Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Will a sexy encounter heal Angel’s troubled soul #midweektease #MMromance #gayromance

This week I'm teasing with an excerpt from Given Time

Music video maker, Angel Starc is about to board a plane to Paris when he receives some sudden sad news. It takes him hurrying back to his childhood home after two years away, estranged from his older brother, Rory.
Angel is amazed and filled with guilt when that night he meets the only man he’s found romantically attractive in a long time. How can it be right? He should only be filled with sorrow, but gorgeous, caring Matt Loewe wraps him in a blanket of comfort and love that heals Angel’s troubled soul.
Delectable, artist, Matt Loewe, follows his hunches and his heart. He’s been looking for love and Angel ignites an addictive passion in him.
As the two men fall deep in love they provide each other with the care needed to come to terms with their past anxieties.
A delicious erotic love story with HEA

Warning the book contains explicit and frequent MM sex

Read the teaser

Matt cradled the whisky glass in his hand for a few seconds. His heartbeat sped up as anticipation flooded him. The handsome man who’d sat alone and ate little fascinated him. Matt knew the guy stared without seeing for a while, and then the eye contact when he saw Matt, was electrifying. No one had ever looked at Matt that way. The sheer sexual hunger and loneliness in those pale eyes forced a shock of attraction to spark along his stomach muscles. There was no mistake. This handsome man was gay. Matt swished his drink around and the ice cubes clinked in the glass. Will he join me? Let him take the chance. It’s time I had someone in my life.

Matt forced himself to lean casually on the bar. He put down the glass. His hand shook. Fucking calm down. He might not come. He probably won’t. It was a bad idea to send a note. Who do I think I am, some movie character? Matt felt rather than saw his quarry approach. His mouth went dry. He suddenly wanted the beautiful Italian tiled floor to open up and let him fall into the hole where failed attempts at finding love littered the black chasm.

“I got your note. Thank you … for sending it … I asked for my coffee to be sent in. Would you like a cup of coffee … or another drink?”

Matt’s entire body reacted to the low, halting tones of the man’s voice. Relief and fear flooded him. He sent a silent request into the ether, which generally fed him premonitions. Don’t let me mess this up. He straightened and faced the man taking in every facet—pale green eyes, like the shallow water lapping at a tropical beach, the sort of handsome face that usually carried guys into a modeling career, and wavy dark hair that Matt itched to run his fingers through. His stomach clenched and a strange melting feeling gathered between his legs. Fucking hell, he’s amazing.
Copyright E.D.Parr 2017 

About Given Time

I wrote this story intending to dedicate it to someone in the front of the book when the publisher asked if I had a dedication. In fact, I didn’t when given the chance, because it no longer seemed appropriate. (It might have looked as if I rode on the back of this person's success.)
The inspiration for the story came last Christmas when I went to stay with friends in another county, but one that I know very well and have lived in. Just like Matt in the story I was shocked and deeply saddened when a much-loved celebrity suddenly died on Christmas Day. I’d followed this artist’s work for years and, because he was a musician, the lyrics and his songs had often lifted me from sadness. 
Like many others I wandered off to the house the person lived and died in, which was just a couple of miles away in the next village. I sat in my car watching the parade of people placing tributes along the wall of the house.

The core of the inspiration came from seeing a lone man approach as fog descended on the long pathway. He was tall, slender, dressed stylishly from head to foot in black, and he carried a bunch of white lilies that he placed beside other flowers. His melancholy exuded from his elegant movements. The sight struck me and I couldn’t put it out of my mind as the circumstances surrounding the  death of this musician was reported in the news for weeks.
I know a little about the deceased’s life, and know sadness surrounding his love-life was often woven into his songs. I wrote the story for him … for him to have a happy ending. If that sounds weird, then that’s okay … he gave me, and still does, such pleasure through his music.
The story isn’t about a musician. It’s about life and love. There are a number of scorching hot love scenes in the story, which I enjoyed writing for the two heroes, Matt and Angel, who after hoping for love, finally find it.
Thank you to the late and beautiful George Michael whose album Older saved me a few times from despair.
Thank you, also, to the unknown, gorgeous man who laid lilies outside the big old house.
5* review ""I was totally captivated by this sweet, hauntingly beautiful tale..."
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