Sunday, March 19, 2017

Meet The Thief of Hearts in #SexySnippets today from #WIP #MMromance

#SexySnippets are seven sentences brought to you each Sunday from a WIP or published work
From WIP, Thief of Hearts 
MM erotic romance

In an effort to gain control, Blake dared to lift his gaze to the man outside. He’d expected water to smear the glass, but the guy hadn’t made any effort to clean the window so Blake had a clear view of the striptease the window cleaner engaged in. 
He lifted the t-shirt he wore at the hem and in a tantalizing move slid it up his torso.
Blake’s mouth watered at the sight of the smooth, muscular chest on display. The man’s jeans rode low and Blake followed the V of his slim hips into the frayed top with greedy eyes. Blake caught his breath at the bulge in the front of the blue pants as the man thrust his hips a little taking the t-shirt over his head, before he dropped it beside him onto the cradle floor.
Blake stared in open appreciation of the broad shoulders and muscled arms before him.
Copyright E.D.Parr 2017  
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