Sunday, February 19, 2017

Weekend Snippet from #MMromance Wren and Deverel #LGBT #teaser

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Beau’s face was so close now, and his voice a murmur.
“Lucian, I have this nagging urge to kiss you. Is that awful? I don’t know what I’m thinking of. Sorry.”

Lucian’s stomach clenched as desire burned through his balls. “Do you? Do it. Kiss me.”

Beau gently nudged Lucian’s nose with his own and slowly merged his lips on Lucian’s.

The soft lingering kiss just about drove Lucian crazy. He slipped his hand around Beau’s waist and rammed his hips against Beau’s hard body. 
Little sounds escaped from his lips as Beau broke the kiss to breathe and then kissed him again.

Beau shifted his hand from the wall above Lucian’s shoulder to hold Lucian’s head. He drew away from the kiss. “This is so hot. I didn’t know. I never dreamed we could do this—well, I dreamed about doing it, but never expected we would.”
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Encompass Ink

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