Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Teaser Tuesday Medley #MMromance #gayromance BLOND from @parr_books

Liam Hale can’t believe his luck when he meets the man of his dreams, Karl Oberon.
Hunky Karl is the sexiest man Liam has ever met, but his mysterious disappearances start to tease. 
Gorgeous Liam is the only man Karl has ever loved. 
Together they spark and sizzle with passion, but Karl doesn’t know how to tell Liam why he races away. Maybe keeping Liam’s mind off the question with mind-blowing erotic encounters will work.

Teaser Tuesday
Karl’s gaze ranged over him, and then, after spending long seconds settled on Liam’s cock, now like a thick iron rod in his pants, returned to his face. “I saw you leave and wished you hadn’t. I can’t pretend I’m not dying to suck that hard-on pushing against your jeans, but I love this song. Dance with me.”
Liam hadn’t even registered the song streaming from the speakers. He listened and smiled. It was a great song, but Liam couldn’t dance. “I don’t dance…” He saw the disappointment cloud Karl’s eyes and with a surge of desire to please the man, he added, “But if you’ll forgive my two left feet I will … for you…”
Karl took his hand.
A massive jolt of sensation flew up his arm and he followed Karl onto the dance floor in a daze.
Karl pulled him close.
Copyright E.D.Parr 2017

Sweet Teaser Tuesday 
The blond gave him a look full of emotion. 

Liam read inquiry there—desire, and something else—longing. He passed by his blue-eyed acquaintance.

Karl spun around and walked out of the bar.

Liam hurried to catch him. He ran down the short flight of steps to the sidewalk.
Karl stepped in front of him. “I hoped you’d arrive earlier. I waited so long I have to go now.”
A frown sprang across Liam’s forehead, taking away the smile that was about to blossom.

“What? No … it’s not late.” He heard the pleading in his own voice and wished it wasn’t there.

Karl shook his head. “It’s eleven-thirty I…I have a long journey home.”

Liam took a deep breath. “I’d like to be with you. We can just talk. I don’t mind the drive. I don’t sleep much most nights. Let me take you home.”

Karl grabbed his shoulders and kissed him.

The move both surprised and delighted Liam. He ran his hands around Karl’s waist and returned the kiss. The sounds of the traffic receded. The night grew soft. Liam drifted in the passion and desire that rose through him. 

Karl broke the kiss and eased away. “Have dinner with me tomorrow. Meet me somewhere, anywhere you like around eight. I do want to know you, but I can’t stay tonight.”

Liam still held Karl. The feel of his hard body made Liam’s already half-erect cock fill out. He leaned to kiss Karl again and answered between brushing Karl’s sexy mouth with his own. “You choose. If you live out of the city … I can get to most places…” He stole another kiss and his eyes closed again with the intense pleasure it brought.

Karl pushed away, gently but firmly. “Let’s stick to downtown. There’s a great place at the junction of Main and Beverley as you travel up to the bar.”

Liam had difficulty speaking. “Fiorella, I know it—serves great Italian.”

Karl took Liam’s hands from his body and held them for a moment. “That’s the place. Eight o’clock, okay? We won’t need to book unless it’s a weekend.” He dropped Liam’s hands.

“Yes, sure. That’s good.” 

Karl had walked a few paces away when worry forced Liam to call after him. “Hey, you’re not married or have a partner?” Just why Karl was in such a hurry to get home suddenly raised the question in his head.

Karl spun around. “No, no, nothing like that. See you tomorrow.”

Liam nodded slowly, happy with the answer, but so disappointed Karl had to go.

Karl must have sensed it. He ran back, grasped Liam’s shoulders, and kissed him hard. He pulled away, grinned, and then ran off.

Copyright E.D. Parr 2017 Evernight Publishing

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