Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Put a face to the ghost in #MWTease #midweektease with #coverreveal for #MMromance The Night Gardener

Architect, Dane Lovell takes an off-season vacation in an old New England mansion, hoping to ease his broken heart, and spark his imagination. Impressed by the pretty gardens, he’s surprised by the sinister atmosphere of the river than winds through the estate. Dane settles down to his vacation and tries to immerse himself in his drawings. One night, the sound of the back door smashing open in the wind and rain shocks Dane from his work.
Spooky, gorgeous, and enigmatic Zachary Yarrow has brought logs for the fire.
He’s the estate gardener and brings with him not just passion and a love affair for Dane, but a strange, spine-tingling mystery.
Who is Zachary, and what will happen when Dane finds out?

Releasing Thursday March 9, tomorrow from E.D.Parr and Evernight Publishing 

Read the tease:

Janice Montgomery handed her husband, Jackson, a beer.

He took it with a grateful smile. “Thanks, sweetheart.” He sat heavily in his armchair and brought his feet up onto the footstool. “It’ll be great to get away. Have you packed?”

She came to sit on the arm of the chair and ran her fingers into his hair, taking it back from his forehead. She planted a kiss there. “I have. Have you finished work? Can we make an early start?”

Jackson caught her hand and kissed her palm. “All done. Let’s leave around six. We’ll miss the business traffic if we get out the other side of town before seven.”

A small frown put a crease between her eyes. “Jackson … have you mentioned Zachary to the guy leasing the cottage?”

Jackson pursed his lips. “Dane Lovell’s the guy’s name, and no I, er, I forgot.”

Janice stood. “I don’t think you forgot. I think you chickened out. Dinner’s ready. I’ll dish up.”

Jackson gazed after her. He heaved a sigh. Zachary…
Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing 



  1. Great snippet, and congrats on another upcoming release!

  2. So who is Zachary? I'm intrigued. It's a hauntingly beautiful cover, Elodie.

  3. This sounds an intriguing read :-)

  4. Well done. Can't wait to learn more about Zachery.

  5. I'm intrigued... why would he chicken out and who's this Zachary? Great tease :)

  6. Ooooh, what's up with Zachary? Great tease, Elodie. :)

  7. Fantastic! Great luck with the release tomorrow!