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An attending physician tutors his intern in more than just medicine...

Adrenaline Lust
H K Carlton

Follow intern Blaine Sproles as he navigates his fellowship in the emergency department of a busy hospital.
After a particularly gruesome trauma, Blaine and attending physician, Doctor Kin Jerome, find themselves in a post-adrenaline fueled tryst. A surprise encounter that leaves Blaine questioning not only his impetuous behavior but also his sexual orientation.
Though the more experienced Dr. Jerome sloughs it off as nothing more than adrenaline lust, a spontaneous burst of hormones after a traumatic experience, Blaine is not convinced and can’t stop thinking about it or the handsome older physician.
Working so closely, the normally heterosexual men explore an intimate relationship built on mutual respect, caring and smoldering attraction. But it’s uncharted territory for both men.
Can it truly last? Or will it fizzle out just as quickly as it began, proving, the original hypothesis, that adrenaline lust is nothing more than a flash of hormonal desire without the need of emotional attachment or longevity?
Publisher Note: gay-for-you, just-for-now, erotica


Blaine sat in the quiet cafeteria, with large textbooks set out all over the long banquet style table.

Absently, he shoved a French fry dripping with gravy into his mouth as he read the same passage for the second time.

Unexpectedly, someone reached over his shoulder and snagged a limp fry from the Styrofoam container.

“What’s all this, Sproles?”

It was the first time he and Dr. Jerome had been on the same rotation since the incident in the locker room. His body reacted the moment he recognized the deep voice behind him. Snippets of their encounter in the shower flitted through his mind, as it had sporadically ever since it’d happened. Especially when he tried to sleep. Stupidly, he’d thought it would be the excessive blood he wouldn’t be able to erase, but instead he couldn’t seem to get Dr. Jerome out of his mind. And every time he relived it, he sported a massive boner and had no choice but to relieve it. If he kept it up, at this rate, he’d contract Carpal Tunnel.

But his biggest fear was that what happened would change their dynamic and the ease with which they worked together.

He looked up to find Kin standing over him chowing down on his dinner.

Blaine had to take a deep breath before he could answer. “Uhh, you know, I’m trying to decide on a topic for the dreaded culminating thesis. My proposal is due in a month.”

With easy-going confidence, the attending spun one of the chairs around backward, then straddled the seat. “So what have you narrowed it down to?”

“Stem ce...”

“Overdone,” Kin cut him off before he could finish. He even had the audacity to shut the book and push it away before peering at the next open journal. “What else ya got?”

“If you’d let me finish my thought...”

“Oh, you are gonna make a good ER doc.” Kin grinned as he pinched another chip.

“... stem cells and regenerative vascular medicine.”

“Okay.” Slowly, he nodded. “What else?” he asked sternly.

“Well, as you can see,” Blaine gestured over the pages. “The chronic complications of arteriovenous fistulas for hemodialysis.”

“I sense a theme here, Dr. Sproles.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

Kin squinted. “Are you thinking of changing your specialty?”

Noncommittally, he rolled his shoulder.

“Our recent trauma victim really got to you, huh?” The creases around Kin’s eyes deepened.

“I can’t stop thinking about it.”

The handsome physician averted his gaze and stared at the tabletop. “Yeah, me too,” he answered softly, giving Blaine the distinct impression it wasn’t only the medical aspect of the case he’d been mulling over. Something else they had in common.

It took Blaine another second to gather his thoughts. All he could think about was the ER doc’s skilled hand firmly and skillfully bringing him to climax. He placed his arm in his lap to cover yet another burgeoning erection.

“Uhh,” he started shakily. “Or ya know, I could disprove the psychology behind adrenaline lust,” he blurted what was really on his mind.

Slowly, Kin raised his slate blue gaze. For a suspended moment, they shared a pointed stare. The corner of Kin’s generous mouth curved, but only the one side. It wasn’t quite a smile, more amusement than anything.

“Good luck with that.”

“You really believe that, don’t you?” Blaine watched him carefully.

“Sure. We see it all the time. Sometimes it’s victims falling for first responders. Others it’s two victims who turn to one another for comfort after surviving some catastrophic event they’ve endured. Sometimes it’s doctors and nurses or paramedics. Cops. Fireman. It’s a trauma bond. It’s what happened to us the other night. I call it adrenaline lust.
Others call it post-traumatic sex. It happens, Sproles. It’s a stress reliever, a release. Like any other. It’s a base human response.”

He stood and turned the chair back around, sliding it in up tight to the table. “But it’s also something the administration would rather not acknowledge exists. They’d never approve the submission.”

He turned to leave, but not before Blaine noted the unmistakable bulge in his standard blue emergency room scrubs.

“Yeah, a base human response,” he repeated under his breath. And they were both still boned up over it.

Before Kin reached the exit, Blaine called, “Hey, what was your final thesis, anyway?”

The side of Kin’s mouth stretched. “Stem cells, of course.”

Blaine rolled his eyes as Kin disappeared down the corridor.

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