right?” #MMromance for #SexySnippets

Sexy Snippets are seven sentences from a published work or WIP brought to you each Sunday 
From #MMromance Falling Star Valentine

Dale raised a hand and slipped it along Valentine’s jaw. “You’re attracted to me, isn’t that right?”

Valentine could only nod because Dale’s fingertips feathered touches over his ears, sending exciting tingles all the way down his neck that robbed him of speech. Gripped by lust, Valentine soaked up the touch, his eyes closing with pleasure. He knew if he opened his mouth he might beg for a kiss—for more than a kiss.

Dale rested his forehead against Valentine’s face.

A sigh escaped Valentine—and then Dale’s lips were against his.

#MMromance Falling Star Valentine  
Fashion photographer Dale Walker takes a train to his hometown, relocating there after nursing a broken heart for six months in another city. His train makes an unscheduled stop to take on a mysterious passenger.
For a long time, Valentine Steel has hoped to meet a man who will love him. When he sees Dale on the train, he’s overjoyed to find a vacant seat beside Dale.
Dale’s immediate attraction to Valentine has him on edge. He doesn’t want another broken heart, and yet Valentine is so magnetic Dale’s frozen heart begins to thaw.
Valentine sets out to charm and capture Dale in his sparkling aura. He can’t let the chance to have Dale’s love slip away. 
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  1. Awe... a very tender moment between them. Well done!

  2. Their desire for each other leaps off the page here. Great snippet :-)

  3. This is so beautifully written- there's such tenderness in this snippet. love it!